Friday, August 30, 2013

New Crop

Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod!!!

It came!

It came!!!!

The post office delivery person knocked on my back door.

I looked out and she's examining the package.

Shit, I hope that there is nothing that give me away!

I take the package and thank her and then...
Take a pic and quickly grab the scissors to open the...



I hope there will be fun to write about.  I'll let you know how it feels, sometime soon I hope!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Morning

I wake up and notice that Sir and I are back to back
We are touching top to bottom, almost leaning on each other.

It's pitch black in our room, the house is silent.
The alarms have yet to issue their demon like noises.

We typically sleep, entwined, touching.
He rolls over, he's typically so in-tune with me.
Though I didn't move, he knows I'm awake.

He rolls over and spoons me.
He puts his top arm over my waist
His hands touching my belly.

He slowly caresses my skin.
He finds my belly button and begins to tease.

It's lovely at first, then the heat builds.
He's rimming it, rubbing it, dipping inside.

It's erotic and I notice that my breathing has become panting.
My hips are moving as are my legs.
I'm so turned on.

and I'm writhing with arousal, with need.

He's touching and teasing and heating








As I'm putting on Sir's shoes and socks
(a ritual I do almost every morning)
He takes his toes and plays with my nipples.
He pulls down the v-neck of my night shirt
exposing my breasts to his view.

Oh, it's so erotic.
I am so insanely turned on.
I am sitting on the floor at his feet and
he's playing with my rock hard nipples.

I look up and quietly whisper...
"I need it rough." I say with some embarrassment...then clarify
"I need you to be rough with me sometime soon."

"Oh, fiona, I'm happy to hear you say that.  
I want to use the electro on you...but in places we haven't tried."

My stomach is immediately in upheaval as the
entire kaleidoscope of butterflies takes flight.

"Now, in order to do that, you'll have to be tied to the bed.
Are you up for that fiona?"

He barely has the last words out before I'm clearly saying,
"Yes, Sir.  Yes, PLEASE!"

Ya, I'm going to be a worthless wanton slut today!

I'm talking to him on the phone a few minutes ago.

"You're a sadistic bastard, you know?"

"Am I?"

"I was so worked up and you just went to work."

"It's my job, isn't it?"

haha, funny play on words there.

"Yes, Sir."

"Just say thank you."

"Thank you, Sir."

What else was I to say?!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Custom And On Order

So last week, I decided to be bold.

As our crop has been broken for quite some time,
and Sir refuses to stop using it
AND it hurts like HELL when he does....

I decided to buy a new one.

I had asked a while ago about buying a new one and ...
he said we'd do it in a while.

I didn't ask again, deciding that it had been a while ;)
sneaky of me, huh? (or was that stupid).

I asked a friend where a good place to purchase such a thing was.

The answer was Adam and Gillians, but that I should call and talk to them.
OK, so once again, brilliant idea I decided to follow.

Hmmmm, can you hear the sarcasm dripping?

SO, I called.
What the FUCK was I thinking.

I was immediately in the 8th grade girls giggling mode.
WTF, that is SO not me!

I was nervous and shy and embarrassed, but not wanting to be ANY of those.

Well, damn it if that wasn't good advice.

I could have easily just picked something from their website,
had complete anonymity, skipped the jitters all together.

Instead, the person who answered the phone was awesome.
He was kind and professional and had the utmost decorum.
He knew the right questions to ask me, when I couldn't ask them myself.

He made me feel at ease and was straight forward and honest.
Wow, that was refreshing.

I felt a bit like a silly school girl,
But the trick is, I have a custom, hand made crop, heading my way.

I can't wait!!!!

Next, I had to tell Sir that I had done it and I was a tiny bit concerned as to how he's take it.
But to round out the experience, he was thrilled!

Life is Good.  New Crop coming soon!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Floodgate: The Anatomy of My Squirt

So...I'm new to squirting, but making up for lost time!

I've read about it, but until recently never did it.

Yup, I'm talking about squirting.

I was laying in bed with Sir this morning,
His drenched hand over my body and a sexy, smirk on his face.
I innocently look up at him and reply to his unspoken remark,
"Well, Sir, you've opened up the floodgates."

