Sunday, May 31, 2015



So a little while ago, I had the most fabulous opportunity
to be reminded that I am always learning...
sometimes it's what NOT to do.

So, I've been at this relationship stuff for a while...
I've been at this submissive stuff for a while...
I've been at being a kind human being for a while...


Sometimes, I'm a total dumb-ass!

So things NOT TO DO may be highlighted with...

when feeling emotionally OFF,
after arguing with your significant other,
(let alone your Dom)
DO NOT haul off and hit His arm when you're frustrated beyond belief.


When said Dom gets three thousand steps past PISSED off
DO NOT ask Him what's so bad about hitting His arm when
He hits you all the time.


Ya, that didn't go well. took me a while to get what was wrong with what I said...
but I felt pretty bad about it!
We talked about it,
He kindly forgave me,
spanked me, then forgave me.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Master was letting me suck on Him yesterday.

I was so eager and so thrilled.

I started out slowly and gently.
I sucked and licked and kissed
and blew and licked and sucked some more.

I went down deep and Sir's hand
immediately went into my hair
and pushed me further.

I worked on taking Him,
on swallowing
I pulled up and resisted

He let me up and then after a second or two,
pushed me back down.

Once again, I was having trouble keeping him deep down my throat.

After a couple of seconds struggling,
he fisted my hair and yanked me up to look at him,

"Don't fight me, fiona.  Take it and don't fight me."

"yes, Sir.  Could I please try again, Sir.
I am sorry i was resisting.  Please, Master, let me take you deep again.

I'll do it with NO resistance.  I desperately want to!"

I relaxed and took him.
He fucked my throat.

I gagged a few times,
but I was working hard on letting him
use my mouth and taking him down my throat.

I loved being used.

and then,
I gagged, and began to throw up...

(never had that happen before!)

I yanked up quickly,
closed my mouth,
and RAN to the bathroom.

I came back with such a sheepish look.

I snuggled into his chest and he squeezed me tight.

"I'm sorry, Master" I whispered.

"I'm proud of you little girl.  
You did much better."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sex Toy Store

Master took me to a local
Adult Novelty store...
(read sex toy store)

Sir wanted to find a bigger dildo.

At one point the sales lady asked if we needed anything.

I said we were just looking, thank you.

She offered to help - answer questions or explain anything.'s probably important to note that Sir and I look...
straight laced.
I had on a sleeveless polo shirt and cropped jeans with healed flip flops.
Sir had on a polo shirt and khaki shorts.
Very conservative looking.

If only they knew ;)

So two funny things happened...


We looked around for a while
and then got to the dildos...

Our giant purple dildo is enormous.
and we want BIGGER?

but here we go.

What we discover is...
unless we want a two foot long dildo (literally)
there ISN'T a bigger one
at this store.
They have a HUGE selection...
an entire room,
and none are bigger.

YOWSA!!!!  That's insane!

I looked up at Master and said,
"Well, I guess this just shows how big the one we have is!"

I thought that would impress him,
but instead he looked at me and said,
"I'll just find it online."


While we were looking,
Sir found a bondage kit for over the door.

We were looking at a display and the
sales lady came over and grabbed a box.
She handed it to Sir and said,
"This is a great starter kit. It has what's in your box there,
but a lot of other great things in it."

I kind of giggled and
Sir looked at it.  He then showed me the box.

It had handcuffs, a crop, blindfold and a gag
that I could see.  It may have had more.

Sir looked at her,
put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed and said,
"We've actually got everything else in the kit..
we're not exactly starter kit type people."

I smiled and then looked down,
trying hard not to blush too much
and laugh too loudly.'s funny after walking around and looking,
to realize how much we are NOT exactly starter kit type of people!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Harder (Part 2)

After coming down from those
two mind shattering cums,

Sir got up,
and with my nipples no longer clamped,
he rolled me over and stood next to me.

He pulled my ass up and said,
He wanted to spank my ass...
but it wasn't going to be gentile.

This time,
He spanked with His hand.

He concentrated on one area,
spanked so fucking hard
until I was just about in tears,

When I was flattening myself on the bed.
Just before I couldn't take it any more,
He would shift to another spot.

He didn't stop, but he did change...
and I tried - as quickly as I could
to go back on my knees,
with my chest on the bed,
presenting my ass,
for him to spank.

This continued for a long time.

Then He stopped and said,
"I'm going to get the crop,
because I want to spank you harder...

He didn't ask, he proclaimed...
and it scared the shit out of me,
because it was hurting.

But oddly, at the same time,
I really wanted it.

I wondered if he's spank me into subspace.

But so frequently, he doesn't allow me to simply float,
he keeps me tethered to the here and now,
reacting to everything He's doing.

I lay there,
with my knees up,
My ass in the air,
my chest -
sore nipples,
rubbing against the bed
my mouth biting the pillow
and my hands holding onto the bedframe.

He began again...
this time with the crop.

He only spanked a few times,
then told me to get the purple dildo and
hurry back.

I was shocked by this change of pace.

I got up, and quickly went to our toy box.

