Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Meme

I stole this Christmas Meme from Hermionethanks!

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate - no question…but hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon and sugar on top….mmmmmmm!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just put them under the tree?Santa's always wrapped gifts.

3. Colored or white lights on tree or house? All white.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Sometimes…though we kiss all the time =)

5. When do you put your decorations up? The day after Thanksgiving (late November)

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? Cesar salad

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Traveling with my family…oh and talking mom into opening presents early.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? In third grade, I just kinda figured it out…along with the tooth faerie, the Easter bunny…all of it!

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We open some on Christmas Eve and some on Christmas.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Lots of white lights and a million ornaments…all of which mean something!  Sir says the tree is full about ⅔ of the way through decorating it.

11. Snow! Love it or dread it? Love everything about it!  I was meant to live in Antarctica!

12. Can you ice skate? I'm not a professional, but I can skate and love to as long as I'm wearing hockey skates and not figure skates!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? An iPad, before I could afford one.

14. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you?
 Family, kids and magic!

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

16. What tops your tree? An Angel given to me by my grandmother.

17. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Giving - so so SO very much more!

18. Candy Canes - yuck or yum?  I like them, but am not addicted to them…though Candy Cane (or peppermint) ice-cream is my favorite!!!

19. Favorite Christmas show? Hmmmmm….Miracle on 34th Street maybe...

20. What is your favorite Christmas song? Carol of the Bells, probably….though I love a lot of them!!

Merry Christmas Blogland.

You are all a gift to me and 

I appreciate the friendships made here

the conversations had

the wisdom shared

and You!



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Control and Surrender

I have an excruciatingly stressful day today…

and Sir knows it.

He wakes me, before it's time to get up.
He pulls me into his side and starts to play with my nipples.

he pinches

he twists

he tugs

he flicks

he rhythmically pulses them with gentle to hard pressure.

He …turns me on!

I'm panting…
God I love my nipples to be played with…

He doesn't stop…feels like its a half hour of this…

Then he rolls me onto my back and
puts one hand over my throat…squeezing gently
and his mouth draws my oversensitive nipple into his mouth,
while his other hand plunges into my pussy.

He finger fucks me…finding my G-Spot really quickly.

With the build up, and the many places he's assaulting my body,
I cum quite quickly and strongly.

But of course, he doesn't stop…

Me moves his hand from my throat…
covers my mouth and nose.

He never does that!

Oh holy hell!
He keeps fingering me while
controlling my breath.

I fall apart!

That loss of control.
His gift of control.
My gift of surrender.

I feel it.
I am keenly aware of our power exchange.

He continues…giving me breath
and then controlling it.

All the while assaulting my pussy and nipples.

I cum.
I squirt.
I gasp.
I scream.

I give up all control.
He graciously takes it.

I float through my horrendously stressful day
with a calmness about me.
I smile that silly school-girl smile like I had no sense.


I survive my day, with the most amazing man,
the most generous Sir,
the most perceptive Master,
the love of my life by my side.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cum, Cum and Dare I Say, Cum Again!

It's dark.

I'm filled.
My skin is electrified,
like really electrified.
I have goose bumps and 
feel my heart beating so hard and fast,
I'm sure it's actually audible.

I feel…with a lack of sound 
and absolute darkness,
I feel.  

and it's erotic as hell!

He walks back down to the basement
and turns the lights on.

"Oh, look at you, fiona.  
You look beautiful."

He takes the dildo from my mouth
and I flex my jaw.
I hadn't realized it was sore,
but with it removed, I'm now aware.

He rustles through the bag again…
what the fuck was I thinking putting that stuff in the bag?

He lifts my body up as far as my wrist cuffs will allow,
which is all of about six inches.

He grabs one nipple and quickly grips 
and twists and tugs it into a small peak.
He then attaches a clamp and 


It's clearly been too long.

He makes short order of clamping the other nipple.

My breathing is …


I'm panting.