And so he has.  Literally and figuratively.

We've both figured it out - for my body.

For years and years, Sir has told me to "Push" when he would finger me.
(that means, baring down - more than Kegel exercises."

For me, though, there has been a mental block on fingering.
I rarely came when being fingered.
I think that's due to left-overs bad tapes
from a pre-Sir sexual assault.

But, after many years of working through ...
I think I can now simply let my mind go.
It's just HIM and ME in our my mind...
no old tapes, nothing bad, only us!

Physically...well I spoke with Sir who says
He's doing nothing different...absolutely nothing.
Nothing feels different inside of me...absolutely nothing.

He starts, he plays with my body
he plays with my clit,
He gets me excited.
He's typically talking and mentally I'm all in.

This morning,
I'm on my back, he's laying beside me.
He's leaning over me - his mouth and fingers on my nipple.
I cum once...I cum twice...I cum.

As I'm cumming, my legs tense, my stomach muscles clench,
At some point, I lean my head and shoulders up and hold onto his back
I'm coming apart and I want to touch him, I need to be close to him.

He keeps going, keeps pulling pleasure out of me.
I keep bearing down on his fingers and feeling the pleasure
I can feel my body shake, I can feel my pleasure course through me
and ...
And ...
AND ...

Oh - ya!

I squirt.  

I feel the most amazing convulsing...all inside!
My toes curl, my clit throbs, my fingers fist, electricity pulses.
I squirt.

My floodgates had been permanently closed,
the lock padlocked and then the damn thing  rusted!

I am so thrilled that Sir never gave up on me.
He kept chipping away at the padlocks
and released the pleasure being held back by the floodgates!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

His Crop of Magic

It was a crazy busy day here.
We made it through.

I was in bed and looked at Sir,
who was standing nearby, 
getting ready for bed.

"You didn't even ask me about my day."
I said...pouting.
"Oh, fiona, I'm sorry.  Tell me about your day."
I turned over onto my stomach and closed my eyes.

"I'm going to sleep."

"Fiona, I'm going to ask one more time.
I want to know about your day. 
Think carefully, little girl."

I was being petulant.  I knew it at the time.
A war was waging inside of me...
one side wanting to talk to him 
and the other being childish and obstinate.


I hadn't even heard him get it.
He grabbed the crop and 


There was this instant build in my body.
"Awwhhhhhhh," escaped my mouth.


He's hitting my ass, over the quilt.
He must be swinging full force.
I can hear it slice through the air.
Hear the thud as it land, HARD.

My body is so responsive.
My mind is just as affected.

I can feel...
   ...feel the strike land on my ass

      ...feel the sting, the burn
         ...feel my body letting go
            ...feel my stress melting away
I can feel...
   ...feel my sexual excitement coursing through my body
      ...feel the energy building
         ...feel my orgasm cresting
            ...feel my body vibrating

Sir and His crop evoke some powerful, magical feelings!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sir has wanted some electro toy for a very long time.
He's talked about it many times.

He's said, "I'm going to get one of those."
or, "I can't wait until we can use one of those"
or, "You're so going to squirm when I use one of those"

Well, I read Sir an email from a friend who recently purchased 
a pocket elctro device.  

I was shocked when he said..."Well, order it."
"Seriously??"  I asked, to which I was given the look.
You know the one... the one that says 
"Don't ask again!"

I'm excited and a bit worried because 
I have thought that it was a great idea...
But ... maybe I should be more careful what I wish for =)

It's on it's way...I'll let y'all know how it is ...
once it's here ....
and ....
we've played...or maybe 
He's played and I've suffered.
What was I thinking?
I mean...seriously?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Self Control

Sir:  "Wow, fiona.  Last night you were really in a place"

me:  **blushes**

Sir:  "Seriously, fi, you were about as horny as I've ever seen you."

me:  "ya, I would have done just about ANYTHING.  
         No...scratch that.  
         I would have done ANYTHING!"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Does your significant other work you into such a frenzy that ...
... you're driven wild with desire,
... frenetic with sexual energy,
... lost to a mindless slutty head space
... with an insatiable need to serve, fuck, be used,
do WHATEVER to please (and orgasm)?

