Monday, June 2, 2014

Fully Clothed Spanking Orgasm

My Sir left this morning for the week.
He points out that it's only five days…
and in all fairness…
it's actually only 5.5 
but it's still way too damn long!

So I went and got coffee 
after dropping off our two youngest children
at a friends house.

I came home and Sir met me downstairs.
I gave him his coffee and he informed me
that our other child was still asleep.

I then … boldly .. said,
"Sir, would you please take me downstairs
and spank me?"

"Absolutely," he says as he 
walks over to a kitchen drawer
and pulls out the metal spatula 
and whacks it against palm.

"No, Sir, I didn't mean that!"

I have a "shy-smile" on my face
as I haul ass down stairs.

I walk over to the table
and stand beside it.

Sir puts his hand on my back
and pushes down across the table.
He leaves my pants on and starts
with the metal spatula.

He spanks in a random pattern…
22 soft,
1 hard,
18 soft,
1 hard,
27 soft,
1 hard,
19 soft,
1 hard,

The hard are getting hard
and I start to say "Thank you, Sir."
after each hard one.

He keeps going!


"Thank you, Sir."

I'm panting … and 
he takes my breath away
with each hard spanking.

and as soon as I gasp my
next breath,
I thank him.

"Thank you, Sir."

I thank him because
I so desperately want another!

"Thank you, Sir."

My breathing is getting shallow
and I'm wanting…

"Thank you, Sir."

wanting release,

"Thank you, Sir."

wanting another hard spank,

"Thank you, Sir."


"Thank you, Sir."


"Thank you, Sir."

I can feel the electricity building.
I can feel it starting to course through my body

"Thank you, Sir."

It's building

"Thank you, Sir."

"OK, last three good ones"

"Thank you, Sir."


"Thank you, Sir."



He stands behind me,
pushes his hard cock against me…
both of our pants still on,
and rocks against me as I ride out 
the spasms of an amazing orgasm….
all from the spankings with the spatula!