Saturday, September 17, 2016

Accepting What's Given

I had been a general pain in the ass for about thirty minutes...

Now in all fairness to me,
the behavior and and attitude were reciprocated.

Well, after going and running some chauffeur duties for my kids,
I came home deciding to announce,
"I have had it!" to Sir.

Well, I walked in, put my hands on my hip,
Saw Sir at the kitchen sink,
stomped up to Him with all sorts of attitude and

He wiped his wet hands off,
Grabbed my neck and
growled at me.

He spun me around,
Put my hands on the counter,
held them in one hand and
proceeded to spank the living hell out of my ass!

He started strong and kept it strong.
It hurt...from the get-go,
but because he was holding my hands tight to the counter,
I felt grounded and
because I had to take it,
I knew I could take it...

Does that make any sense?

It was so impactful...
and yes, I mean that in every way!

He then pulls me up,
spins me around,
and I put my hands around his neck and hug him.

He backs me up...and takes me to the bedroom.

I was cheeky once again,
and Sir told me to lay over the bed.

I really wanted to listen...
as so frequently doesn't happen with me.

My stubbornness and abstinence too frequently gets in my way.

But he steps back out of the room,
and I quickly not only lay over the side of the bed,
but I also pull down my pants and underwear.

He walks back in and tells me what a good girl I am.

He rubs the large metal kitchen spatula against my ass.

I KNOW that stings like hell!
He starts small and I take it well.

He builds, as my ass worms up,
and it's starting to feel so good.

He then is getting strong and
I'm moving a bit more,
so he puts his arm around my waist and
throws his leg over mine,
basically binding me.

Once again,
that tether helps me settle in and accept what's given

He then stops and says,
"Three good ones."

I always get nervous when He says that.

The first one stings so much...
It stings and hurts and stings and
oh - as it sinks in it feels
warm and wonderful.

He rubs my ass and then

My foot kicks up as much as it can,
and I breath.

It once again...hurts so much...
but I breath and wait for the warm...

Ya, there it is.

Then he says, "Are you a good girl?"
"Are you going to be a good girl?"
"You know you can get spankings when you're a good girl, right?"
"Are you going to earn those spankings?"


I almost stand right up with the strength of the hit,
but his arm around my waist and
his leg over mine tighten
and I'm held in place

and I can feel wetness on my eyes.

And he rubs and rubs and then commands,
"On your knees."

I don't know if he has EVER done that.
Spanked the shit out of my ass and then
commanded me to my knees.

I am just about a puddle of goo!

I am frantic to get His zipper down and
my mouth onto his cock.

I suck and lick and stroke and suck and lick.
I snake my hand up his shorts so that I can fondle his balls
and I'm ravenous.  That's the only word I can think of.
Truly ravenous for His cock.


I FLY up and run to the bathroom,
as the alarm chime for our house notifies us that
our son has just opened the door to the house!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kink Store

We went on vacation for the weekend 
(it was a holiday weekend in the US)

Look what I found...walking down the street.

What was hilarious was that I knew what ...
everything was in the store.  

But more insane to me was how many 
of the items we had 
-at least something of the type
like various vibes, dildos, plugs, 
ropes, floggers, crops.....

It brought to light how full our toy box is.
Hmmmmm....maybe we are fully invested in...
our lifestyle :)

It was a fun store to spend some time in!

Just wish we were there 
longer to attend the classes. 
They looked like fun!

Friday, August 26, 2016

New Belt

The very very very naughty dog
ate my favorite, old, heavy, weathered and worn belt.

It was my very favorite.

I as so so sad :( Master didn't want his pants to fall down,
He purchased a new belt.

And...all new belts, need to be broken in, right?

"Lay over my bed, little girl," he commanded.

I was so excited.  

I laid over the bed and he quickly
began with medium strength lashes. 

It was stingy...and not completely in a good way.
I was trying to get into the right head space,
but it was really stingy.

He asked if I loved His new belt 
and I shook my head, NO!

That didn't help my case.

He continued on but about ever five,
he threw in a HARD lash...

but immediately after the strike,
He stood behind me and pumped into me.

His hard body against my lashed skin 
made the strike melt into ooey gooey warmth and wonderfulness!