OMG, he has more self control than any village should ...

... and I have none (when it comes to sex)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Submission Among Vanilla

We walked into a well known, busy store at prime shopping time.

"I like this shirt on you, in fact it may be one of my favorites."
Sir says to me as we walk into a well known upscale housewares store.

"That's why I wore it. You know I think of these things. 
I knew I was going to be with you all day, so chose a skirt and this top."

"And underwear?" he asked innocently. 


"Well I put them on, 

but figured I'd take them off if you told me." 
I replied, adding a bit more quietly,
"You just didn't tell me."

"Take them off." he said with an evil gleam in his eyes.

"Yes, Sir." I replied immediately
and I so wanted to...I wanted to!
But...NO, I just will.

We walked around a little more
and I WANTED TO!  

More than that, I wanted to without 
going to the bathroom or being concealed.

So we walked and I eased them down by the side.

After walking through a section, 
I had them down under my ass...
next step for me to take is off.

Now I'm sure they have cameras and 
there are helpful sales associates everywhere.

As we complete one of our selections, 
the sales associate begins to wrap and box it up.

I stand at the side of the cash register 
and my Sir is standing, near me
in front of the cash register
looking at a catalog and paying no attention.

I take a quick look around,
lift my leg and slip one side off.
Oh my goodness, 
I'm not an experienced exhibitionist...
I am nervous and ...
nope, I'm thrilled but terrified.
or maybe that's terrified but thrilled.

I keep looking, trying very hard to look inconspicuous.  
Praying no one walks around the corner,
I slip the other side out and let them fall
quickly into my purse.

Oh I am so proud...SO PROUD...
I DID IT!!!!

"good girl, fiona" whispers Sir.

He noticed!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sleep Well

"You know, fiona, I've noticed something.

The only nights I haven't slept well are the nights 

we don't have sex before I fall asleep."

hmmmmm, seems like a logical every night, huh?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Figging Amazing!

So after we had consumed a pitcher of
sangria that I had made today I eeked up the courage to say

"will you use the ginger on me tonight?"
"Be quick, get it cut and shaped and bring it to me."

I almost ran downstairs...
now this is the part I struggle with.
Looking at a gangly ginger root and ...

Make a butt plug out of it?
Are you kidding me?

This ginger was particularly stringy
so that made it more difficult.

After whittling away away at it
Ya, looks NOTHING like a butt plug

So I took a different tack and carved an outline.
Much better.
I clearly work better off of a sketch.

Now the other tricky part is...
it of course has a natural shape.

So I hustle up stairs after smoothing and shaping.
I strip as soon as I get into the room
and lock the door.

He holds his hand out and I hand him the ginger.
He directs me to suck on his cock for a bit.

I do so and while he is looking something up on an electronic device.
I hear music starting to play (that's good, it'll mask noise.)
As soon as the music is set, he reaches over and starts to
pull and twist and roll my nipples,
eliciting moans and other lovely sounds.

He tells me to give him my ass.
I present my ass...head at his feet.

He takes the ginger tip and places it directly on my rosebud.
He pushes and I mentally focus on relaxing my ass.
If I tighten, it will make it harder and hurt and burn more.

The ginger pushes in fairly easily and the sensation is immediately there.
The sound emanating from my mouth is transformed...deep, guttural.

The burn is there, but it's not painful...just ahhhhhhh.
It's intense.
and getting more intense.

He's got it seated securely inside and my world closes.
My body is away with sensation...
not just my ass, but my whole body.

He begins to spank me
Don't clench, don't clench...relax, fiona.
I think to myself...followed quickly by the thought
how the FUCK does anyone NOT clench?

I purposely left the handle a bit longer and didn't shave it
So Sir would have a good handle and not get
ginger juice on his hand.

The ginger I carved....
not elegant, but definitely effective.
He spanks the handle sticking just beyond my ass.
So every time he hits it,
it thrusts the ginger further inside.

I feel goosebumps.

Every single nerve ending on my body is turned firing.