"I'm not a patient man, fiona.  
You have five seconds or there 

I ran!  I frantically pulled the dildo
and the bag of condoms to cover it,
and RAN back!

I made it and lay on the bed almost beside myself.

I neither wanted consequences,
to disappoint.

I put the condom on the dildo and presented it to Master.

He took it and told me to "assume the position."

I know this to mean,
butterfly legs...feet together,
arms above my head and hold onto the bed.

He unceremoniously shoved the purple dildo in.

He was a little sore,
but after cumming so hard
and being so wet,
it did surprisingly, slide in quite easily.

He fucked me with the purple dildo,
then reached over with his other hand,
grabbed the magic wand,
and put it in my hand.

I had wondered,
if I could cum with the magic wand and the gigantic purple dildo.
Frequently, I can't cum with a vibe,
if I have a dildo inside...especially an enormous one.

"Use it, fiona.  Make yourself cum again.
Show me." he commanded.

I opened up my lips and put it directly on my clit...

It took a few minutes, but then I came SCREAMING!

He fucked me...hard...
and I came!

when I turned off the magic wand,
and lay there limp and panting,

He rolled me over and stood up.
He pulled my hips up and pushed my
had into the pillow.
He shoved the dildo to the base...
so it was lodged deep in my pussy.

He grabbed the crop and began to
crop my ass -

This time,
instead of shrinking away from the blows,
I was lifting up into them.
I was non-verbally asking for more.

I wanted it.  I needed it.

He then told me to open my legs.

He took the crop and aimed so that the
arm of the crop was across my ass,
but the end of the crop was hitting the dildo.


He his hard and with the pain was also pleasure.

I was screaming and moaning and
cumming again!


Oh, I was such a puddle of well used girl!

He fucked me hard 
and spanked me harder!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hard (Part 1)

I don't even think I can remember all of our playtime yesterday...

and sadly, I didn't jot down tidbits to help me remember.

What I can say, is that it started out with Master saying,
"I can... 
A. Play with you and use you well 
B.  Play with you HARD.

Which do you think you need?"

I immediately whispered back,

To which he replied,
"You need it, fiona.  You know it and I know it.
This isn't going to be like our typical sessions,
this is going to be really hard and 
it will push you.  
Because you need it."

"yes, Sir, I do need it hard"
I replied, knowing he likes it when I am explicit.

"I know."

"Tell me, fiona.  do we need a safeword?"

I immediately replied,
"no, Master.  I trust you."

and I do.   We've never really used a safeword,
frequently better than I do.

I know this goes against so many
BDSM recommendations,
but you have to remember,
we've been together for almost a quarter century - EEK!

So then the spanking commenced, without any further ado.

He bent me over, in the kitchen,
where we were talking,
got the big metal spatula
and spanked me.


Very little about yesterday was easy.

He spanked me HARD from the git-go.

When I was starting to bow my back,
because it was becoming intolerable,
He shifted so he stood beside me,
wrapped his arm around my waist
putting his hand on my belly,

He pushed my back down
so it was no longer arching up,
then reached his hand down further,
so it cupped my pussy,
and he pushed out my pussy,
to arch my back down-
pushing my ass out
and he continued to spank.

When he was done,
I was resigned to taking it.
and I was grateful.

"please, Master, could I have three more good ones?"
I asked Him.

He was so so thrilled!
He spanked me so hard!

Then we moved to the bedroom
where he clamped my nipples with the
hook clamps
and tied a shoe lace between the hooks
and put the shoe lace in my mouth.

He then twisted me around so
I was facing our full length mirror.

He giggled my tits,
twisted my hair in  his hands
and moved my head up and down,
so that my nipples were pulled up and down,

and told me how beautiful i was and
how much he loved my body.

Oh, can I just tell you how much I adore this man?!

He then took me - naked and clamped, with a red bum,
to the living room and sat me on the floor
at His feet and took the shoelace out of my mouth,
after twisting my head back to look at him,
pulling quite severely on my nipples.
He then gave me a scone and coffee
and told me to eat?!?!

Oh, holyhell, I was so not thinking about food.

He watched the morning news
and kept reminding me to eat.

After I asked if I could save the rest for later,
he told me to get up and
He took me into the bedroom.

He laid me on the bed,
and said that he really wanted to spank me some more.

He first, laid next to me,
plugged in the magic wand
turned it on, and put it on my pussy.

He told me to take it,
and make myself cum.

He watched me - so intently,
as I moaned and arched through my first cum of the day.

Then after I turned it off,
He turned it back on and said,
"Tell me when your close."

He watched me...
and as I got close,
He took on the clamps and
sucked on my nipples.

As pain shot through my nipples,
I was cumming....

Oh it was truly exquisite.

Friday, May 8, 2015


I took one kiddo to a friends house and the friend's dad asked if I'd been in the sun. I said that I hadn't. He said he was surprised because my face was red. 

An hour later, Sir and I are at a store and he tells me that my face looks red. I told him what our friends said. We were both a bit confused. We check out and go to the car. I look in the mirror and sure enough, my cheeks are red. 

Then it dawns on both of us...

He slapped my face several times today during our play. 

I burst into hysterical laughter.