Friday, October 10, 2014


Well, I fucked up.

Sir and I went to bed.
I snuggled up beside him,
and began to stroke and caress him.

He got hard in fairly short order
and I asked if I could lock the door.

After locking it, I dove at his cock.

I sucked and licked and kissed and nibbled.

I loved sucking on his cock.  
It's length is perfect…
not so long as to gag me continually
long enough to gag me if he desires
not so thick that it's uncomfortable in my mouth
thick enough to fill my mouth comfortably

I thoroughly enjoyed his cock…

then he pulled me up on top of him.

I know he was tired,
He wanted me to fuck him to sleep…
and I got tired and asked him to roll…

then pitched a fit…because I was sick of being on top.

the night…
didn't end well.

And damn, 
I knew better.

I just was mentioning in my previous post
how lucky I am…we are…that we have such a 
wonderful sexual connection.

Then I pitch a fit…
about position.

And what am I??

How submissive is that?

Well…NOT at all!

We talked about positions.
We talked about sex
we're working on making adjustments 
so we're both satisfied.

Though…I'm a bit concerned…
I'm not feeling as submissive as I typically do.

I know there are seasons…
there are ups and downs.

I don't know if this is a season or a cycle.
makes me nervous and a bit unsettled.
(but I'll keep that to myself for now).


  1. Just so you know you're not alone, my Master likes me to be on top a lot. I mean almost every time I am on top for some of it. It is a good position for slapping- face, tits, thighs. Choking- when he says "lean down here" and has his hand out, and I willingly place my neck in his hand.... oh hot! Also, for attaching clothespins... anyway, I find it just as submissive as the other positions when he does all those things.

    1. I showed Master your comment - he really appreciated the ideas - thoughts. I appreciate the help with the attitude adjustment. It's all about perspective.


  2. I'm often ending up on top because he's too tired to hump me. There again, he does get to play with all my readily available parts, but I get cramp easily and .... it's not always where I want to be. I'd much rather be pinned to the bed.... but he likes it.... Positions do make a difference for me.

    1. I am so glad to know I'm not alone…but ya, it does feel like I'm working my ass off…or my legs or …

      oh well.


  3. Sorry, it messed up your night Fiona. It happens to the best of us though. Being on top is not a favorite over her but he does enjoy it. It just seems hard to float away in that position.

  4. Position does matter....and sometimes that submissive feeling is so frustrating elusive....You have been on a good streak, it will return....
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby…it will. Position matters…but it also needs to be what's right for him as well. We'll work on it.


  5. Your talking and thats a good thing, always is, as to not feeling submissive, i think thats normal, it will pass because your both strong enough to work it through.


    1. You are soooo right. Communication is so desperately important. thanks for the encouragement. I do appreciate it!!!


  6. So sorry you are having tough time feeling submisive. Unfortunately I know the feeling to well...
    But what helps me is just trying not focus about how "wrong" it is to feel this brake the cycle, you know ?

    Hang in there kitty !

    1. Thanks kitty. It's all good…we'll work through it.



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