I'm almost panicking.

He pushes me back down on the pillow
and the clamps bite into my nipples.

I'm about to say it's too much,
when the dildo starts to move.

He's fucking my pussy, hard and fast
and that, combined with the pain
makes short order of an insanely intense


(ya, cum)

He slaps my ass, hard, with his hand
then yanks the dildo from my pussy.
He fingers me and
makes me cum one more time.

As I lay, panting, overwhelmed,
he unties me…wrists and ankles.

He directs me to lay down, on my back, on the floor
where he has pillows placed for me to lay on.

It seems to take forever for me to process…everything.

I hear him tell me, but then 
I'm literally working on making sense of what he's told me,
then I'm working on making my body move…inch by inch.

I very awkwardly, 
and UNgracefully I might add,
flop down on the pillows.

He kneels down beside me and 
hands me the gigantic purple dildo.

He nods at me with that knowing look.

I know what he wants and 
I spread my legs wide and 
insert the gigantic purple dildo into my
well used and soaking wet pussy.

I'm embarrassed to say
that it slipped right in.

Oh, God, I feel like such a slut!

But it feels…so good.

I move it, without request.
and his eyes sparkle.
He's pleased with HIS little slut.

I keep masturbating myself
and he bends down and kisses me,
deep and possessively.

Then he bends over me…


It's one of the most erotic things for me,
I have no control…he's fucking his slut!

He shoves his cock into my mouth,
and I suck with reckless abandon
(and masturbate with reckless abandon)
but before he starts to move his hips,
I feel his hand…
He removes the nipple clamp!

AHHHHH…..as the blood rushes back in,
he slams his cock into my mouth.

my mouth is open, trying to scream,
but being stifled by his cock slamming into the back of my mouth.

Oh, god….it's overwhelming.

He does the same fucking thing with the other side and 
as soon as the blood rushes in,
His cock hits the back of my throat,
the dildo shoves inside…and

We cum!
His cum spurting deep into my throat as I swallow around his cock
and I cum…squeezing the gigantic dildo.

Man, when Sir goes all out, 
He goes ALL OUT!

This was truly one of those epic play sessions…
and we dragged ourselves….somewhat dazed…to bed!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Short Circuiting

"Well, let's see if we can change that number, fiona."

I thought eight was pretty good. 

He pushes my mouth back onto
the way too gigantic dildo.

Oh, I love that loss of control,
that feeling of being used, physically.

I also know that's his way of keeping 
my focus elsewhere and 
minimizing my visibility.

I hear him rummaging in the toy bag.

"Oh, fiona, I love seeing you like this.
I love you being restrained.
I love you having a dildo in your pussy
I love seeing that huge dildo in your mouth.
…and I love…"


Holy shit…

He zapped me!
He did so on my thighs.  

"Oh, fiona, I love what this does to you."

He encourages me with his words,
then explains that I have to ask for him to do it again.

Damn him!

I'm not sure I love that damn zapper.

It's intense and just the 
wrong side of painful.

But afterward, 
after the just too much pain
wears down….
it does leave me….


"Please" I whisper…
not really committed.

he takes the dildo in my pussy and 
moves it.  
Moves it fast
Slams it into me.

He's building…I'm excited…


He zapped my ass.

He continues to move the dildo,
never letting up.

He's cross wiring the pain
with the building orgasm.

He keeps masturbating me,
and zaps my other ass cheek.


It's buring gin…
But the burn is momentary.

He slams the dildo into me,
and then zaps my labia.


The pain.
The orgasm
The pleasure.

Everything stops.
The dildo is still…inside of me.
The other dildo fills my mouth.

The room plunges into complete darkness….
it's a basement, so it is pitch black!

He whispers in my ear,
"Be still, I will be back, fiona."

My brain short circuits and 
my body is on fire with 


Monday, December 16, 2013

Spanked into Submission

….Sorry about the delay.  I had to be out of town for a bit.  Thank goodness I took notes =)

where was I???

