Monday, September 30, 2013

Squirting, Gushing, Flooding

on my back
my legs spread 

his finger in my pussy 
his lips on my nipples 

he fingers me  

he's talking
it's building 
he's talking 
more talking 
more building

it's coming
I can feel 
my insides pulsing 
it's cuming 

he's talking 
he's moving 
I'm cuming

But I don't just cum 
I squirt all over his hands 
all over my thighs 
dripping down my buttock 
drenching the bed

He suckles 
he talks 
but he doesn't stop 
moving his fingers  

I'm panting 
it's rising

He keeps fingering 
it's building again 
instead of moaning 
and groaning 

it's guttural 
it's deep 
and the pulses 
they pulled from deeper inside of me 

I keep cuming and rolling and squirting 

I can feel the moisture 
it's making noise now 

I squirt again 

and he still doesn't stop 

he suckles the other nipple 
tugs on it 
bites it 

and fingers

I can feel the deeper orgasm pulling 
he's actually PULLING them from 
deep in my belly 

and I come 
and I squirts 
and I grunt 
and I cry.

I lay 
completely spent 
with my eyes closed 
my mouth so dry 
my body soaked 

he finally withdraws his fingers 
and they just slipped right out 
as if they've been greased

"look at me little girl." he says 
and I comply immediately
opening my eyes 
looking up into his dark piercing eyes 

he takes his hand 
that's now sitting on my mons 
and spanks hard on my pussy

I hear a splashing sound 
and I can feel liquid splash 
onto my legs

it's so humiliating  
and arousing 
and mortifying 
and intoxicating. 

He spanks my pussy hard 
each strike landing 
on my clit 

and I cum 

with him looking into my eyes 
a clitoral cum that has me vibrating

"when did you learn to play my body like a fiddle?"
I ask 
looking at me, he chuckles
"Oh, when you were 18."

Saturday, September 28, 2013

From The Belt To Begging on the Floor

---------------------------fiona's Account----------------------------------

So, Sir and I were staying at a friends house recently. 
Just the two of us and we had the house to ourselves.

I bring Sir a belt and set it beside him on the side of the bed.
I walk to the end of the bed.
I pull off my t-shirt and take off my bra
I take my pants and panties down and
bend over the end of the bed, arms stretched out.

He finishes what he was doing
(in his own sweet time)
he pics up the belt and ....

--------------------------Sir's Account-------------------------------------

I spank her with the belt.  Not too hard at that start, but gradually
working her up.  I can always tell when she has turned the corner.
There is this change in the sound she makes.  Not a coo or an ooohhh,
but a verbal release.  She has crossed over.  At this point she arched
her back and elevated her ass for what was coming.  I know that I 
owned her body and soul.

---------------------------fiona's Account----------------------------------

When he's done, he lays across the bed and picks up his iPad.
I have absolutely no idea what he's doing on it, but he tells me to stay right there.
I'm naked laying bent over the bed and he's focused on something other than me.
He looks up periodically acknowledging my existence.

I'm breathing and absorbing the glorious heat emanating from my ass.
I'm adoring the objectification.
I can literally feel my arousal increasing.

I lay my head on my hands looking at my Sir.
I think....
...about how much I adore him
...about the amazing endorphin release of having my ass belted
...about how gorgeous Sir looks laying there
...about how grateful I am that he told me to stay there
...about how my calfs are hurting
...about how hot may ass actually feels
...about how much I want to suck on his cock
...about ......

Eventually I say, "Sir, could I use my vibe?"
"Yes, go get it...right now...quickly...just the way you are."
"But I'm naked and there are windows."
and he just looks at me and raises his eyebrow!

Crap!  Why the FUCK did I open my too big mouth?

I run like the fucking-WIND and grab the bag which has my vibe.
I come back and he smiles as I come panting back into the room.
"Lay down, right here and masturbate for me."
He points to the floor, the FLOOR, right next to the bed.

I lay on the floor and put the vibe between my legs.
"I can't hear you." he says.
I so frequently work on being quiet,
 I realize I kind of have trouble being loud when masturbating.

