Friday, February 28, 2014

Your Choice

So, Sir dressed me today.
Not something he typically does.

He told me today I would go without a bra.

I go periodically without a bra
at home, but never when I go out.

He did allow me a fleece when I went out,
but my tits are still jiggly and…AND….


He and I went out to lunch.

He's wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.
I'm wearing jeans and a semi-transparent t-shirt
AND a fleece.

We're walking to the restaurant and I complain,
"It's cold!!!  I'm so cold!!!"
"Ya, tell me about it," he retorts looking down at his legs.
"Well, YOUR'S was a choice!" I say
"Yours is a choice too, my dear.

and all I could do was grin like a
fucking idiot at him!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stripes and Soles

Sir walks me up to our room.
He takes my scarf from around my neck
and ties my hands together.

He pushes me over the side of the bed
and leans over me and places my hands
stretched above my head.

He begins to crop me,
starting at a moderately hard strike.

It's over my jeans and feels heavenly.
He's makes me ask for it and to say
harder or softer.

I hate having to say!
Ugh, it's so hard for me.

I ask for mostly harder.

Then He reaches around my waist and
unbuttons my jeans and pulls down
my pants and under ware.

He continues on,
warning me to keep my hands
where they are.

He covers my ass with stripes,
then…starts to rub.

Oh, it feels so good.
He rubs my ass, then
pulls my shirt up and
starts to rub my back.

I'm so relaxed…so present to the moment.

He stands back up and…

Begins putting stripes of the crop
across my back.

He strikes everywhere from my shoulders on down.
I'm moaning and panting
and my hips are moving.

I'm on my toes meeting the crop
as it comes down and
it feels like heaven!

When he returns to my ass,
he's cropping me
with an amazing swing and strike.

He tells me he wants me to take
"Yes, Sir.  Please, Sir!" I reply enthusiastically.

"Thank you Sir!"

"AAAHHHH.  Thank you Sir!"

"UUUOOOOHHHHHHH   Thank you Sir!"

Oh that burn feels so amazing.
Warm and intense!

He flips me over on my back and pulls me to the very edge.
He butterflies my legs and puts my hands high above my head.

He takes the crop and crops my pussy.

When he hits over my clit,
it is intense and amazing.
When he hits higher, it stings…wicked.

He sets the crop to the side and says,
"Let's see how much you liked all this."
and puts his finger inside of me.

Ohmygod, I LOVE when he checks!

Not surprising, I'm SOAKED!

He reaches his hands down,
grabs my nipples and begins to 
pinch and twist.

He grabs hold of both nipples,
just as he positions himself to 
thrust his cock inside of me.

As he thrusts in, he pinches so hard.

I cum apart.

He fucks long and hard and as he gets close,
He slaps my face.

I look up, not having expected it.
I meet his eyes and he pulls out of me.

Keeping our eyes locked,
he comes ON my pussy.

As I feel his hot cum spurting onto me,
My hands still tied above my head,
my nipples throbbing,
My ass and back hot from the strips of the crop,
I feel the intensity of the moment and 
Cum…nothing inside of me!

He lays his softening cock on top of my pussy
and I can feel the last bit of his cum oozing out.

Our eyes are locked on each other and 
we gaze at each others soles. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

15 Minutes

Sir looks at me and says,

"We have about 15 minutes, 
go downstairs and lay over the table."

I quickly do so and stretch my hands
to reach the other side of the round table.

"Be aware, these (pulling on my pants)
are coming down soon.
Let me know when you're ready."
he says as he rubs my ass through my pants.


I melt as I hear his belt being 
removed from his belt loops.

As I've just come in from the cold,
it hurts…no,
it stings,
as he strikes.

He covers my ass and upper thighs.

He spanks over and over,
and I'm just so not ready.

I'm alternating between loving it and 

finally he says,
"Count to 40, then take down your pants."

I count and it sets my mind on the right track…
it feels…deeper, thuddier, lovelier, perfect.

As I say "40, thank you, Sir
I stand and take down my pants.

He puts his hand on the small of my back and 
puts me back in place.

It's back to stingy, but
not nearly as ouch as before.

He spanks me hard for another

He grabs my crotch and squeezes.
He talks in my ear and makes me shiver.

He stands me up and sits down at the chair.

He keeps his hand on my pussy.
and says, "Let's check and see how much 
you enjoyed that, shall we?"
except it's not really a question.

He parts my legs and puts his finger inside of me
and, oh god, I'm wet!  

He fingers me to two amazing orgasms and then
pushes me to my knees to suck on his cock.

Oh, what an amazing 15 minutes.

(ya, that totally didn't take 15 minutes…
we were late.)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good Morning








My head lifts off the bed
and I register a sensation
moving from the stinging
of my, once sound asleep ass
up my body, the stinging






provoking a sound of utter contentment
and the shy smile that Sir loves so.

"Good morning, fiona,"
he says as he puts his belt into his belt loops.

(thank goodness I frequently sleep on my stomach)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

He's Not Struggling

I've been feeling supremely un-submissive recently.  
Sir and I are doing all right.  

Crazy Busy.
Insanely Crazy Busy.

The other night, we were going to sleep.

I whisper,
"Maybe this was a phase. 
maybe we should…
well we could…
just stop.  
You know, 
maybe we're over it?"