Okay, Ya, I love the new belt!
(especially when it is wielded like he does!) 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lubes or Gels


Anyone have recommendations 
For lubes or gels
That are hot or cold

Like ginger or pepermint?

Where do you get them?
Brands you recommend or don't?
Advice or cautionary tales?

Totally interested and if we find some...

I'll tell you the tales :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ten Minutes and a Cane

What happens when you have ten minutes

before the kids come home?

Sir gifts me with some time
to let go...
with the aid of a cane!

Happy me!

Monday, August 8, 2016

44 Odd Things You Don't Know About Me

I found this on Ronnie's who spotted it at Continued Journey :

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Yes - I didn't always, but I do now.

2. Have you ever smoked?
Cigarette during college while drinking - but a sum total of a few.  I want to try pot, but never have.

3. Do you own a gun? 


4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
Peppermint is my all time favorite.  It's only available here during Christmas, so the rest of the times it's coffee ice cream.

5. Do you get nervous before Doctor visits?
Nope...what's the point?  

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
They're pretty gross when you think about them.

7. Favorite Movies?
Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda III, Pretty Woman

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Carmel Late or hot tea.

9. Do you do push ups?
I can...I should...I don't frequently.

10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
A bracelet that my Mom gave me, a necklace(Collar) that my Husband gave me.

11. Favorite hobby? 

Photography, sex, spanking
12. Do you have A.D.D.?

13. What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself?
My weight.

14. What is your middle name?
Which one?

15. Name three thoughts at this moment.. 

Crab chips rock, 
how will I get everything done that has to be done in the next 24 hours, 
I love the Olympics!

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
Water, Milk, Tea

17. Current worry? 
Getting everything done.

18. Current annoyance right now? 

Backing up pictures

19. Favorite place to be? 

With my the Mountains.

20. How do you ring in the new year?
With the family and frequently with a few friends.

21. Where would you like to go?
More places in Europe, Canada, Pacific Northwest, India, Asia, Australia.

(to bed)
22. Name three people who will complete this?
Sadly, I haven't been around so I'm not sure who is reading 

23. Do you own slippers?
Yes, I own them...but I can't remember the last time I wore them.

24. What color shirt are you wearing right now?
Spring Green

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
I don't know, I never have.

26. Can you whistle?
Yes.  I can whistle, but with my fingers I can REALLY whistle loudly! 

27. What are your favorite color?


28. Would you be a pirate?
Hmmmm, maybe.   If I was being pillaged by my pirate Sir - YES!

29. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Depends on the moment.  Today, it was "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

30. Favorite girls name?
fiona :)

31. Favorite boys name?

32. What’s in your pocket right now?
My license and credit card.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? 

My husband!

34. Best toy as a child?
Balls (basketball, volleyball, softball, soccerball)

35. Worst injury you ever had? 

Oh, you pick...there are so many...
blown knee, broken wrist, broken fingers, bruised spinal chord.

36. Where would you love to live?
In Ireland

37. How many TV’s do you have?

38. Who is your loudest friend?
The one I just talked to...but sadly, I may be the loudest :(

39. How many dogs do you have?

40. Does someone trust you?

41. What book are you reading at the moment? 

Just finished the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake and LOVED it!

42. What’s your favorite candy? 

Jelly Belly's, Nibs, Sour Patch Kids (only reds).

43. What’s your favorite sports team?
College Football.

44. Favorite month?
October or December or February...Maybe March.

This was fun...
Thanks Ronnie & Morningstar

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Feeling Disconnected from Blogland


I feel sadly disconnected from blogland.

I stopped regularly posting.

I enjoy posting but life got busy and 
I think I just got out of the habit.

I also felt like several of those I followed 
left :(

and I lost my sense of connection 
with some that were here 
because I stopped posting and therefore
also stopped reading.

So, I'm trying to figure out how 
I find my way back.

I miss my connection to blogland.

My Sir and I are alive and well....
figuring our way through craziness - 
known as work, parenthood, family, and general insanity ;)

I do miss y'all - I miss your comments, 
I miss our conversations, 
I miss my connection.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Gift of Catharsis AKA Spanking

  1. ca·thar·sis
    1. 1.
      the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
      synonyms:emotional release, reliefrelease, venting; 


OK.  So I totally believe that 
Spanking should be a synonym.

