Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Switched On

 Well, as the saying goes....

The more things change.....the more they stay the same.

So we're still going strong.  We're still madly - deeply - passionately in love

We're still happy and healthy

We're still living our best lives and thriving - in spite of INSANE stress, a pandemic and general insanity.

BUT....we've switched things up for a little while.  I've created a new blog for my sweet's called "Madam Appolonia Switched On"....I'll go by MadApp there - and my sweet husband will be my darling boy for a while.  He needs to be submissive.  He wants to be submissive.  He needs some guidance, some leadership, some care and dominance.  I have a dominant/sadistic streak and have dug in.  

You can follow us being us on his blog :). 


Thank you very much for sharing your comments. This blogland world has become so much more meaningful because of the conversations that y'all have with me through comments...REALLY!

I appreciate them all and will endeavor to answer EVERY comment if at all possible!