Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hair Brush

Sir says to me in the car

In front of others...

"Don't forget to put the hair brush out on my night stand. 
I want to make sure to 
Brush your hair in the morning,
Until it's nice and shiny,
Supple and compliant,
And shows it's beautiful color."

...ya, he totally wasn't talking about my hair and Dayam, but I loathe that brush!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Mental note to self…

Do NOT call your Dominant 

a caveman…

He may not appreciate it!


lesson learned!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Sir has been so much more brazen.

There has been requirements for
going out without undergarments

There has been more
more grabbing 
more touching
more pinching
more orgasms
more bondage
more spanking
more control

public and private





Monday, September 15, 2014


So blogland is a funny place…

a fascinating place

a liberating place.

…and blogland friends are


The friends I have made
my virtual friends
have been special.

It's liberating to have friends
where we can share…

We can share anything…

I feel like I have gotten closer 
in a shorter amount of time
than I typically would.

But that also means 
that when my virtual friends disappear
or go dark,

the loss is so much more profound.

It's rough and so makes such an impact.  

Now, I've been a fairly absentee blogger
as of late.

Life has gotten in the way…

thank God not in the way of sex…
just in the way of reporting it.


I also need to recalibrate…
To remember that this is for me…
that this is fun…

and to not take things too seriously.
Not get too involved
not put too much on it
and to not get too invested

Thursday, September 11, 2014


So, Sir gives me lists … with some frequency.

Generally they include 
(which means I must masturbate and report)

Well, this week, I followed my instructions.
I spent some time and watched some porn

ya, it's a guilty pleasure

Then when seriously primed…
I had a fabulous cum.

Then I took a shower and 

He's commented several times
that he can't wait until my GYN appointment
so that I can shave…
He likes me bare.

I am unwilling to go to the GYN bare…
especially when I struggle with ingrown hairs…
(ya, I know, TMI - funny that I don't mind telling y'all
about floggings and canings and spankings and fuckings,
but ingrown hairs…ugh)


I shaved, leaving a nice landing strip :)

Sir came home early.
He walked me into the closet 
and turned me around and
Took off my bra, bent me over
and spanked me

His hand reached around me
and touched myHis pussy

He fingered me and made me cum
"Push against my fingers, fiona."
he commanded…and I came again,
but this time I squirted … huge.

As his fingers left His pussy,
my juices literally running down my legs,
He moved his hands to tortured myHis nipples

He laid me on the bed,
handed me the vibrator and
Commanded me to masturbate
naked and exposed on the bed.

He told to dress in a skirt and no panties
No bra

I asked if I could wear my cupless bra
…it gives him access like he wants
and me less saggy breasts, like I want :)

He said Yes!

So after cumming, yet again,
I quickly dawned and flirty skirt,
lovely camisole and heels.

He was thrilled with what he saw 
it made me smile

Dinner and a movie ahead...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lists and !!!!!

So…just for a bit, 
to help me and to help him

to make sure we're on the same page

I give Sir my phone at night 
and he makes a "To Do" list 

I love those simple…

I love the clarity

I love that flexibility

I love the 


Oh, ya…
he throws in the likes that just say 

This means that I am to masturbate
and report when I'm done.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sir has been quite particular with me recently.

Not everyday, but periodically,
he's been giving me commands as to how I dress…

Wear a skirt.
Don't wear panties.
No bra.
Wear a dress.
Be comfortable.

and so on.

Well this week, he had me wear a dress or skirt for several days.

He also told me to ask for permission to wear panties and bras.
He said that frequently I will be allowed, but I need to ask.

So this week there was a day when he was feeling very…



I was commanded to wear a skirt and top with no underwear or bra.

He thoroughly enjoyed the easy access to my ass and pussy and tits.

Not an hour went by that I wasn't fondled, spanked, fucked, masturbated.

At one point, he took his belt off,
made me kiss it,
then tanned my hide…

I have bruises today,
unlike I have ever had…
and they have made me smile all day long!

His enjoyment of the spanking has been obvious.

Mine is easily seen as well, when he "checks to see" if I am enjoying it.

I still marvel,
I still don't quite understand…
why does he like to spank me?
what makes him hard…how can he possibly get hard from spanking me?
what is enjoyable to him?

I don't get it.

For me…I love Love LOVE it!
I am grateful and appreciative.

….and love my bruises that sometimes accompany a good through spanking!