He begins to finger finger I think.

It's so amazing, I even mention the goosebumps to Sir.
My toes are curling
My arms and legs are tingling.
I think I can feel every hair follicle on my body.

The burning is increasing.

All of a sudden, I'm overwhelmed.
Abruptly, I kneel up - I'm now kneeling beside him.

"I need to take it out."
"No" was his clear reply.

Ohmygod.  If I balk at something he rarely says No!

I start to pant.
My hands go to my face.

I just absorb the many sensations!

He continues to finger...hard and fast now.
Two fingers I think.

"cum" I hear in a whisper...
though I think it's more that my hearing is going
and less that he actually whispered it.

The burning inside is so intense.  It's ... it's ...
My body explodes...
spasoming,  my insides convulsing.

I'm not a cum on command kinda girl...
but when achieve it and have been worked up...
they are insanely intense!

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

He shows me his hand after and
there is a white creamy fluid running down his hand
and as he hadn't change, soaking the sleeve of his dress shirt.

"Get some more ginger sometime soon, fiona."
he says as I'm cleaning up.
"Yes, Sir!"
I eagerly reply...

I feel like I could run a marathon...I'm so energized!
Figging is So Fucking Phenomenal!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Not Leaving It At 'No'

I had a retched run-in with a family member tonight.
It was painful and hurtful and ugly.

I cried in my room (something I do infrequently...cry)
Sir was helpful and supportive.

I asked if I could take time and just stay in my room.
I did so and then got kids to bed.
I then told Sir I was going to bed.

He came up a while later.
While I was in bed, laying on my stomach, I wasn't asleep.

He pulled the covers off of me, exposing my ass.
I roll over, immediately and say "no."

He raises his eyebrow.
"Roll back over, fiona." he says quietly.
It's not a request as much as a command.

I'm just out of sorts.  I'm NOT in that head space.
I'm sad and hurt and just NOT.
Unlike times in the past, where I have pushed, I roll back over.

He touches my ass - all of it...feeling, grabbing, rubbing.
He smacks my ass several times and then pulls up on my hips a bit
"raise up for me, fiona, and keep it there."

I raise up.
He starts to get ready for bed, brushing his teeth,
With the toothbrush in his hand, he walks back over and
with his free hand, spanks me, then rubs me.

He leaves, I hear him go to the bathroom, wash his hands...
as I wait on the bed with my ass in the air.
He walks back out and spanks me then rubs.

He's touching me so much, rubbing so much,
soothing, connecting, comforting, taking.

He leaves and gets things out for the morning.
He then comes back and this time, he's got his belt.

He whips my ass thoroughly, and I'm so hot and wet and
so in the moment, so present to him, to us.

We play, we fuck, he shows me porn snippets, we talk.

He didn't abandon me, leave me to my thoughts.
He finds pleasure for both of us.
He doesn't let me wallow.  He talks to me, yes.
He doesn't use D/s or spanking or sex to gloss over my night.
But he doesn't let me pull away.
He doesn't leave it at no.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Predicament (Part 4)

continued from My Predicament (Part 1)(Part 2), (Part 3)

I stand...

Legs together holding in a glass dildo.
Arms above my head.
Wrists bound and attached to shelving.
Eyes blindfolded.
Pussy juice covered dildo in my mouth.

I stand...

It's dark.
The music is still playing, and I wait.

He's gone a long time.

I'm thinking, mind wandering.
I notice my stream of consciousness this too long
...OMG, is he even thinking about me.
suck, suck, suck (on the dildo)
...I love being here ready to be of service
...Oh, I want, I need...oh I want to cum again
move, rock to feel the dildo
...My arms are tired
...why is this taking so long long is it going to take?
...I'm hungry
...I'm hot
...I'm tired of standing
...hmmm, to be laying down
...Oh, to have him fuck me with this dildo again
...I want him to touch me, touch my nipples

I realize that each time he's left me,
it's been for longer long has it been?
I'm desperate....
I'm worried that I'll be too vanilla, too done,
not in the right head space when he comes in.
I'm getting tired.