I work on letting go.

He rolls over and his head pops over the side of the bed.
He watches me.
His hand reaches over and he touches my pussy.
The vibrator vibrates my clit.
He rubs around the outside and then opens my lips.
The vibrator finds the hard nub of my clit.
He pulls on each lip and releases.
I shutter with the added twinge of pain.
He touches me and rubs up and down my slit.
I close my eyes and moan.
He slips his fingers inside.

--------------------------Sir's Account-------------------------------------

This is the point where all the foreplay, all the domination has come to a
head.  I can tease her and she begs for more.  I pull, I tug, I rub and she 
is in ecstasy.  I have her right where I want her.  On the ground and 
begging.  Begging for the release of an orgasm.  I reach down and slide my 
finger into her wet pussy and I know that she is going to come for me again
and again.  How I love her being a good girl, being obedient and coming for
me on command.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Master of the Kitchen

I'm standing at the kitchen table, going through the mail.

Sir walks up behind me and puts his mouth right next to my ear.
"Bend over, fiona, and put your hands on the table.
Do. Not. Move."

My heart beat picks up.
My breathing becomes shallow.

He whispers again in my ear,
"You know, the windows and doors are open.
I could take your pants down - right now and 
anyone could see you."

He's right.  But I trust him.
Where before I would object...simply because we are family people
living in a neighborhood and it's not appropriate...
I trust him to take care of us - of me.

"Yes, Sir."

He begins to do just that.
He reaches around me and unzips my pants.
He pulls my pants down and lets them pool around my feet.
He pulls my panties down and let's them follow.

He rubs my ass...and I close my eyes.
I feel his touch, his warmth, his care, his strength.
He spanks - curtains and doors wide open.

I close my eyes and just absorb...
I relish in the warmth of his caress - 
whether it comes in the form of a rub or a spank.

He once again tells me not to move.
I hear him rustling in the kitchen drawers.
I hear him smacking an implement against his hand,
and once again, my heart begins to race.

He makes quick work of placing the implement to my ass.
He's spanking me with the cold metal gigantic grill spatula!
It's stingy but delicious,  I moan and absorb and - yes, ENJOY!

I love the spanks.
I love the impact.
I love the touch and caress in between sets.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Crop, The Dildo & the Attitude Adjustment

I was totally being a pain-in-the-ass last night and this morning.  
Sir straightened that out with the long pink realistic dildo in my mouth 
and about a billion thwacks of the crop...
that thing can hurt when SWUNG with authority.  

He made me ask for all of the hard ones.  

He also fucked me...

without preamble, without request.
He fucked me with an agenda, 
with the purple dildo,
to address my pain-in-the-ass behavior.  

He tied my arms in a wide "v" to the head and foot of the bed 

(I was laying across).  
He put the dildo inside of me without any preamble...
but after the beating so I was good and wet.  

He never uses lube's ridiculous.  

He grabbed my hips forcefully and my legs go around him

He pumped the dildo into me.  

At one point it hurt and I reared up and 

he put his hand on the small of my back and 
told me "NO" in no uncertain terms. 
He told me that I should work through the pain and take it.  

I don't know if he changed something or 

if it was just his words.  
I focused on relaxing and I gushed around the dildo...
He gave me several commands to cum and each time he did, 

I came in spectacular fashion.  

I adore being able to cum on command...
though I worry about not being able to do it and 
the stress of failure...

but so far, it's been insanely good.  

He used me hard...
flipped me over to fuck me some more - 
pumping into the dildo - 
but watched my face and made me look at him.  

Oh, holy hell, that was intense to be scrutinized so by him.  

After I came, he lay on the bed and pulled me over and 
fucked my mouth, hands on my head, controlling the pace.

It was so intense.  

As he fucked up into my mouth and I couldn't breathe, 
I reached between my legs and continued to masturbate 
while he fucked.  Mmmmmmm.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Things I Love

So for work, I had to make a name tag kind of thing.

It had to have the first letter of my name in thick bubble-esque fashion
and then inside I had to draw..... ya - that's a laughable thought ... things I love.