Now hear me out.

Spanking provides such an amazing release of endorphins
but not only provides a release of stress adn strain.  
a release from my feelings of guilt.

It provides venting - typically by the spanker :)

I certainly can have an emotional purge

I so feel cleansed after a good spanking.

Now there are punishment spankings and fun spankings.

For me, both provide release and relief and general uplifting of spirits.
even if my spirits started out being high...they just get higher :)

So the other day, I was having a day.
I was snippy and short
I was frustrated with the world 
(most notably my family as they were close by)

I was short with Sir and in a general bad mood.

By mid afternoon, Sir and I had a spat.

He marched me into our room and proceeded to spank me.
He spanked in a concentrated place on one cheek.
He landed blow after blow, no warm up, all sting.
It hurt - not in a good way.

I was squirmy and fussy and didn't like the spanking.
He continued - and I took it.

After what seemed like...forever...
He switched to the other side.
He proceeded to do the same thing.
It hurt - and went on forever.

At the end, he pulled me up and hugged me and we talked.

We both off to do our thing 
and I found I was just in a funk.
I decided to go to our room and 
I laid down for a little bit.

My head hit the pillow and I burst into tears.
I sobbed..openly and loudly and NOT prettily :(

I just came on me.
I was so overcome with emotions.

I don't hardly ever cry.

I got up and walked out and found Sir
who immediately brought me back to our room,
laid me down and held me close.

Once I was able to stop sobbing,
I realized that the spanking had allowed me to get it out.
To cry and let go.
It was so cathartic.
When I was done, and he held me and loved me
I felt a thousand miles high.
My spirits were lifted and my heart lighter.

Spanking is truly an amazing gift of Catharsis!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Spanking Surprise Figging and Spanking

I laid down to go to sleep.
Sir finished getting ready for bed
and walked over to my side of the bed
He pulled down the covers and
Pulled up my night gown.

He proceeded to spank me...

my bottom slowly rose,
greeting the spanking -
every blow bringing my ass higher.

It felt so good.
I just relaxed and felt the world slip away
and I let the feeling of contentment wash over me.

When I found myself on my knees,
chest to the bed
and Sir's hand on my lower back...
He stopped and said,
"Don't Move."

He walked away.


I waited and he walked out the bedroom door.


I waited and waited...

When he walked back in,
I expected the spanking to continue.

He spread my cheeks and
immediately put something against my ass

It was hard and cool and
He was pushing it inside of me.

With no lube...that meant one thing.


I was so had been a long time since
I was figged!

He pushed it in...making sure it was seated.

I never saw it...just felt

My breathing became really rapid...
to say the least.

At first it was just cool and filling.
But quickly it started warming.

It must have been a very fresh root...
the heat took over quickly.

I was breathing and moaning and

Sir talked to me...
but I couldn't focus on words...

I was so overcome with feeling.

He put his ear right next to my ear and asked
(maybe again)
"Too Much?"

"', um, um, 
almostbutno" I finally blurted out.

He rolled me onto my side,
slid me close to Him and held me.

He periodically spanked me...
making my ass clench together,
which upped the heat.

I held onto tight...
wanting to crawl inside of him.

The heat was so overwhelming.
My body was moving - nerve endings firing.
My clit was pulsing.
My hips were writhing
My moaning was loud
and I was overcome with ...sensation.

I have no idea how much time passed....
He finally turned me back over onto my knees...
chest and face to the bed.

He spanked me HARD...three times.
He spaced them out for maximum burn.
Each spank made my ass milk the ginger
which put my ass on fire!

After the third, he removed the ginger and again
commanded, "Don't Move"

I was still trying to get my breathing under control...
my throbbing clit under control.

When he came back,
he rolled me over...
made me cum over and over and over,
prior to taking me.  Prior to fucking me...
Prior to sending me into another wonderful orgasm,
as my pussy then got to milk his wonderful cock.

It was amazing!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Consistent Submission

I do marvel how
when I am not in a submissive place,

I can be a

Lord, please help me,
I need to be pulled back
into some
to help me soften!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Morning Switch

Sunday I woke up and
as so frequently happened
I was snuggled close to my husband
and my hand caressed his chest.

