Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Silent Spanking

Others are in the, adults.

Alone in our room,

he bends me over the bed

Both hands deftly gather my hair into his left fist and he tugs.  

He places his right hand at the small of my back.

He pulls my hair, pushes down on my back and pauses.

He whispers, you WANT this, you NEED this.

His right hand leaves my back and...

ever so gently, 



he spanks.

Now, I love the pain of a spanking...

I love the hard.

I love the hurt.

But I needed EXACTLY what he gave me...

I came from that gentile touch,

not the most intense orgasm but,

shockingly quick and satisfying.

I came from his control,

from my Sir-induced headspace.

Oh how I wanted and NEEDED

his silent spanking.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Answer Twelve

Alexis and her Sir asked:  
My question is about the floggers and flogging........
Well we have a couple floggers (one conina style and one leather) . I favor the conina fabulous flogger!!! You got me thinking after seeing your creative picture for HNT and wondered ....
How often do you use the floggers? Where on your body would you say is best for flogging? And....

First, let me just say that I do adore conina's fucking fabulous floggers more than ANY other flogger in our arsenal.  

Sir chooses his implements most of the time.  He seems to go in fits and spurts.  He has his favorite implement du jour.  The floggers are my favorite implement - other than his hand. Now....Where on my body is BEST for easy answer for me is favorite places, other than the obvious of my ass, is that I really - REALLY love to be flogged on my breasts and pussy.  It feels so intoxicatingly, orgasmically amazing.  I just simply adore it! long (time wise) does Sir usually flog you? I know, there probably is not a "usual"....
Okay have fun!
Alexis and Sir
Sadly there is nothing usual about anything we do except that we go with the flow.  There have been times where he has flogged me for ... a long long time.  Leading to me soaring away, orgasming and being a huge pile of girl-goo.  There are times where it's simply a few minutes.   We are busy people, just like everyone else.  We have others in our home regularly and therefore aren't at liberty to play continuously - sadly.  But we do take advantage of the time that we have.  Sometimes we're lucky and have a whole day to play. This includes lengthy sessions of spanking, flogging, caning, beating with a belt and other implements.  Sometimes it's simply a few very hard, strategically placed flogs as a prelude to a quick moment of intimacy.  The one thing that's constant is that things are always changing. But all flogs are good flogs for me :)

Thanks for the questions, everyone.  

I appreciate you asking them.  

March is almost over...

but any reader...lurker or commenter

is welcome to ask questions at anytime.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Giant Purple Dinosaur....

NOT THAT ONE...this isn't a blog for minors!

I was busy planning vacation details.  I was seriously stressed focused.
He stops me, shows me video of woman and gigantic enormous re-donk-u-lously gigantically enormous dildo and tells me to watch.  Now as my mind has been focused on something very different so I'm ... wait for it ... NOT horny or turned on or thinking about sex.  Shocker, huh?  

Well, with a mere - couple of minutes - of him watching me, watch this woman fuck herself with this
re-donk-u-lous dildo...yup, you guessed it.  I'm wet, I'm horny, I'm WICKED turned on.

He touches my harm and yet my eyes can't leave the screen. I'm captivated

"Do you like this, fiona?"

"What do you think, fi?"

"What do you think this makes me think of?"

"Get your big dildo AND the new one....NOW."

the NOW got me off my eyes away from the screen...

I came back to the bed with he asks me to put lube on big pink dildo and to hand him the Gigantic Purple T-Rex Dinosaur.

He places me how he wants me on the bed and tells me to put it in while setting the dinosaur to the side.
With the lube sliding down the sides of the long pink dildo, I easily slide it inside.
He takes it as soon as it's inside and he masturbates me.

"Remember when you thought this was large, fiona."

I was kind of surprised...ya, now that he says that it doesn't feel so large.  And...
I cum.  I have that one split second thought of shock and I'm over the edge.  

Continuing to pump the dildo in and out, Sir takes his other hand and gets the Dinosaur.
He takes the gigantic purple dinosaur and puts it in my mouth.  

Oh, my...Oh MY.  

So he's still fucking my pussy and I'm sucking on the head of the gigantic purple dinosaur.  
My eyes are shut and I'm processing all of the stimuli I have.  

All of a sudden I feel my Lelo vibrator on my clit.  It takes approximately exactly 3.4 seconds and...
I scream - a muffled, muted, unintelligible utterance of ecstasy.  

He knows I've just cum and yet he keeps going. He keeps thrusting, keeps the vibe steady, keeps the dino in my mouth and I continue to roll through the orgasms.  

I'm shaking, I'm screaming.  I can't open my mouth any wider to pant around the dino so I'm trying to breath as deeply and quickly as I can through my nose.  