I drew my letter in bed while Sir was channel surfing ....
I looked at him and, my mind being a complete blank, said.
"What do I love???  That I can draw in this letter for work?"

"Oh, that's easy, fiona...
Blogging about sex toys"

Totally dead pan.


I laughed so hard, tears streaming down my face, my side hurt!

Friday, September 20, 2013


I am honored to be participating in the Round Table featured on the Spanking Romance Review Blog.  I was asked by Natasha Knight to discuss Submission.  After you read this post, please see SRR's blog to see the other links for those participating.  



Dictionary Definition:
Submission:  submissive conduct or attitude.  Inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or humbly obedient.

MY Definition:
Submission is a state of mind.  It is something that I give willingly and wantingly (no, not wantonly...though that too maybe).  

Now, let me just be the first to say that 
I am NOT a perfect submissive 
nor is my submission is perfect.   


as a whole, when I look at that 
dictionary definition and apply it to me...
I am INCLINED to submit.  
I am typically READY to submit.  
Frequently I am humbly obedient.  
I'm getting better at being unresistingly obedient
(It takes time after so many years of resisting everything)  

In my life in general AND in my relationship with my husband,
I do not want to be a doormat.  
I do not strive to have a relationship or a marriage 
where I am neither seen nor heard.  

I do not want to have a marriage where 
I am a complete and utter bitch, either.

I was a switch for many, many years.  
I have to say, 
when I was Topping I could be an utter bitch.  
I could find my sadistic side.   
and while in the bedroom, being a bitch wasn't an issue,
the attitude didn't stop when I walked outside the bedroom.

How did I know that I wanted to submit, to be submissive full time and not switch?  How did I know that deep down, I was submissive at my core?

Well that's easy. All fantasies I had involved me submitting.  I found true contentment and true happiness - even reflective happiness - when I was submissive.  Looking back, it's crystal clear.  

Being allowed to be submissive is a great gift. 

I chose those words carefully because that's how I see it.  
My husband gives me this gift, me being able to be submissive,
by choosing to be Dominant with me.

Through submission I have found:
that my sole is nourished, 
that my psyche is at ease.
I have found:
a level of contentment that reaches deep.
an ability to reduce the noise of life and appreciate the now.
the stability of a safety net 
a closeness to my husband which is undeniable
the comfort of clear expectations
happiness in who I am
and an insanely gratifying sex-life.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


"I just look so...."

"You look good, Fiona."
"No, I look lumpy and bumpy and fat."

He walks right up to me - 
grabs my hair, 
tilts my head up 
and smacks my cheek!

I close my eyes and breath 
and notice my eyebrows unfurrowing.

"Say it again, Fiona."

I pause and he waits.
"Say it again." he growls low in my ear.

"I look lumpy and bumpy and fat." I say again.

"Say it again"
I breathe, knowing what's coming.
"I look lumpy and bumpy and fat." I say more tentatively.

"Say it again."

I shake my head no.

"Look at me, Fiona."

I look up, with tears in my eyes,
Not from pain but from endearment.

"You look beautiful and I am honored to go anywhere with you on my arm."

I grab him and hug him and cry.
It has touched me so deeply and profoundly 
that he has done this, said this.

I look at him and with all of the emotion that I can I say,
"Thank you. That just means so much"

Looking in my eyes, he says,
"I love you
You ARE beautiful
And you are MINE"


Monday, September 16, 2013

The Beginning

The First Flower Sir Ever Gave Me!
So...I found the five month re-cap of our relationship that
I wrote for my Sir well over two decades ago.

At the end of page two it says...
"You walked me to my room and told me to come visit sometime."

At the beginning of page three it says...
"Tuesday.  I did just as my master ordered."

I read this to Sir and
we both hard.

Remember we spent roughly two decades as switches...
Funny, I guess DS has kind of always run through our relationship.

Other snippets from the first five months...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Objectified Play

I hand him the giant purple dinosaur dildo.

He puts it on the bed beside him and tells me to sit on top of it.

