Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Master has taken to pulling me to him
and holding me by the neck
when he kisses me...

Or simply putting his hand on my neck
and squeezing

during sex,
when I'm being a pain in the ass
when I'm struggling

for lots of reasons.

It's something he never really did before,
but in the past six months,
he's made a regular habit of it.

and I love it.

I feel like the beta animal
when the alpha is exerting His Dominance

It can be used for breath control
or simply as a momentary touch or grip.

It is calming to me,
It is centering to me,
It is exhilarating to me
(yes, I often wonder how it can be calming AND exhilarating...but there you have it)
During sex it heightens my experience
It reinforces my feelings of submission.
It can be erotic as hell.

It is a wonderful gesture that is very meaningful to me.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Attachments and the Loss of ControEEK

OK...so YES, there are attachments for the Magic Wand.
These are the ones I got,
but there are so so many more.

First off let me just say that I didn't get to the blue one.

I did however try both of the white ones with very differing successes.

First, I tried the white one at the bottom
and it was mmmmmgood!

The nub in the middle goes in your pussy
and then it cups your folds and
buzzes like crazy....

and OHHOLYHELL it feels good!

So...after having an amazing orgasm
with it...

I was off to try the white one on the top
so sadly, it's not really suited to my body shape.
The center goes in your pussy,
the larger of the other nubs goes in your ass,
but sadly once I do that, the other won't reach my clit.

It was relaxing but not stimulating.

But after using it and feeling so good...
and being so primed, needy and wanting
(yes...I am such a cum slut)

So...I thought, before trying the blue ones,
I would cum again with just the magic wand...

SO I took off the white attachment
and opened up my folds
and put the vibrator directly on my clit
and turned it on


I came almost instantaneously

I stood almost immediately
as I realize I started to pee!

I have NEVER cum so hard that I peed!


I ran...as fast as I possibly could,
with my pussy clenching almost painfully
and definitely exquisitely
to the bathroom...

then to the shower!

Then to the phone to call Sir
and tell Him what happened!

I was so embarrassed and
he was so thrilled!

He said that it was awesome
that I came so hard that I lost
control of my bladder!

He said it was the best birthday present EVER!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So...I got a fabulous brown box in the mail today.

I wasn't surprised...neither was Sir.

We weren't surprised because I had ordered it
(as a belated birthday present for me)

When it came, Sir raised his eyebrow and
commanded me to go to His room,
and open it.

I did...and was just about giddy.

Sir came in behind me and locked the door.

"Well." he said.

I looked up with a sheepish look and smiled.

"Take it out...show it to me."

I removed the item from the box...and it looked...

very UNsexy!

"Take your pants off and use it."

I had a moment of panic...while I began to take off my pants

"Sir, What if I can't make it work right...
what if it doesn't work for me??"  I questioned.

I was so worried that it would be disappointing -
not for me but for Him.

"Assume the position." He commanded with that look in his eyes.

I immediately lay on my back,
butterflied my legs with the bottoms of my feet touching
and raised my hands over my head.

He took the toy and plugged it in.
He placed it on the outside of my labia
and the buzzing - the vibrating - was


He didn't have it exactly in the right position...
He frequently plays with my clit above the spot
where the maximum intensity can be felt.

I squirmed...

and moaned

and my back arched off the bed.

He took my right hand and pulled if off of the headboard
and placed it on the handle at my pussy.

He put his fingers inside of me and said,
"Show me."

He stood over me at the side of the bed and
I used the magic wand on my clit.

I placed it ... right on the spot.


I came like a freight train
in about ONE MINUTE!

I turned it off and I...well We
felt my pussy contacting around his fingers.

He looked down and smiled.

"Good Girl.  I always wondered what it was about this thing.
You always see it in porn and now I understand.
They found the magic vibrating frequency.  
Now do it again so I can feel you...
Tomorrow, I want you to play with the attachments
and when we go to bed, I'll expect a full report!"

He wiggled his fingers inside of me,
so that I couldn't forget that they were there....
and to signal, get on with it, girl.

I closed my eyes and turned it back on.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Double Standard

As I was getting ready for bed,
Sir said something and
I said..."you would never allow me to say such a thing!"

Now unfortunately, I followed that up with being a tiny bit cheeky. 

He quickly put me on the floor
And said, in that Master's voice,
With that Master's glare,

"What lead you to believe that 
There isn't a double standard here?"

Well that cleared it up nicely!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Good One


He stands next to me
and snaps the folded over belt together.

"Bend over my bed.
I know you want this,
your breathing is faster
and right now your pussy is getting so wet."

I take stock...
I can tell that,
my eyes have dilated
my breathing has quickened
I want this.


"Don't make me ask this again,
or I will hit your legs instead of your ass."

Oh, I have that internal war...
I want this so much...
I am being stupidly rebellious.

I slowly stand up and turn around and look at Him

"Since we have company, 
I can only do one...
so I've got to really make it count."

I bend over the bed and
take one breath and






my back arches and my pussy is now drenched

Why Only ONE???  Why company??


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Kitchen Spanking

I was standing in the kitchen
cooking for Easter dinner.

Sir rubs my back and then
reaches down and




He spanked my ass
while I was hugging him.

It was just his hand,
I wasn't bent over,
it wasn't extremely hard,
but it wasn't patting either.

Could have looked innocuous

Could have not.

Master whispers in my ear,
"Your mom just saw me spank you."


and my mind races.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fucking Laughter

So Sir and I were in bed last night.

He put me in position -

which means me with my legs butterflied open
and my hands above my head holding onto the bed

and he made me cum like a wild child.

He has a way of making me the
MOST wanton, insatiable, horny slut!

I was given permission and I all but
attacked his cock

I sucked voraciously.

Sir pulled me up and set me on his Cock.

"You do love to have cock in your mouth, don't you fiona?"

"Yes, Sir!" I said as I rode him hard.

He reaches up and fondles my tits

"Tell me whose cock you want to suck."

"Yours, Sir"

"Who else, fiona?"

"Anyone, that you tell me to Sir."

He's pinching more and I'm fucking faster.

"Tell me, fiona...what would you do if I told you to suck off other men?"

"I'd suck them and beg them to fuck my face.  When they got close, I'd take their cum..."

He's close...beginning to cum.
He loves the idea of me sucking off someone else.
(me too)

His pinching of my nipples intensifies.

"Sir, I'd swallow, or"

He starts to cum and he's pinching my nipples wicked hard

"hold it in my mouth until you gave me directions"

He pinches painfully hard and I squeak out

"or have them cum on ...







the last word was squeaked out as the pain got so intense!

He releases my nipples as bursts into laughter...
as do I.

So we lay there...still connected intimately...laughing hysterically!

It was fulfilling in so many ways!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lady Ps Question

  1. Well...March is over but Lady P asked on last question.  Feel free to ask questions whenever you want.  

LadyPasked and I'll answer:
1. What is the story behind your blog-name fiona?  Why did you choose that name as your alter ego?
Well...so blog name...are you referring to 

fiona...as my alter ego...
Quite simply, I love the name, it's one of my favorite names :)

SirQ and me....well, that's who we are.  He IS SirQ and I'm me :)

in terms of Sir Q's mlb...the mlb part can be explained in this post
all about the name...but it's something Sir has called me for ... forever.  "my little bitch"  

Hope that answered your question.