He has his morning wood
pulsing against my leg
which is thrown over his leg.

His nipples harden
as my finger tips graze them.

I begin to play...
pinching and twisting and enjoying them.

I pull up my shirt and
pull him over
he attaches onto my breast and
I start talking...
whispering into his ear

engendering his feelings of
and my dominance.

There are Sundays that we switch
and there are Sundays that we don't.

When we do switch, it's rarely for long...
typically just a session.

...but today, it was for about ten minutes...
while I worked him up.

And then...
He grabbed my hands, forced them up,
Put them on the headboard
and commanded me to keep them there.

I held on quickly and thankfully.
He pushed my legs apart
and shoved his fingers in.

"Oh, do you feel that?
You are soaking wet!"

He finger fucked my pussy,
slamming his fingers into me.
building me up quickly

and throwing me over the edge of orgasm,
He shoves his boxers down
and climbs on top of me

and his cock feels like heaven.

Sometimes it slides in and
I feel so complete...

Like my pussy was made for his cock.

He moves...
my legs go around his waste,
gripping onto him,

He moves and takes a hand and
pinches and rolls my nipple

and once again, I'm close.

He pulls out,
waits for me to look into his eyes.
He slams in,
lowers his head and
kisses me silly,
while he begins to fuck me

into another amazing orgasm.

One that lasts...keeps pulsing and pulsing.

When I come back to reality,

I look up at him and say...
"did you cum?"

He smiles...
of course he did.

It was...amazing.
Switchy and

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Business Trips

So my Sir has been traveling for work

quite a bit.

Should slow down soon...
(so he says)

but I must say,

Business travel does NOTHING for the sex life 

Having a consistent
D/s intimate relationship
when my Sir is crazy engaged
and stressed and focused on ...
not me ...
he is hundreds...or
thousands of miles away!

OK - so when I re-read this,
it sounds so superficial and self centered :(

OK...pitty party for one is over.

I'm digging deep for supportive sub :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

the Hand



From a single swat from my Master

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anticipation Part 3

I stood up slowly,
Felt my naked body, cuffed ankles and wrists
and wonderfully flogged and caned ass.

I stretched and picked up the pillows.
I carried them over and put them in front of Master's chair.

I cautiously knelt down, adjusting to the position.
I put my hands behind my back
Intentionally working on being in a submissive place...
physically and mentally.

He walked over and told me to lean back.
Master sat down and unzips his jeans
He took out his hard cock
grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth onto his cock
Tells me, "Try not to all."

I hold his thick, silky, cock
I loving the feel...the taste...the saltiness of his pre-cum.

I was so good.  I was so still.
I wanted...God I wanted...more
Wanted to suck and pump more pre-cum out of it.

And...then my will power failed and
I began to suck...
to suckle
being so careful not to move my head
I suckle and so so love the feeling
I feel such a deep appreciation for having his
thick, warm, silky soft cock in my mouth

Periodically, his cock twitches and it almost makes me begin to move my head
Each time it twitches, pre-cum oozes into the back of my throat.
I gag one time and immediately go back to holding it and suckling.

Eventually, Master takes my head and fucks my mouth a bit.
I absolutely love it when he takes my head
and fucks up into my mouth.
I love that feeling!
I'm so damn desperate.

He pulls me off and tells me to grab my lunch,
sit quietly at his feet and eat.

I so want to be a good girl.
I so want to listen all the while being so desperate.

I reluctantly go make my lunch...and we watch tv
and when I finish my lunch
I put my plate away, and Masters
and this time I sit back down in front of him
I put my hands behind my neck.

Sir puts his hand on my laced fingers
he holds me there for a bit.
I then move open my legs and feel so vulnerable.
so submissive
so lovely.

He then puts his hands on my elbows and stretches them back.
I love the thought of him stretching me physically
I love that I'm stretching emotionally...
working on my submission
working on my openness

He stretches...then holds...then stretches.
After a bit, he tells me to go into our room

He tells me to lay over the bed once again
He gives me the last one hundred
of my THOUSAND swats
with his hand.
He's spanking hard...harder than I would expect.
I'm so warmed feels ...amazing!
but by the end...I'm beginning to cry.
He steps in behind me,
rubbing his hard, jean clad cock against my hot ass.
He pulls me up and hugs me from behind
I feel enveloped by my Master.