Oh ya, I was horny as hell…primed and….
have to put a kid to bed…mood killer!

OK, children to sleep
…appropriate time waited
….ready to go!

I come back to him laying on the couch.

I stand beside him and he pulls me on top of him.
He talks to me about being …

more submissive.
About taking another step.
(what the fuck is he talking about?)

"Look at me, fiona."
My stomach does a huge flip and 
I suck in a breath meeting his eyes.

I so want to be … pliable, submissive, a good girl.  
"Please, Sir."  I quickly take in a breath and continue,
"Please, spank me and use me."

Oh, my desires of early have returned with a vengeance.

When he walks down the stairs,
I'm standing next to a table,
the toy bag on a chair.

My hands are clasped behind me 
and my eyes are cast down.

He thoughtfully puts the pillows on top of the round table.
I strokes his hand up and down my back,
then gently, but solidly, pushes me down, over the pillows.

He reaches into the bag and pulls out cuffs.
He attaches the wide velcro cuffs to my wrists and ankles.
He then attaches my hands and ankles to each of the table legs.

I am well attached, but can still move.

There is something about being attached…
it is so freeing, so liberating…all I can do is stay there.

He takes the pink dildo which is still inside of me
and fucks me hard with it until I cum.


He doesn't stop.  He keeps going.
He keeps moving the dildo, in and out.
He keeps going.
He builds me up again and I'm quickly 
falling over the edge again.


He doesn't stop.  He keeps going.

A lot of orgasms, being yanked from me,
my legs literally give out and my body lays
limp over the table.

He moves and gets something…
But I'm so exhausted, I don't move.

He grabs my hair, pulls my head straight back
and taps my cheeks.
"Open, fiona."

I open my mouth and he
sticks the gigantic purple dildo into my mouth.


It's so ridiculously gigantic, it barely fits …
the tip barely fits!

He walks behind me again and rubs my ass.
"I want you to count, fiona.
Count to 100, then moan when you get there."

Oh, my goodness.  He is doing EVERYTHING right!


I work hard on counting in my head.
He starts slowly - moving from cheek to cheek.
Nothing too hard.
I'm doing really good for the first 40.
After 40, I getting to wriggle a bit.

After another 10, he stops.

"No wiggling, fiona.
You need to stay still, when I put you somewhere."
He's rubbing my bum while he's explaining in a very serious tone.
"When you wiggle, you will be punished.  
That way, you will learn not to.
Do you understand, fiona?
Because you were wiggling, 
I will teach you the lesson right now.
I don't like to teach you these lessons, fiona.
But I do need you to learn.
You have to ask, fiona."

Oh holy hell!
He removes the dildo in my mouth.

"Please what?"
"P.  Please spank me."
"You have to be more precise, fiona."
"Please, Sir, help me learn not to wiggle.
Please teach me this lesson."
"Please spank me."

So…he did just that.  
"Count these out loud, fiona.
There will be only three,
but they will be very hard.
You need to learn self-control, fiona.
Do Not Wiggle when I spank you.
Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir."

He spanks….
with that blasted metal spatula!
The sting quickly turns to an amazing

He spanks me the three times and 
they make a serious impact
mental and physical.

When he was done he continued.

"Do not wiggle, fiona.  
Keep Counting from where you were."

Oh, ya, I forgot that part.

I think He was at 40.  He begins back with his hand.
At 60, It's no longer hard for me to no wiggle.
I'm totally into it.  I'm there!
They are no longer stinging, 
Each stroke is delicious,

The switch was turned!

I was in a wonderful place!

When he hit 100 strokes, I moaned.
He didn't stop until ~125.

He reaches between my legs and 
fucks me hard with the dildo inside my pussy.
He quickly pulls another orgasm from me.

He rubs my ass and explains that 
I need to do the same thing…
count until he hits 100 and then moan.