He comes in, lights turn on and
I'm immediately back to the present and my place

This time he says nothing, he's all business.

He re-clamps my nipples and crops the tips sticking out.
Oh fire.  Burning.  Oh!

As I'm focused on the fire emanating from my nipples,
I miss that he's knelt down behind me.
He grabs the dildo and fucks my pussy.

After I cum, he removes the glass dildo
He tells me now what he's doing.
He takes the giant purple dildo
Sets it on the shelf next to the dildo in my mouth.
He makes remarks about it's's so enormous.

He removes the cock in my mouth
I say I'm concerned I won't be able to take it standing up.
Typically, at this point he would say something like..
We'll try.  It's ok if you can't.  Just do a little.
"You will take it, fiona.  You'll take it for me, says I'll take it.
because you're such a good girl.  Now relax, it's going to happen."

Oh goodness, I want to take it, I will take it.
I relax, I work hard on relaxing my pelvis muscles.
He slide and rubs and it goes in!

"Oh, fiona, look at you!  I am so proud of you.  
You ARE a good girl!"

He doesn't just leave it there, he fucks.
I'm so turned on, I've cum so much already.
It takes nothing and I cum
He fucks
I cum

He puts the other dildo back in my mouth
the one that's been there all evening.
He unclamps my nipples.
He rubs my chest, squeezes and rolls my nipples.
He rub my arms and then slaps them,
slapping hard up and down my arm.

He unhooks the wrist cuffs
and re-attaches to lower shelves so my arms are now down.

He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
twists and tugs my sensitive nipples and I moan,
they are hyper sensitive.
"I'm leaving you here with the gigantic purple dildo inside you.
Imagine that in your pussy, stretching you....
You're such a good little girl, such a good slut"

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.



This time, I don't stand long.
It's probably only been five minutes.

He turns on the lights, walks over.
"How is MY pussy doing, little girl?"
My stomach flips and I have to catch my breath,
and suck the dildo....suck, suck.

He unhooks my wrist cuffs,
He removes the dildo in my mouth,
puts his hand around the back of my neck and directs me
out of the closet and onto the bed.

He lays me out, flat on my back.
"Please, Sir, can I suck on you...Please?!"
I plead.

"When I say, now, not another word, fiona."

His eyes are dark and intense.
"I want you to cum, one more time, fiona."

He takes hold of the gigantic purple dildo and fucks.
My pussy has been so used...
He affixes his mouth over a nipple and fucks while sucking,
nipping, sucking, biting, sucking.

Before he finishes with that nipple, I have cum.
But of course, he can't show he keeps fucking me
with the Gigantic purple dildo while he does the same to the other nipple.

I am wrung out.  I am spent and fried and frazzled.
My body is literally vibrating.

He pushes the dildo in and climbs on top of my body.
I feel him pushing me into the bed and I love it.
He's clothed.  I'm naked.

"I'm going to fuck you, fiona"
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"When I'm done, I want you to clean up the toys."
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"Don't forget any of them."
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"Then you take a shower and get the children ready for bed."
he knees the dildo inside of me.

"You've been such a good little slut,
such a good play toy. "

He reaches down and pulls out the dildo.
I am so wet after cumming so many times.
I'm drenched.
He unzips his shorts and slides in.

I'm so used, been masturbated so long, I can barely feel him.
I've been stretched out by the gigantic dildo and feel like such a slut.
It's an immense turn on for me...

He fucks hard and fast.  He kisses me deep and as he cums,
he shoots powerfully inside of me.
Now that, I can feel and it's hit just the right spot
We cum together.
Dom and Sub
Sir and I

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Predicament (Part 3)

continued from My Predicament (Part 1), (Part 2)

Time passes, my mind wanders.
I think of things done today
Things I need to do.
Our children, work,
Fantasy and fiction

I alter between vanilla and kinky thoughts.
My nipples are sore, very sore.
I sway back and forth, feeling the dildo inside.

The door opens and the light turns on.
He walks up behind me
"Oh, good girl, fiona."
"You're going to stay here
until it's bedtime for the kids."

His voice in my ear makes my stomach flip.