He tells me to climb up on the bed and lay on my back
I do so and he disappears into our closet.

He walks back out and chastises me
for not having my pussy shaved...
it's been a few weeks and is very fuzzy.

He reaches over and grabs a large rectangular wooden hair brush.
He spanks my pussy,
20 times with the hair brush.

I put my legs slightly together at about 13.
I am trying so hard.
But it's also so so so intense!

Immediately after the 20th,
he climbs on top of me
He fucks me.
So wonderfully!
He cums inside of me,
rolls us over onto our sides
and holds me.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Anticipation Part 2

I stood and looked into my Master's eyes
my head was swimming...I want...I'm so grateful...
I want....I'm so so grateful!

"Go get your toy and bring it to me,
while you're there, grab the cuffs
and the straps"

I was fuzzy and excited and...
so not functioning very well.

I walked into the closet to get the cuffs and straps
and knelt down and just kind of stopped.

Sir walked into the closet and kept me moving.
I got the cuffs and straps,
then walked into the room.

I handed them to Master and he asked what toy I chose.
I said I had a question.  If I could choose, my first choice was
His hand, but if I had to choose something else, I'd choose a flogger.

He told me that His hand wasn't a toy, so to go grab the flogger.

I quickly got it and He told me to hold my hands out as He cuffed them.
It's amazing how I get this feeling of calm as He straps them on.
Then he has me raise my ankles up and he straps the cuffs on them as well.

Then he puts the handle of the crop in my hand and tells me to follow him.
He walks me out to the music room and commands me to lay over the piano bench.
He takes the crop from me and as I am laying down,
He puts the handle of the crop into my mouth

It acts like a bit gag in my mouth
I find it...panty-wettingly erotic!

He then straps my wrists to the legs of the one side of the bench.
He puts two pillows under my knees and then snicks the clips to my ankle cuffs together.
He takes the flogger from my mouth
and once again, I'm anticipating the lash of the flogger.
I love the flogger.

I chose the first flogger we had that Conina made for's just luscious!

He began...and it was exactly as I remembered.
It thudded so perfectly.
I was breathing deeply and just enjoying.
It's almost like a message ...
... in the beginning

he started out flogging the left side for 9
then the right for 10
then the left for 11
then the right for 9
back and forth - but evening out...
getting to 100.

I'm almost panting as the intensity increases and
he begins to flog me in a figure 8 pattern...
hitting one side high and the other low and then
reversing the is harder on the whole.
Harder and harder and harder.

I can feel the wetness of my's almost dripping at this point.
Master hits 400 way to fast...but fabulously wonderful

He finishes...takes the handle...puts it in my mouth
and walks away.
"You stay here."
I'm I'm going anywhere
"I'm going to make my lunch."
He leaves me there.
Naked.  Tied to a bench.  Flogger handle in my mouth.
OMG, I feel so submissive.
So at peace.
So objectified.
So adored.

He makes his lunch...My mind races
then calms.

He comes back in,
releases my wrists and unclicks my ankles.
Tells me to get up,
put the pillows in front of his chair
and wait...



Friday, May 20, 2016

Anticipation 1000 Part 1

My Master has been away this week.  
He came home last night and there were 
stories swapped, hugs given, snuggling and sleeping.

Today, Master had an appointment.
He called after saying,"Get naked, bend over the bed and wait for me."

That's it.  No I love you...No sweet nothings.
It was...exciting :)

I quickly finished what I was doing and 
took my clothes off.
I folded them and lay myself over the bed.

I was so excited to think about what might be. 

what was even better!

Sir was happy to see me when he walked into our room.
He touched my ass as he walked by and
went to the closet and was making some noise.

I was trying to guess what he was getting. 
Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

He came back and said he was going to give me a thousand.
With what?

He started...tapping.
He had a cane and gave me 10 light taps on one cheek.
He switched cheeks and gave me 10 additional taps on the other.


someone rang our door bell and I was told to quickly dress and get out.
Sir went to the door and I wanted to SCREAM.  UGH.

we dealt with the door and I asked if I could put away a 
couple of the items that were still on the counter.
He said, "Yes," then grabbing my arm, 
he dropped his tone of voice and said
"Go put them away...after you get naked."
I looked at him like...seriously?
The trick is they had to be put away 
in a place that is in a room with lace curtains.
I hate going there when exposed....for fear of exposure.