Oh, God, it seems so naughty, so slutty to sit
on a gigantic dildo that he's holding the base of
and watching me intently while I do so.

There's something so much more objectifying about
sitting on it instead of laying on my back while it's inserted.
I don't know why, but it's heady to me.

"Put your hands on the headboard, fiona."
I do and he masturbates me with the dildo.

He stops right as I'm getting close.  AAAAHHHHH!
"Don't say a word, and don't more, fi.  
I need to make a phone call"

Oh my fuckinggod, is he fuckingserious?
We're kind of in THE MIDDLE!

I kneel there with a gigantic dildo in my pussy
and he reaches over to the bedside table and calls a friend.
He has a conversation...NOT A FUCKINGSHORT ONE EITHER!

He talks and watches me.
He talks and reaches to my pussy.
He talks and fingers my clit.
He talks and punches up on the dildo forcing it deep in my pussy.
He talks and I try to stay quit silent.

As soon as he's done chatting, he hangs up the phone,
rolls me over - with the dildo still inside and
thrusts his hips, shoving the dildo deep, deep inside.

He talks to me about what a good girl I have been.
I tell him it was so objectifying to kneel there while he was on the phone
He tells me that he knows and that he knows I like it!
and with that...

I shatter.

He rips the dildo out of me and fucks me.
He commands me to open my eyes and look at him
and what I see, is the power, the command,
the love of the man who shatters because of me too.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Came to a Crop

He locks the door,
Walks me into the bathroom.
Turns on both ceiling fans.

My stomach flips...I know what's coming.

He stands behind me and kisses my neck.
His hands reach to my sides and sensuously lift my shirt.
He undoes my bra and slides it off.
He reaches around, unbuttons my jeans and lets them fall on the floor.

After a quick smack on my ass
He divests me of my panties and bends me over
He directs me to put my hands on the tub.

He smacks me with the crop...
He's really working hard at mastering his new toy.
Some of the strikes are thuddy, some are stingy.

I'm wiggling and swaying and moaning
and breathing so heavily.

As he crops me, he stands to the side with
his non-cropping hand settled strongly on my back.

His touch grounds me,
His smack lets me soar.
What magical duality!

He rubs and scratches my back, my ass, my legs.
"Stand up, fiona."
I do.

"Face me."
I do.  I look down, feeling very shy.

"Don't look away, fiona.  Look at me"
Reluctantly, I do.

"Spread your legs and think about the spreader bar we were talking about earlier. 
Do Not Move, Fiona."
I do.

He crops my pussy.
It hits and the tip wraps around my mons.
Each time it impacts my clit, I climb higher up Pleasure Peak.
I finally close my eyes because I can't stand it any more.
I cum so hard and lunge forward and grab Sir.

I shutter and spasm in his arms and he holds me tight.
I am His.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adoration of His Cock!

I haven't sucked on His cock in over a week.

I didn't realize how much I missed it.

He tells me to come stand next to the bed
where's he's laying on his back.

He tells me to unzip his pants and remove his cock
BUT not to touch it.

Careful to follow His directions,
I unsheathe his beautiful manhood.

"Bend over, but do not touch it, fiona."
he commands.

I put my face almost an inch from his cock
and I am so wanton.

I can't believe how much I want this.
I can hear myself whimper.
My mouth waters to the point that
I have to swallow several times in quick succession.

"Is it wet, fiona?"
"Please, Please Sir."
There is a drop of clear, dense, fluid coming out of the tip of his penis.
Where the drop is coming out of the slit, it looks almost black.

He quickly takes the back of my head and
SHOVES it down onto his cock.
He holds my head down and I suck.
I breath.
I moan.
I gag.
I want.
I need!

He begins to spank my ass and my sucking becomes almost frantic.

My adoration of this part of my Sir's anatomy is astounding.
My need to suck on him is palpable.
My relief after having done so is complete!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Abby at Finallly Finding "Me"

As many of you know, Abby, 
had surgery (she wrote about it here).