He spreads my legs and fucks me with the glass dildo.
In, out.
In, out.
In, out.

After I cum, I'm lost in sensation.
I'm still clamped, still bound,
still blindfolded, still HIS.

"Sir, may I ask you one thing?"
"Yes, fiona." he says, but then adds,
"That doesn't mean I'll answer."

"Sir, will you make sure that my nipples
aren't clamped for too long?
I worry about circulation."

"I'll think about it." he replies,
but I know my Sir.  He won't harm me.
I just wanted to make sure he didn't overlook that.

He caresses my body and takes to spanking,
with his hand.
Oh, that smack, that closeness,
I love to be spanked with his hand.
He rubs and grabs too...mmmmmm

He reaches around and grabs the dildo in my mouth.
He removes it...
but not all the way.
Oh, my pussy clenches and I am ..... so turned on.

He pushes the dildo back in, but instead of stopping,
he gags me with it.
He gags me.  I jolt.
My predicament...
I move, my nipples pull,
I gag and my pussy clenches around the dildo inside.

He fucks my mouth,
in and out
in and out
in and out,
then again, gags me...
nipples pulling, pussy clenching.
"Good girl."

He stops, leaving the dildo in my mouth.
He reaches down and removes the glass dildo.

Oh, I feel so empty.

He stands back up and kisses my temple again.
It's as if he's comforting me.
He takes the dildo from my mouth and I am truly empty.

But I don't have time to be bereft.
He takes the dildo that had been in my mouth and
shoves it in my pussy.

He fucks me with hard and fast strokes...
He's impatient.
He has one goal.

As soon as I cum, he removes it
stands back up, pulls back on my ponytail and
re-inserts the dildo, pussy juice and all.

Oh, it's such an erotic moment.
He shoves it in deep, then sets my head so
my chin is resting on the shelf.

He re-inserts the glass dildo and
as he fucks me, removes one nipple clamp...
then the other!

once again...that pain/pleasure combination!

He unzips his shorts and
from his pants pulls out his hard cock.
He rubs it on my naked ass.
I can feel his arousal, making my ass sleek.
"Feel what you do to me, fiona." he says.

He tells me to close my legs and keep the dildo in.

He steps up close behind me.
He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
twists and tugs my sensitive nipples and I moan,
they are hyper sensitive.

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.



Monday, August 5, 2013

My Predicament (Part 2)

continued from My Predicament (Part 1)

Roughly ten minutes later I hear the door open.
The light turns on, not that I can see anything of import with the blindfold on.

Sir returns and caresses me.
He jiggles my breasts again, and kisses my temple.
"Oh, fiona, you look beautiful.
I love having you here waiting for me."

"Thank you, Sir," I reply.
Oh I adore the opportunity to serve him.
I adore how he makes me feel.

He asks how my hands and nipples are doing,
making it clear that if I need something, he may consider.
Oh the thrill of him saying that he MAY change something,
but clarifying that he will only do it if it pleases him to do so.

That power exchange....right there, that's one of my biggest kinks.
I love that I give him my power, willingly AND he takes it!

I explain that I'm fine.
I thank him for putting me here.
He spanks me again and then give me a hard crop.

My head falls back and my mouth opens.
He pulls my ponytail hard, and without any warning,
Shoves a dildo in my mouth.

He lays the base of the dildo on the shelf in front of me.
He then asks me to spread my legs.

Now, I can barely step flat footed on the ground
without my nipples burning because of the clamps.
I go up on my tip toes and open my legs.

He takes the glass dildo and rubs it on my clit.
I am so wet, so very wet.
He slides it inside and fucks.
It doesn't take very long before I'm sucking hard on the dildo
sucking hard and long and cumming apart.

He tells me to close my legs and keep the dildo in.

He steps up close behind me.
He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
jiggles them slightly and the clamps are stimulating.

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.



Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Predicament (Part 1)

I walk into our closet and Sir locks the door.
The sounds system is playing my favorite playlist.

He undresses me and touches my body.
He is gentile, loving, intoxicating.

He gives me the nipple clamps that hook onto the closet shelves.
"Put them on, fiona," he commands.
I put them on while Sir gets out the toys from his toy box.

