Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Predicament (Part 3)

continued from My Predicament (Part 1), (Part 2)

Time passes, my mind wanders.
I think of things done today
Things I need to do.
Our children, work,
Fantasy and fiction

I alter between vanilla and kinky thoughts.
My nipples are sore, very sore.
I sway back and forth, feeling the dildo inside.

The door opens and the light turns on.
He walks up behind me
"Oh, good girl, fiona."
"You're going to stay here
until it's bedtime for the kids."

His voice in my ear makes my stomach flip.

He spreads my legs and fucks me with the glass dildo.
In, out.
In, out.
In, out.

After I cum, I'm lost in sensation.
I'm still clamped, still bound,
still blindfolded, still HIS.

"Sir, may I ask you one thing?"
"Yes, fiona." he says, but then adds,
"That doesn't mean I'll answer."

"Sir, will you make sure that my nipples
aren't clamped for too long?
I worry about circulation."

"I'll think about it." he replies,
but I know my Sir.  He won't harm me.
I just wanted to make sure he didn't overlook that.

He caresses my body and takes to spanking,
with his hand.
Oh, that smack, that closeness,
I love to be spanked with his hand.
He rubs and grabs too...mmmmmm

He reaches around and grabs the dildo in my mouth.
He removes it...
but not all the way.
Oh, my pussy clenches and I am ..... so turned on.

He pushes the dildo back in, but instead of stopping,
he gags me with it.
He gags me.  I jolt.
My predicament...
I move, my nipples pull,
I gag and my pussy clenches around the dildo inside.

He fucks my mouth,
in and out
in and out
in and out,
then again, gags me...
nipples pulling, pussy clenching.
"Good girl."

He stops, leaving the dildo in my mouth.
He reaches down and removes the glass dildo.

Oh, I feel so empty.

He stands back up and kisses my temple again.
It's as if he's comforting me.
He takes the dildo from my mouth and I am truly empty.

But I don't have time to be bereft.
He takes the dildo that had been in my mouth and
shoves it in my pussy.

He fucks me with hard and fast strokes...
He's impatient.
He has one goal.

As soon as I cum, he removes it
stands back up, pulls back on my ponytail and
re-inserts the dildo, pussy juice and all.

Oh, it's such an erotic moment.
He shoves it in deep, then sets my head so
my chin is resting on the shelf.

He re-inserts the glass dildo and
as he fucks me, removes one nipple clamp...
then the other!

once again...that pain/pleasure combination!

He unzips his shorts and
from his pants pulls out his hard cock.
He rubs it on my naked ass.
I can feel his arousal, making my ass sleek.
"Feel what you do to me, fiona." he says.

He tells me to close my legs and keep the dildo in.

He steps up close behind me.
He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
twists and tugs my sensitive nipples and I moan,
they are hyper sensitive.

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.




  1. Fiona,

    A part four? You are driving me crazy! Super hot!


    1. hehehehe,

      Um, sorry? Just broke it every time he left me along in that closet which has become our tardis of pleasure =)


  2. I am with Joey!



    1. hehehe, sorry kittie.

      After joey's comment, I combine parts four and five...so only one more. Does that help?


  3. I'm with vanillas and you post a four parter (or more?), I'm sitting next to P reading this and unable to even squirm because we're not alone!
    Tardis of pleasure? Teehee.... Most certainly! must be getting steamy in there :-)
    Can't wait.
    Hugs DF

    1. LMAO. Oh DF, that's just not right. Sorry =(

      um, well, it seemed apt. We've been having a wickedly wonderful kinky time in this room, which also seems to expand upon entry.

      Enjoy your vanilla friends and try to take stolen moments in closets or bedrooms or closets ... WHEREVER!


  4. Oh my! Left again!? How effin hot is that!? Part 4! Can't wait


    1. Haha, Thanks P! It was insanely intense!

      I combine parts 4 & 5 so I'll wrap up with the next one :)


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks conina! I am definitely one VERY lucky girl!


  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Renee...from you that is high praise! Thank you!


  7. Omigosh, this is amazing!! Can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks!! it was a fabulous experience!



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