I felt like we haven't had a whole lot of D and s 
with all of the life, stress and stuff.  

I also have this niggling worry 
in the back of my head, 

because he's the one who gave up 
any submission with the end 
of our switching regularly.  

He responded quickly
and in no uncertain terms.  

He grabbed my hair forcefully and pinched my ass 
and explained 

that although things get busy 
and chaotic 
and sometimes I struggle with my submission…

he's not struggling with his Dominance.  

He expects better.
He expects more from me
and will be working on it.  

I just about melted…

maybe that's why it's so warm here now =)

Now to get my head in the right place!  
Any ideas??)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not Me

This is so not me.

Do you ever have a time where
you just don't feel like …


I am feeling negative
I'm grumpy and grouchy.

I'm feeling short tempered.

I'm snapping at Sir.
I flipped him off last night
(maybe more than once).

He tells me to do something…
and I tell him

I just feel OFF.

I'm feeling fat and bloated and
totally and completely

Like, how in the hell can anyone
even stand to sleep next to me…

I know things go in waves and cycles
I know we'll get back to where we need to be
I know all will be ok

But for now, I HATE, HATE HATE
not being me!

(and not knowing how to find me again…

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Man, did I love today.

OK, well most of it, anyway.

Sir spanked me at every turn.

He spanked me through chores,

He spanked me at lunch,

He spanked me while passing by.

At one point, I was putting clothes away
and he bent me over the bed and began.

Instead of letting me get lost in my head,
he told me to look up and imagine the people walking by.


At another point,
he bent me over the kitchen table and
spanked…really warming me up thoroughly.
Then, quite uncharacteristically,
he took his non-spanking hand,
which typically resides on my back,
and placed his arm around my waist,
thoroughly holding me in place.
Then he gave me a series of very, VERY HARD SPANKS

Then - wanting to be fair and all,
he repeated the process on the other side.


This afternoon, he called me over to his chair.
He told me to sit next to it on the floor and
showed me some soft core pics…
nice tits and ass shots.

After a good long time,
he told me to stand up,
He told me to pull down my pants.

After doing so, he divested me of my panties,
bent me over his knee and
saw to me!

He spanked so long and hard.
He spanked on one side,
in the middle, low,
then on the other side.

Whenever he got to the middle,
my clit rubbed against his leg and
it wasn't too many before I was cumming!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Switch Realization

So, we rarely switch anymore.

Like almost never.

But last night,
Sir asked and

I enjoyed!
(actually, I hope we both did)

I had a thought about the experience,
I think I learned something…

Sir is NOT a masochist - at all.
While he wouldn't mind a nice
flogging or spanking,
He would not want something
hard or intensely painful.

I, however
have serious sadistic tendencies.

While switching, I
have to make sure to remind myself
to be a kind and sweet Top
because that isn't what comes naturally
(naturally I would frequently want to
do what I love being done to me.)

When not switching,
I am a masochist!

I love it hard and intense!

This morning, Sir put me on my knees
and in my place and
before work I had a wonderful hard spanking.
After that, Sir put my hand on his rock hard cock,
reminding me how grateful I am that
though he doesn't like things to be rough for himself,
but he enjoys being a sadist with me!
I am grateful!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Spanking By Any Other Name

So, I was chatting with a blogger friend across the pond the other day
and there were a couple of words that I didn't know the meaning of.

So, that got me thinking…

What do you say, what other slangs are there for 
The Things We Do?

Specifically for Spankings.

So, I brainstormed what I have heard 'spankings'
(or the like)
being called in American English…

What is 'spanking' called (official or slang) where you are?

All of the synonyms for Spanking that I could think of =)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting Ready for Lunch

"Drop your pants, and lay over the bed."

I did so quickly

… and he walked away!

After five minutes,

He walked back into the room,

but because of the laundry I was folding
littering the other side of the bed,
I couldn't see him.

I hear him walk over and without any notice,

He begins to crop my ass.

He starts with a strike
hard and firm against the spot where
my thighs hit my ass.

He crops hard all over my ass,
Not missing a single spot.

"Open," he commands as he begins to
crop the inside of my thighs.

I open my legs and
without pretense,
he crops  my pussy.

It's firm and comforting and

(without anyone at home with us,
I scream!)
without warning,
I cum!

I must add, screaming while cumming
can be exceptionally cathartic!!!

"Stand up and take off your bra."

I quickly process what he said,
Then try to remember what the words he said
really mean and then, oh ya, I'm supposed to do that!

I stand up and quickly remove my bra.

"Pull up your shirt and hold it with your hands on your head."

I do so and he crops
both my nipples and my breast.

He's being firm and playful.
A solid crop and then toying with the nipple with the side of the crop.

He then crops three solid hits directly on the nipple and
once again, I …

I ….

I cum!

"fiona, do you know why it was important 
that we do this before we go to lunch?"
"Because you wanted to?"

"Why else?"
"Because I wanted you to?"

"Why else, fiona?"
"I don't know, Sir."

"You'll be a very good girl when we go, right?
You'll listen and be very obedient."

"Good girl, fiona.  
No, pull down your shirt,
leave your bra off, put on your jacket,
and let's go get some lunch."