He puts the blindfold on me and I'm lost.
He places cuffs on each wrist and I feel safe and secure.

He turns me around and places me up against the shelves.
He hooks my nipple clamps to the shelving
They pull, but not too much.

He hooks the wrist cuffs to the shelves above my tits.

I'm secure.

He spanks me with his hand.
"You're going to spend the evening in here, fiona.
I'm going to go outside and play with the kids.
You stay right here.  (like I could do anything else)
I'll come back and check on you."

He spanks the whole time he's talking.
He steps away and uses his broken crop on me.
It hurts...Really hurts.
I can't twist or turn or cover.
I'm stuck in place.
But the sting eventually turns to warmth.

He steps up close behind me.
He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
jiggles them slightly and the clamps are intense.

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Belt for the Bra

Between Sir and I, we have been away from home for a long time.  When we were together, we were with many others.  

Last night was our second night home together.  
I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed.  
Sir comes up behind me and gently starts to scratch my back...

OMG I love to have my back scratched.  

He pushes gently and I bend over and 
place my hands on the ledge around the bathtub.  
He lowers my pants and underware and 
continues his scratching and caressing.  

Oh, I'm relaxing, it feels so good!  

oh I've missed that!

Oh I needed that!

He continues to smack and gets me so worked up.
I'm panting and relaxed and so turned on.

My bottom is warmed up and all of a sudden, 
he stops spanking me.

His hands roam my body,
go back to scratching my back,
His left hand finds my bra.  

He stops.

Removes his hands.

I hear his belt come off of his shorts.

My heart skips a beat and 
I know he's unhappy that I had a bra on.

He spares no strength with the belt.

I raise up and protest.  
He unceremoniously pushes me back into position

"Get it off, fiona."
I work as quickly as I can, all the while, the belt is assaulting my ass.
The hand that isn't on the belt is under my bra and 
twisting and squeezing my nipple as each blow hits.

Oh that pain, pleasure pairing is so intense!

He finishes with a hand spanking and rubbing.
When he's done, he doesn't stop touching me.
He keeps me in position - but let's his hands roam.

At one point he takes my hand and puts it on his cock.
I literally almost fall to my knees.
I plead to please, PLEASE suck on him.
He tells me to sshhhh.

He brushes his teeth and finishes at the sink, 
all the while touching me.

After being Mommy Domme for two weeks 
- Large and In Charge,
I  am thrilled to be reclaimed
I am thrilled to be...
Sir's Little Bitch, 
Sir's little girl
Sir's good submissive, 

Oh I know my place and am so grateful to be in it.
It's just as gratifying to know Sir is enjoys his place as well.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Museum Tentacles and Vanilla Touring

So, we went to a museum in the morning, 
sofia, the kids and I.  
My kids loved, Loved the museum.  
It was wonderful.  
Now, because my kids - and others - were around, there is no kink, 
it's just friends going to the museum.  
I made it a whole forty-five minutes with no apologies, by the way.  
So two-thirds of the way through our museum tour, we saw sea creatures...and ya, nilla came to both of our minds...well nilla and her tentacle stories.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Oh the attraction of tentacles...we were surrounded by them....mmmmmmm.  So many kinky thoughts and then ripped back to vanilla questions and answers and child corralling.  Strange dichotomy.

I did make a couple of comments about nilla's stories.  I did mention that I was so glad that he hadn't ever read my blog.  She giggled.

After marshaling my kids through the museum shop...a serious family weakness, we made it to lunch and ... the restaurant had phenomenal food....AND Desserts.  

We got to meet sofia's daughter and granddaughter.  
OMG, her granddaughter won our hearts.  
She is a dolly!!!  
I even got to hold her and play with her!  
You can tell sofia absolutely adores her granddaughter and has a pretty fabulous relationship with her daughter.  
They were so very natural together.   
We had wonderful conversation, all of us.  
It was delightful.  

At the end, they had amazing chocolates and gelatin and pastry...mmmmmm!

We said good bye and I was sad to see our visit end, but I was excited to find my Sir and my bed at the end of a very long journey!