I hesitated and he snapped, "NOW!" - in a low growl.

I quickly undressed again and 
after a quick pinch of my nipples,
put the items away and then 
literally ran back to the bed...
once again,

Sir walked back into our room saying, "Very nice."
I couldn't wait for him to start tapping away again.
He very quickly did a set of ten on one cheek,
then a set of ten on the other.
He went back and forth, in sets of ten
just warming me up

My breathing was quickening,
I was enjoying the impact.
The swats weren't hurting
they felt...lovely, freeing, exciting!

After 100 he stopped saying,
"I will be giving you 1000.
The first 100 are done, 
then next four hundred will be increasing.
After that, you can choose the toy for 400 more.
The last 100 will be my choice.

Oh to say I was excited!
He continued on...increasing intensity for a couple,
then decreasing to a tap, then back.

I am breathing heavier,
and a quick orgasm takes me by storm.
I moan and arch my back 
as he increases his canes strokes. 
I shiver and spasm.

He keeps going...I breath and moan and enjoy!
He finishes and rubs my ass...
where it feels oh sooooo mmmmmmm.

Then he stands behind me and grabs my hips
and rubs his jeans clad hard cock against my ass.
I love, Love LOVE that cropping my ass
makes my Master hard!
That is so awesome!

Four hundred down and Master tells me to stand up.
I so want to simply fall to my knees
and kiss his feet or suck his cock
to show my appreciation!

I stood, looked into my Master's eyes and...
anticipated more!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lack Of...

I was talking to Sir on the phone and 
bemoaning the lack of sex we have had.

I continue on saying, 
I thought that as the kids got older,
we'd have more time and less stress.

The opposite seems to be true, by the way :(

I was bemoaning the lack of sex we have had,
I said I never thought we'd become the statistic
that we'd have so little sex.

Sir chuckles then says,
from a thousand miles away - mind you
Ya, I seem to only recall two sets of orgasms for you this week
and the weeks not over.
(and yes, when he makes me orgasm, he rarely pulls just one from me 
because priming my pump makes the sex just so much more explosive!)

To which I giggle and say
Ya, but it's not every day!!!

OK, so I maybe shouldn't whine about the 
lack of sex...

(but I really like every day better!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I ran into someone today who had 
a tattoo of their slave registration,

When I asked what it was, the answer was
Young and Dumb.

Hmmmm....does that mean her relationship was a something she regretted,
the tattoo,
the slavery,
the registration,


My response was simply, 
nah, not dumb.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Late Answers - I am so sorry

OK, so I got a bit lost in the woods and
didn't get the final answers to the March Questions asked.

I am sorry about the delay.
But, better late than never...
Here goes

abby asked:
As a Domme what is your favorite spanking implement? I'd say my favorite is the flogger because I can go for a long time and he really enjoys it, or the cane which I can use effectively on his balls :) 
As a sub/slave...what is your favorite spanking implement? I'd say NOT the cane!  His belt or His hand for sure!  Oh wait, I adore the flogger as can make me soar! 
Which surfaced first...the Domme or the slave? They surfaced together...we were always switches - from the beginning.  I would say the very first would be that I was tied up by Him and he was slightly more dominant (hence the tieing up)...but I quickly returned the favor.   
Have you ever been to a spanking party or dungeon?  No, but I would both LOVE LOVE LOVE to go, and be terrified and feel totally out of place and embarrassed at the same time - if you know what I mean.  It's been a LONG standing fantasy of mine to do that, though.
And finally.....a genie appears and you get 3 wishes..(kinky wishes)
1 for you The ability to be completely submissive - or even MORE submissive.
1 for someone else ...your choice Kind of goes with the previous one, that Sir be more overtly dominant, but still gentile and kind when needed.
1 something money cannot buy......TIME.  I am drowning in to do lists and lack of kink because of lack of time!  Calgon - take me away!

