Tuesday, February 7, 2017


So I told my husband that
I just couldn't.

I couldn't be dominant right now

I couldn't switch right now.

I just...couldn't.

I was so shut down -
Physically - my body wasn't reacting as it always has
Sexually, I was not...Just wasn't.

But his response was.
I'm here and
I'm ready.

So...slowly but surely

He's been helping me back.

It's one or two steps forward and
one step back.
there's movement.

He's busy
I'm busy
Life's busy

But we're trying.

Yesterday I was most assuredly OFF.
I was cranky and a general pain in the ass.

Sir asked if I needed a spanking
and I said - YES.
But sadly, the kids were around
and it would make too much noise.
So...I said - we just couldn't right now.

So...he did something he hasn't done in ...

He put me over the side of the bed
and plugged me
with the large njoy plug!

but...it was effective!

I felt so much better -
so much more grounded
so much more at peace!

We're slowly making progress.