He begins and I'm not processing as well.
Orgasming has made me more sensitive.
He's also spanking significantly harder.

when he hits ~30, I wiggle…just once.
I stop and hold myself still.

He stops too.
"Oh Fiona, I'm sure you are not to wiggle 
and you did it again." he says.

"Ask me for what you need to help you learn not to do that."
"Please Sir, spank me very hard so I learn not to wiggle."

He spanks me with the metal spatula,
SIX fucking times.
I'm amazed that it didn't break…seriously!

"God girl.  Do Not wiggle.  Remember to count"

At 100 I moan and 
once again, he spanks a bit more,
stopping at ~140.

He rubs my ass.  Rubs and squeezes.
Then he quickly masturbates me to an amazing cum
As soon as I cum, he goes back to rubbing.

"So, fiona.  On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your submission?
How submissive do you feel?"

I think for a minute.  How in the hell do you evaluate that?
He removes the dildo in my mouth.
"Um, eight, Sir?"

All of this spanking…I may be more than an eight…
Oh, it feels so good!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


After dinner, he comes up behind me.
He pulls me in for a tight hug and whispers into my ear,
"I want you to put your plug in, 
and finish cleaning my kitchen."
Secretly, I love when he using "My". 
Silly, I know.

He leaves the kitchen and 
I almost sprint up the stairs to put in my plug.

Later as children's bedtimes approach, 
he calls me over to the couch.
He reaches through my legs and 
pushes the plug up, sharply.
"I want you to go take a shower, get the kids to bed,
gather up the toys that I may like to use on you tonight,
picking one that you want most to put among them,
Put the pink dildo in my pussy, pull panties up, so it stays
and come back down and present yourself to me."

"Oh, fiona, don't forget to put the purple dildo 
in the toy bag," he adds as an afterthought.  

Once again, I almost sprint upstairs
with a girlish grittiness that is almost hilarious.

I take my shower, making sure to shave.
I wash around the plug in my ass
and the movement makes me even more wanton.
I put on Sir's bathrobe and put lotion on my body.

I come out of the bathroom and 
decide to put something else on as well.
I pull my pink baby doll out of my drawer
and put that on with the bathrobe over top.

I quickly gather a bag full of toys and 
include my favorite, my first of 
Conina's Fucking Fabulous Floggers.
I am so excited, I grab the pink dildo
and shove it into my already wet pussy,
which after just washing all of my previous moisture away
is pretty noteworthy =)

I walk downstairs and enter the living room.
He's laying on the couch looking at his tablet.
I open his robe and show him the baby doll.

He motions me over and when I approach,
He places his hand between my legs.
He smiles slightly when his hand comes 
into contact with the pink dildo.

"Push, fiona." he commands.
I push the dildo out and he thrusts it back in.

I almost go week in the knees with the first thrust.
He's, of course just getting started.

He fucks me hard with the dildo making 
me cum…hard.  
He doesn't stop thrusting through each of my spasms.

When I fall forward over him,
He stops, holds me and kisses my head.

He then takes my hair in his fist and 
positions my mouth over his cock.
He pushes my mouth over his erection...
…his clothed erection.

I bite on it slightly giving it some pressure.
He reaches his other hand under and slaps my cheek.

He pulls my head off, unsheathes his cock,
and pushes my head back down.

"kisses only." he commands
I start with many kisses, which 
degenerate into licks which, of course,
degenerate into sucks.

After several minutes,
he pulls my head off and tells me that
I'll pay for my insolence later.
He tells me to go get our child to bed.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Stollen Moments

So, Sir had traveled all week.  

He's typically so busy and stressed when he's gone,
we talk regularly, but he exerts no D/s.  
We just do what we need to do.
I parent and take care of the house (Mommy-Domme)
He works his ass off (Corporate-Dom)

Typically when that happens, 
I have a hard time switching back from Mommy-Domme mode
and he has a tough time, because he's typically exhausted.