DelFonte asked:
What do you get out of being dominant that's different to being a sub?  I certainly have a feeling of dominance...ok - so I have a feeling of control and power that I don't have when I'm a sub.  But with that also comes a feeling of great responsibility.  It is a mentally more engaging activity - what am I doing...what will he feel...what will come next...what is my goal...what are his non-verbal signals...etc.  
olivia asked:
What is your favorite thing he does when you're the sub? What does he like that you don't? What do you most like to do when you're the Domme? Are there things you do that he doesn't like?  My favorite thing he does when I'm a sub is to tie me up and fill me...or control me.  I love bondage!  LOVE IT!   
He likes golden showers and me...well...not so much.  
When I'm a Domme, I love to play mind's such a cerebral thing for us.  I don't just mess with his mind, I follow through, but I certainly do get him going!
When I'm a Domme, I'm sure there is...not sure what they are :)  When I'm a sub, he hates it when I'm sassy and not submissive.  

Thanks all for asking and letting me share!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Kick-Ass-Domme and Sir?

I've had a few days of subbing,
here and there,
in between life being life.

but honestly, I think that Sir is in need right now.
(not that I'm not...but...I don't know)

I'm totally sounding passive - agressive right now.

I feel like Sir needs it...and he certainly enjoys it,
so who am I to deny him...
especially by saying -

I know I enjoy it too so
I want it all the time and
I don't want to share my submissive time with you.

I've been a big bad
Domme a lot recently.
(sometimes for a few hours, to a whole day)

I've spanked and cropped and
used a great new shoe horn I purchased
heating his lovely ass.

I've tied his balls up and tortured him mercilessly
(nah - I've had a lot of mercy).

I've played with a plug in his ass,
played with his nipples...

Most importantly, I've taken care of him,
talked a good mind-game
and been a Kick-Ass-Domme!

(seems like I need to have a different name for him
if I'm Dommeing...Sir just seems weird to type when I am in this role...
any suggestions?)

(I still miss being submissive)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


OK Blogland...this is your last reminder.

If you have a question about...anything,
this is your moment 
(though you can as anything at anytime),
but March is Question Month...


(Can you tell I've been a Domme today?)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Belt and Dildo to Me!

Well...I don't know where to start.

This is my birthday week and Sir is starting out with a BANG...

We awoke spooning and snuggling.
That's how we sleep, typically...touching and snuggling together

This morning, I reached over and held his balls and cock,
as he loves me to do.
He started playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting and squeezing.

I was getting so aroused, before I'd even opened my eyes!

He rolled me on my back and fingered me and began speaking...
getting my head in the game...until I was so in the game I could hardly breath.

He made me cum twice when I asked him if he would...
give me three good ones with His belt.

He was so amazingly sweet.
He told me how much he loved it when I was embarrassed about that.
He was sweet and ordered me to get the gigantic dildo and
explained that He would help stretch me out and that I would
have a few more orgasms prior to His Belt

He did just that.
First, he made me give the enormous dildo a blow job...
moistening it with my saliva instead of lube.

He suckered and nibbled and bit while fucking me hard with the dildo.
I came and I came and ... oh lord... I was squishy and mushy when

he pushed my legs off the bed and jackknifed off the bed himself.
He pulled my arms over so I was laying over the side of the bed.

He walked around the bed with his Belt in his hand.
He didn't warm me up or warn me that it was coming.
He just...HIT.

But just once.  He hit my ass hard with his wide leather belt.
It burned and thudded and surprised and ...


He fucked my pussy with the dildo until I was so close, then...

the belt hit across my ass with the same intensity.

Before I took a breath, he did the same thing,
he fucked my pussy with the dildo until I was about to cum,
then stopped.

He repeated that several more times then


I was arching my felt so good.
I wanted more...harder...more...
but he was back to the dildo.
Just as I was changing my mind, that I just wanted the dildo...
you guessed it...


I was begging...Please...please harder...please more...please.
I was wound.  Wound tight.  I wanted...
I wanted more
I wanted to cum
I wanted to be beaten with his belt
I wanted it harder
I wanted.....


I was a big ball of need!
Please - as hard as you can...Please
(yes, I actually begged for that...
what the FUCK is wrong with me?)


They were hard and one right after the other.
My feet never picked up,
My hands never left the bed,
I was in heaven.
His belt never felt so good.
He fucked me and i came...I came and came.

