Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words of Basdom

I was introduced to Bas through his blog and comments left there...then subsequently comments he left on mine.  I love his blog.  He is honest and real and a caring HoH.  

Some of the comments to me that I especially appreciated are direct, to the point, honest and kind.  He is genuine and thoughtful.  Bas, I appreciate your contribution to my blog and my life.

Some comments by Bas which were especially meaningful are:
We men aren't very good in keeping things hidden. I'm glad women have direct nerve connections between bottom and voice, otherwise we never could find out about their deepest wishes.

(with regard to the blogging village)
I like living in this village. No judgemental neighbors.

...I have sent my little doggie to your site and she settled in real comfy.

But you are in Blogland.
Shameless does not exist here.
Here we use the 'good' interpretation of what is said.
I saw it as a just reminder that I had forgotten to do something really important.
The older I get, the more I need the reminders.
So, thank you for reminding me that I forgot something important.
If I may say one thing about your site: I do have trouble reading the text. Have to enlarge it to 150%.
My eyes are not doing what I tell them to do.

SO THIS COMMENT was really important.  He was one of the only people to tell me they were having trouble reading my blog.   Once I changed it, I had comments that it was so much more readable, but no one ever took the plunge to let me know.  I so appreciated his candor.  He also then e-mailed with me to get it just right.  I appreciate that support, as a newbie. 

Thank you Fiona, Yes, that's what we needed.
Long dark mornings are good for the communication!

It is indeed funny to think that non of your IRL friends know that you are actually a "mlb", named Fiona.
I'm glad to know that important part of your life.
I'm glad to be part of this caring family.

"You don't have to do this"???? Where did you get that idea? That doesn't sound like your dynamic. Pretty silly indeed.
See...just honest...calling me on my silliness, but kindly.

We are all needy. The only thing you could do when you lost that neediness, is becoming a nun. That's not how people are meant to function. So neediness is good but only when it doesn't incapacitate you. And it doesn't because you could still function in society without him. Whether you would like to function without him is quite something different.

A great account of a great experience. Fiona, I can feel your happiness flowing from my computer screen.

I have great commenters, I learn a lot from them.
Bodies should do as they are told. Not start doing things on their own.
We love it too.

Thank you Bas
For Your


    Lisa, there really is NO understanding this blogging community.  It's insane that people who you've never met, know THESE things about you.  It's even more insane that they care about you.  We all care about you and Bas and appreciate your presence in our lives.

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  1. Oh boy I am tearing up here. It is neat to see all of the comments from him that I didn't see the first time around.

    Happy Spankful for Bas Day!

  2. :)

    I loved this post...I've never met nor read Bas, but I will check it out. Am enjoying my "down time" (yeah, I know...but I *am*!) reading blogs...and writing like a crazy person because I'm so inspired!

    I love that bit about becoming a nun as an only other option. M says that to me all the time. It's okay to be horny. All the time horny. Society would say no, but really...i think the world is a lot hornier and kinkier than most of us know fromthe vanilla side of things.

    Happy Thursday.


    1. Bad is go visit him. I love reading Top blogs periodically...different perspective.

      Hmmmmm, ya, I think a nun may be my only other option. Interestingly, for me...I'm a use it or loose it kinda gal. I'm WICKEDLY horny, but I think if I went long enough, I would loose much of that. Please, PLEASE God, don't let that EVER happen :-)

      Happy Thursday nilla,

  3. It's endearing that you dedicated a whole post to him.

  4. Lovely, Fiona! Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


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