Monday, October 27, 2014


We have been caught up in life.

It's Halloween around here 
and there is a lot of hoopla

We have a LOT going on with our home
Lots of stress
Lots of manual labor
Lots of time

While we are having sex
and lots of talk during

And periodic spanks

and a quick hand around my neck
here and there

We've had relatively little kink
Very little Domination.

Sir was leaving for a business trip
I walked him to his car and said,
"There's just been so much change and transition.

"Yes, there has."

"It's ok, you know.  If you need to be done, we can be."

He looks kind of confused, 
then the light dawns on him.

"Fiona, No.  That is not what I meant."

"I know you've had more switch thoughts recently."

"No, fiona.  No.  I know what I've been wanting
and thinking and dreaming about at night."

But sadly, he was running late for his flight,
so that was the end of that.
No further explanation.

Ohmygoodness I need to be settled.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Morning Conversation

Sir was half asleep this morning
and I was wrapped around him,
snuggling close
my hand rubbing his cock.

He sleepily moans as I grab his balls
and scrunch them up slightly.

"mmmmmm, that feels good.
I may want some more attention 
sometime soon."


"I think I want you to put in the small plug."
(he means…not in me)

"any time."

"You know, I love it when I have that 
in my ass
and your pussy on my mouth."


"so….do you want it as in…
you telling me to do it…


…as in a switch?"


Monday, October 13, 2014

tip tap SWACK

We walked in the door and
Sir took me straight to our room
He shut and locked the door,
holding onto my neck.

He took me to the bed and
laid me over it.

He pulled up my dress
and as he had commanded no underwear,
my ass was bare.

He put his hand in the small of my back
making me arch slightly
inviting his spanks

He reddened my ass.

He made quick work on warming me up.

Then he told me not to move and 
I could imaging he went to our closet
for the crop.

He came back and my heart began beating faster.

Her rubbed my ass and then…


it wasn't a crop after all.

He hadn't had the cane out in a long time.

He started lightly and 
worked all over my ass.

I got to the point I was breathing
so heavily
and my back was arched and 
I was pegging for more.

He stopped and then told me,
"Now three good ones."



My back curves like a cat
and I stop breathing
but in a minute 
(or 30 seconds),
the pain turns to a warmth
that spreads throughout my body
like electricity 

and I arch my back again,
raising my ass.

"Oh, good girl.  
I love it when you ask with your body, fiona."

His encouragement just excites me more.


This time he didn't spread them out.
I was seriously breathless and he immediately goes back.





and he's done.

He's caressing my ass.

He sits down on a chair and 
calls me over.

He commands me to turn around
away from him
and bend over.

He traces the lines on my ass.

"Oh, fiona.  
You have beautiful stripes."

He caresses each stripe
and then commands me to kneel before him
and he takes my hand and puts it on his shorts
demonstrating his rock hard cock.

The knowledge that he loves my stripes
He loves giving me the stripes
that it makes him so hard….
makes me want him desperately.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Well, I fucked up.

Sir and I went to bed.
I snuggled up beside him,
and began to stroke and caress him.

He got hard in fairly short order
and I asked if I could lock the door.

After locking it, I dove at his cock.

I sucked and licked and kissed and nibbled.

I loved sucking on his cock.  
It's length is perfect…
not so long as to gag me continually
long enough to gag me if he desires
not so thick that it's uncomfortable in my mouth
thick enough to fill my mouth comfortably

I thoroughly enjoyed his cock…

then he pulled me up on top of him.

I know he was tired,
He wanted me to fuck him to sleep…
and I got tired and asked him to roll…

then pitched a fit…because I was sick of being on top.

the night…
didn't end well.

And damn, 
I knew better.

I just was mentioning in my previous post
how lucky I am…we are…that we have such a 
wonderful sexual connection.

Then I pitch a fit…
about position.

And what am I??

How submissive is that?

Well…NOT at all!

We talked about positions.
We talked about sex
we're working on making adjustments 
so we're both satisfied.

Though…I'm a bit concerned…
I'm not feeling as submissive as I typically do.

I know there are seasons…
there are ups and downs.

I don't know if this is a season or a cycle.
makes me nervous and a bit unsettled.
(but I'll keep that to myself for now).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So out of the blue…

Sir says to me,
"It's been days."

and immediately I know
what he means.

It's been DAYS since we've had SEX!!!

and for us that's noteworthy!  

And then I think…
Dayam! I am so lucky!

Not that I haven't had to have sex in days,

but that for us, it's noteworthy that
we haven't had sex in days.

I love that after … so so long …
we're still fucking like rabbits!!

(most of the time)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

When He Spanks Me

Sir holds my arm, bent behind my back
my back to his front.

"Bend over."
"Please, I just want a hug."

"I'll give you a wonderful embrace,
just as soon as I have reddened your ass.
Now bend over."

I bent over and Sir rewarded me.

He bent me over,
pulled down my pants
and gave me Six of His Best.

Then pulled my hips back to slam
against his ROCK HARD COCK.

Man, it's insane how much it turns me on,
how much I am GRATIFIED,
by the simple fact that he gets rock hard
when he spanks me.

I was absolutely ravenous
by the time he embraced me.

We kissed - his hands reaching and
unclasping my bra…groping my breasts.
he dipped me back and sucked hard
on the nipples he had just pinched.

When it was just more than I could handle,
I dropped to my knees
and was so desperate for his cock,
I took it…sheathed in cloth.

He yanked my hair and unsheathed his beautiful Gift.
I sucked and he fucked.
He fucked my mouth harder than he ever has.

He reveled in making me gag,
I lost myself.

So much, that when he pulled out,
I literally crawled after it…Him.

So then, on my hands and knees,
He grabbed my pony tail and held me…on my hands and knees,
then once again…SPANKED ME.
But this time it was with his BELT.


Then pulled me up to my knees,
smoothed the hair that had gotten in my face,
tilted my face up to look at him…
His eyes were molten and sexy as sin.
He caressed my face,
turned my head to the side and rubbed my cheek.
just once on the cheek.
He turned my face back, looked in my eyes and waited.

"thank you, Sir."
"Good Girl. "

He turned my face to the other side,
caressing my cheek again,
"Please, Pleeeaaase," I begged.


He turned my face back up to look at him.
He looked in my eyes and then
grabbed his cock…took my head
and finished fucking my mouth.

Oh how I LOVE when he spanks me!!!!