She's not up to posting anything yet on her blog
but asked that I add a note to mine to let
y'all know she's doing OK.

Lots of ups and downs.  

She's still in the hospital but 
hopes to be home in a few days. 

Her Master is being wonderful and 
helping keep her spirits up.

Please send positive thoughts,
prayers, good energies her way
for a SPEEEEEEEEEDY recovery!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Cold Cum

My poor Sir.

He has the most horrendous cold.

He is congested and feels so lousy.

I know that he sleeps better after we have sex,
I ask if he wants me to lock the door.

He explains that he was planning on it.
That when he cums he also has a wonderful
phlegm release - along with the other fluids that are released.

Who knew?  Best decongestant...a good cum!!!
(shhhh, don't tell the pharmaceutical companies)

So...offering one up for the team
hehehe... it's not much of a sacrifice =)

We have a great romp between the sheets.

He came in excessive quantities,

and he's laying very still.

I look at him...getting a bit concerned.

"You ok?"

He smiles, coyly at me.

"I think I cramped a little bit...everywhere."
is his reply.

Oh!  I smile back and giggle.

He closes his eyes and drifts off.
I clean him well and climb in bed beside him.
I snuggle up next to him,
I take my hand and cup his balls - holding his cock
and drift off to sleep.

Friday, September 6, 2013

After the Caress of the Crop, Bound and Spent

So, if you haven't read my two previous posts...they're here and then here


I am laying - spent - on His bed.
My nipples are clamped and bound to the bed, 
the combination lifting my breasts up nicely.

My ankles are cuffed and tethered spread eagle to the bed.

Sir rolls off of me and reaches over to the nightstand drawer.

He withdraws the small electro device.  
My stomach drops,
My heartbeat skyrockets.


I want it,
   but it hurts,
      but I want it,
         but what if I can't take it.

He turns it on and tests it on his forearm.
God, I love this man
I so appreciate that he knows what it feels like.
I also appreciate that I'm bound...but I'm terrified just the same.

He starts small.
He brushes it against my arm.

I jump
and my nipples get tugged
because they are bound to the bed.

He brushes it against my belly.

I jump and my nipples get tugged.

I decide to close my eyes with the hope that it will help me process.

it's so startling when it happens,
that I now
and then squirm...

Ya, definitely MUCH worse
for my nipples
for the amount of noise I make
ya, just worse!

Eyes open!
I watch as he moves the electro to a new spot.

He touches it to my side and then the other.
I still jump, but less than when I wasn't watching.

Then he ...Then ...

Then he touches it to my lips...down there
...both sides at once.
I jump and scream and moan.
It's intense.
It hurts.
It is definitely pain.
My nipples hurt from pinch and pull that
resulted from my jump.
My labia hurts from the electro stim.

But then...
As with the pain, so frequently, it turns.
Instead of it warming and absorbing...
it electrifies me.
I can actually feel my body...
I get goose bumps and my body ....

just feels
Just feels so alive, so intense, so wired!

He sets the electro stim aside and kisses me.
His tongue plunging into my mouth - taking me.
He rolls on top of me and tells me those special three words
that make me melt.

Ya, you already know them....
"Good girl, fiona."

Yup, I melt!

He pulls the dildo out of my pussy and sets it aside.  

He's on top of me and I can feel his erection.
But after having the gigantic dildo inside of me, 
as soon as he thrusts inside of me, I feel very little of him.

He fucks hard and takes his pleasure - 
after giving me so much of my own.

As he gets close, he tells me, once again,
what a good girl I am!
... and then
... he removes the nipple clamps.

As the blood rushes back into my nipples,
the pain is acute and coupled with is thrusts and words,
we cum together, in a moment of absolute euphoria.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

After the Caress of the Crop

I've just fallen in love with our new Crop
(could you tell from my last post?)

I came out of the closet and shyly walk to the bed,
my titties bouncing with the attached nipple clamps.
I am carrying the gigantic purple dinosaur dildo.

He has used it enough with me that
I am good at inserting it and 
have now been able to admit to myself that I really like it.
(ya, that last part took a long time)

He's loved that dildo
 from the first day we got it.But for me, 
it was daunting and embarrassing.