While he was gone, our phone calls were frequent. 
Our conversations weren't sexual in nature,
but he stood for no disrespect and he kept me on my toes.

On his way home from the airport, 
he told me of things he wanted to do…
he literally took my breath away.

When he came home, he was attentive,
and claiming
and consistent

We had a day all about 
Stolen moments

He'd frequently 

He'd whisper of 

In the late morning,
with kids occupied,
we passed in the kitchen,
and He pulled me in for a kiss.

He deepened the kiss and 
His hand dipped under my shirt.
He held my waist and then,
roamed up.
He slipped his hands under my bra
and his fingers circled my nipple.

They peaked quickly.
He quickly removes his hand and 
removes my bra. 
"I want this to stay off the rest of the day, fiona."
"Yes, Sir." I quickly reply.

He resumes, 

My breathing shallows.

He quickly pulls back and 
takes my arm and 
turns me around and 
pushes me over the island
the cold, smooth, marble, island.

He spanks me…once.
my breath catches half way and I have to 
inhale to catch my breath.

I want.

I so want.

I arch my back slightly, wanting more.
"Tell me."
"Please, Sir."
He spanks and before the sting registers,
"Please, Sir."
"Please, Sir."

"I bet you wish your pants were down."
"Yes, Sir."
"Take them down, fiona."

I quickly unbutton my jeans and take them down.

He puts his hand on the small of my back,
keeping me firmly pressed onto the island.

His hands caress my ass.
His hands reach around.
His fingers curl under my panties and 
he quickly pushes his fingers inside.

"You're pretty wet, fiona."
He's checking my arousal.  Oh, my goodness.
He never does that.  It's so erotic to me!

He fingers me and gets me so close.

I hear him open a drawer with his other hand.
He removes something.

"Please, Sir.  Please spank me!"

This time he spanks.
It's hard.  Cold.
Cold that turns my ass hot.

It's that blasted metal spatula!
He spanks and spanks.

"I bet you wish your panties were down."
"Yes, Sir."
"Take them down, fiona."

He quickly puts his fingers inside of me.
Oh god, I'm so wet!
I can hear the slickness as he …
He's fingering me and … I so want to cum!

He abruptly removes his fingers.

"I'm going to spank you six times, fiona.
Count each one."

it's harder, he's increasing his strength.
I'm panting…I'm so close

Oh my god, I needed this.  
I needed him.
I needed, to cum!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I don't remember falling asleep
but here I am waking up

I'm so disoriented.

I'm naked except…
no, I'm wearing Sir's flannel robe…
under the covers.

It's morning.
I've slept HARD.

I'm sore…deliciously sore.

I have to think about things to put them in order.
So many thing.

Sir was…oh so yummy.
Wow, Sir was such a spectacular Dom last night…
and I was … a puddle of girl.

Hmmmmm, I have to think,
I'll post the happenings as soon as I can unfog my brain!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Grandma's Shortbread

Thanks to Jz for organizing the 
Fourth Annual Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza.  
I appreciate your efforts and allowing me to participate!!

Grandma's Shortbread
This recipe is so easy and
Shortbread is one of my favorite cookies 

1 Pound butter (yup…real healthy)
1 Cup powdered sugar
3 ½ Cups Flour
½ Cup Cornstarch

That's it!  Doesn't take much =)

Cream the butter and powdered sugar.
Sift Flour and Cornstarch
Add sifted Flour and Cornstarch and mix

Press evenly into a jellyroll pan.

Prick with a fork

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes 
at 30 minutes check color and remove 
when it becomes slightly golden.

Cut immediately, before cooling
But leave in the pan until cool.

Enjoy with a spot of tea!

Dough Mixture

Pressed into jellyroll pan

Pricked with a fork and in oven
Slightly golden color
Cut into small squares

Enjoy the other's participating this year:
Bakers 2013
Ready to enjoy with a spot of tea!