Sunday, May 10, 2015

Harder (Part 2)

After coming down from those
two mind shattering cums,

Sir got up,
and with my nipples no longer clamped,
he rolled me over and stood next to me.

He pulled my ass up and said,
He wanted to spank my ass...
but it wasn't going to be gentile.

This time,
He spanked with His hand.

He concentrated on one area,
spanked so fucking hard
until I was just about in tears,

When I was flattening myself on the bed.
Just before I couldn't take it any more,
He would shift to another spot.

He didn't stop, but he did change...
and I tried - as quickly as I could
to go back on my knees,
with my chest on the bed,
presenting my ass,
for him to spank.

This continued for a long time.

Then He stopped and said,
"I'm going to get the crop,
because I want to spank you harder...

He didn't ask, he proclaimed...
and it scared the shit out of me,
because it was hurting.

But oddly, at the same time,
I really wanted it.

I wondered if he's spank me into subspace.

But so frequently, he doesn't allow me to simply float,
he keeps me tethered to the here and now,
reacting to everything He's doing.

I lay there,
with my knees up,
My ass in the air,
my chest -
sore nipples,
rubbing against the bed
my mouth biting the pillow
and my hands holding onto the bedframe.

He began again...
this time with the crop.

He only spanked a few times,
then told me to get the purple dildo and
hurry back.

I was shocked by this change of pace.

I got up, and quickly went to our toy box.

"I'm not a patient man, fiona.  
You have five seconds or there 

I ran!  I frantically pulled the dildo
and the bag of condoms to cover it,
and RAN back!

I made it and lay on the bed almost beside myself.

I neither wanted consequences,
to disappoint.

I put the condom on the dildo and presented it to Master.

He took it and told me to "assume the position."

I know this to mean,
butterfly legs...feet together,
arms above my head and hold onto the bed.

He unceremoniously shoved the purple dildo in.

He was a little sore,
but after cumming so hard
and being so wet,
it did surprisingly, slide in quite easily.

He fucked me with the purple dildo,
then reached over with his other hand,
grabbed the magic wand,
and put it in my hand.

I had wondered,
if I could cum with the magic wand and the gigantic purple dildo.
Frequently, I can't cum with a vibe,
if I have a dildo inside...especially an enormous one.

"Use it, fiona.  Make yourself cum again.
Show me." he commanded.

I opened up my lips and put it directly on my clit...

It took a few minutes, but then I came SCREAMING!

He fucked me...hard...
and I came!

when I turned off the magic wand,
and lay there limp and panting,

He rolled me over and stood up.
He pulled my hips up and pushed my
had into the pillow.
He shoved the dildo to the base...
so it was lodged deep in my pussy.

He grabbed the crop and began to
crop my ass -

This time,
instead of shrinking away from the blows,
I was lifting up into them.
I was non-verbally asking for more.

I wanted it.  I needed it.

He then told me to open my legs.

He took the crop and aimed so that the
arm of the crop was across my ass,
but the end of the crop was hitting the dildo.


He his hard and with the pain was also pleasure.

I was screaming and moaning and
cumming again!


Oh, I was such a puddle of well used girl!

He fucked me hard 
and spanked me harder!


  1. I am amazed, but thrilled that you could remember all of this. He reads you well....that was one epic session...
    hugs abby

    1. Sometimes he does. Yes, it was EPIC!!


  2. Oh yum! I love your descriptions of all the sexy.

  3. WOW is the only word that comes to mind.

    1. Hahaha...thanks leigh. You are kind.


  4. That was intense and I'm sure mind blowing for you. K

    1. Definitely mind blowing at the time.


  5. Nice *big grin* part two is even better then part one :)

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow!


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