"You know what to do with that."
He says and nods to the dildo.
Without taking his eyes off of me,
He begins to floss his teeth.

I open the nightstand drawer and 
add a bit of lube.  

He nods to the bed and I lay down.
I look at him and he once again nods at me.

I open my legs and rub the dildo up and down my slit.
I start working it in.  
It takes only a few minutes.

Oh, it feels so good, I'm so full.  
I start to masturbate and almost immediately ...


But instead of the orgasm simply hitting like a mack truck
It rolls up and then is wave upon wave of pleasure.
I take my hand off and move both hands to muffle my scream.

Orgasm after orgasm, spasm over spasm.

As my breathing evens out and my pussy stops contracting,
I realize I don't know where Sir is.

I open my eyes and he's standing right next to me.

He efficiently snatches my ankle and 
He attaches the Velcro cuff.
It feels so secure, so solid,
as soon as it is secure, I feel
so grounded and comforted.

He deftly attaches the other cuff to my left ankle and
then tethers the cuffs to the bed.

He then takes a length of para cord and 
attaches it to one of the hooks on my nipple
He pulls the rope up and through the headboard 
and back down to my other clamp. 
He pulls and releases the para cord 
and my nipples move up and down.

He's toying with me.  
He's toying with my nipples.
It's objectifying and humiliating and erotic as hell!

He gets them just where he wants them - 
I know this because he says just that,
and he ties off the para cord. 

I am quite effectively bound.
I am unable to move my spread legs more than an inch or two.
I am not able to move my torso at all.

He begins to touch me - rub my body.
His fingers exploring, rubbing, pinching.
He takes the dildo and masturbates me ... HARD.

He knows how much I love pain and pleasure.
Just as I'm getting close, he smacks my thigh...

ohmygod SMACK
SMACK...hallelujah - over the mountain peak!

But he doesn't stop there.  
He knows I've cum...
but he doesn't give me any respite.

He's moving the dildo and his mouth is going to my nipples.
He's kissing the underswell of my breast.
He's sucking, flicking on my clamped nipple.
He bites and I cum again.

Oh that pain and pleasure are such a sure thing.

As I've cum and cum and been so stimulated, 
I'm just lax, completely spent.
He rolls on top of me and looks in my eyes.

"I'm not done yet, fiona.  
Be a good girl and stay right here."

hahaha, what the fuck else would I do???
I'm kinda attached by my nipples and ankles :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Caress of the Crop

It's night, I'm in my room getting ready for bed.
I've brushed my teeth and taken off my clothes.
I walk into the closet and notice that it's really cluttered.

I sit down on the floor and organize my shoes ...
...that can be read as putting away 
all of themy shoes that are strewn on the closet floor.

Sir walks in and puts his dirty clothes in baskets and
without preamble or warning,
I feel the caress of the new crop on my naked body


I breathe and close my eye and desire courses through me.
He hits my ass with the beautiful tip.
I mentally and physically absorb the feeling
I want it, I want to be present to the feeling.  
I need this!  I want this!

I quickly turn onto my hands and knees
It's a cross between his belt, his hand and our old crop!

It's the kiss of leather that I love so much.  
The tip is long and buttery soft and sensuously malleable. 
It contours perfectly to my body, caressing!
it's thud and sting - how is that possible at the same time??


He's hitting my ass - one cheek, then the other.


He's hitting my thighs and letting the tip wrap around.


In between smacks, He drops something down between my hands.
I look down and it's the plastic clamps - with hooks.

"Put them on, Fiona." He commands.

I work on attaching them while holding myself
up on my knees and one hand
My nipples are hard already as a result of my arousal.
But he's striking every time I go to attach - 
making the clamp go too far up my nipple. 

Start over
Start over

I then realize that I have to clamp quickly
no finesse, before his strikes.
I work quickly I get one - then have to switch hands.

When he's done he says, while your down there, 
get the purple dinosaur (gigantic dildo)
and meet me on My bed!