Happy Birthday week to ME!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

answer to ronnie's question

  1. please feel free to ask questions by commenting to this post
    ...anything anytime....
    as it's March - it's question month -
    so, ask away in comments
    (you can remain anonymous)

    1. ronnie asked, "Do you have a fantasy that you would love to live out?  Do you believe in ghosts?"
    2. Answer
      Thanks ronnie...both great questions.  The easy one first.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I guess so.  I'm not a huge paranormal person, but I certainly believe in spirits.
    3.  Well, I fantasize about Sir taking me to a club of some sort...a BDSM club... and putting me in a stockade (neck and wrists bound).  He puts on nipple clamps and talks..caring, objectifying, owning.  He puts a spreader bar on my ankles and then tells me to stay very still, not to speak and to open my mouth.  He fucks my mouth - but then stops before he cums and moves behind me and spanks me.  He works me up and then when I start wiggling a lot, he rubs and switches back to my mouth.  He does this several times, then as he's fucking my mouth, I feel my ass being paddled.  It's in counterpoint to his thrusts into my mouth.  After he cums, he offers the other person paddling me to use my mouth.  He puts a sign next to me offering my mouth for pleasure and my ass for paddling.  :)
    4. Ya, may need to go masturbate now :)  Thanks for getting my mind going ronnie.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Answers to ksst and del's questions

  1. Thanks for asking questions...

    it's kind of fun to think outside of my little box -
    as this is a sex blog - that's kinda funny
    (outside of my little box, Bwahahaha)
  2. Anyway...please feel free to ask questions by commenting to this post
    ...anything anytime....
    but as it's March - it's question month -
    so, ask away in comments (you can remain anonymous)

    1. ancilla_ksst
       asked, "How are things going now?  The last few posts were kind of not quite sure where things are?"
    2. Answer:
      Personally, I'm a mess. 
      I'm grieving and stressing and trying to get
      my life back to some semblance of order.  

      Sexually, I'm a mess.
      I fluctuate between being a-sexual and submissive
      but in a relationship that fluctuates 
      between me being a Domme and a sub

      Professionally, I'm a mess.
      I dislike the folks I work for now,
      but enjoy the work and am good at it.
      I'm trying to decide what to be when I grow up

      So...I think I'm still a bit of a mess.
      But, as ever, I'm optimistic...

    3. DelFonte asked, "If TTWD is different from a year ago, what has worked, what hasn't?"  
    4. Answer
      It is HUGELY different.  I was solidly ensconced in my submission.  Actually, I had just given my Sir my Slave registration papers at Valentines Day.  Man, could that only be a year ago?  It seems like forever.  I was holding onto my submission with all my was helping me cope with caring for my terminally ill mother.  

      What mindset was great, I was committed and had embraced my life as Sir's property.  Sir was very engaged and attentive.  We spent a lot of time, together, focused on each other, supporting each other.  Sex was awesome and frequent - daily or multiple times a day frequently.

      What didn't work...Sir was consistent and sometimes inconsistent.  I found times when I was pushing it, simply to get attention. That's silly - I know.  I also had such a desire to connect with a part of the community where we live.  I don't know if that would have been positive or not, but that had always been a yearning last year.
    5. Interesting questions!  Thanks to you both!!
    6. Hugs,Fiona

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Switching Around TTWD

So, Sir and I had spent
Many, Many years
decades even,
being switches.

Then four years being D/s, M/s, D/lg
where Sir was the D,M,D
    - and of course I was the s,s,lg :)

...and over the past month or two,
we have had moments of our previous selves.

We have switched a time or ten.

It's tricky for us.
Sir can switch very quickly and easily.

I have a bit harder time, mentally.

and if...
no, when I cum...I mentally switch myself
I put myself into a submissive role.

Sir feels some guilt for it, I believe.
I feel guilt for not fulfilling his switching sides.

It's quite a quandry.

We talk, we communicate our feelings and needs.
We're working it out.

That's why it's called The Thing WE Do...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Q&A I have been woefully absent.  

I am very sorry.

I am happy to answer any questions
from anyone in Blogland.

Please let me know - personal or private
I'm happy to answer away :)