My legs clamp together as he shoves the dildo deep inside me, lets go, pushes my knees back apart and ...
continues the assault of pleasure on my body.

I am now dripping....wrung out...spent...fucked thoroughly.  
He removes the dildo and takes the gigantic purple dinosaur out of my mouth.  

He takes it and puts it into my channel.  It's slippery, but feels like a mac truck in width.
He rubs it up and down and then grabs my hand and puts it on the dildo.  I grab it knowing what he wants me to do.

I put the tip in and he quickly encourages me. 
"Oh Fiona you have it."
I push it in a bit more.
His excitement, his encouragement is spurring me on.  It's making me want to get it inside.
"Good girl."
Oh God, I think I may be past the tip.
"Look at you, fiona.  Look at what a good girl you are."
Oh**think of my voice dropping twelve octaves** ohmygod.  It's in.  HOLY SHIT.
"Oh, fiona.  I am so proud of you.  Oh you ARE my good slut.  Oh, I am SO proud of you!"

He takes it from my hand and begins pumping it into me.

"Do you want it hard or soft?"
I don't know.  Holy Shit, I can't process anything.  I don't even know if I'm still inside me...or if I've died and am simply experiencing the aftershocks of fucking awesomeness.  

He proceeds to provide examples of hard and soft - naming each as he demonstrates over and over.   
The really defined head of the FUCKING DINOSAUR makes the experience seriously intense as he pulls it out slowly and reinserts it. I make noises that are deep and guttural and primal.  

He stops.
"Ask for it." he says and I know he wants an answer to his question about hard or soft.
"Hard." I grunt out without hesitation, without guilt, without any hint of modesty or embarrassment.  I'm open.  I'm raw.  I'm fully transparent and I am owned by him.  "Hard. Please. Sir." I repeat.

And the ocean breaks over me as orgasm after screaming orgasm wash over me.


He takes it out and lays on top of my limp body.  He fucks me swiftly, finding his cock suctioned into the substantial body of orgasmic juices.

"Can u even feel it?"  He asks.
Oh yes can I ever but as he says that, he cums.  And his hardy stream must hit my spot because I cum one last time with him and milk him dry.

Size comparison ... glass dildo, big pink dildo, Purple Dinosaur

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Gag

I came up stairs and bring laundry to fold...that's a constant at our house.  I set the basket on the bed and get ready for bed...changing to a soft pink nightshirt, brushing my teeth putting a few things away.

Sir walks up behind me and hugs me from behind.  I lean into him and put my head against his sheet.  I feel rubber pushing on my lips and my eyes shoot open.  I open my mouth and he's putting the new gag into my mouth...the PENIS GAG.  A moan escapes and I am on FIRE.  Isn't it amazing how quickly that can happen.  He pumps it in and out of my mouth a few times, further making me gush.  Then abruptly, he fastens the gag into place - tight...almost gagging me.  He steps away and I'm standing there....processing.  

  • Ohmygod I have a penis gag in my mouth...
  • it's almost hitting the back of my throat...
  • can I swallow?  I don't want to drool too much...
  • Is this comfortable?
  • Can I suck on it...OMG I can suck on it!

I'm processing.  He watches me, takes my hand and rubs it against HIS substantial penis...HARD penis!  
"That's how much I like this.  It may be my all time favorite thing to put in your mouth, other than...ME!"

He pushes it deep into my mouth - hard and I do gag a bit.  Oh, but it is so....erotic!

He spanks me, once - HARD.  Tells me to fold the clothes and walks to the other side of the bed.  He lays down and watches me.  

I try to gather my wits about me and step forward, gag in my  mouth, strap around my head and instead of being embarrassed, I'm FUCKING TURNED ON!  (can you tell I was REALLY excited?)

I fold the clothes.  I'm a bit off balance.  He's switching channels on the TV and I'm grateful for the noise.  It masks my moans just a bit.  He is ever mindful of where I am and what I'm doing.  The minute I finish, he tells me to come over to him...on the bed.

I crawl up on the bed and he places the new GIANT T-Rex Purple Dinosaur Dildo on his chest.  He pulls out the penis gag and I suck mightily as it comes out.  I feel immediately vulnerable and empty.   Funny how I identify these feelings so quickly.  

He takes my head, placing his hand on the back of my head - grabbing my hair.  He pushes me, face down onto the dildo.  I open, wide as my mouth will go.  I take what I can.  I can only take the's so enormous.  I'm shocked.  I will NEVER be able to take this thing.   It's ridiculous.  But I love giving it head on my Sir's chest with his hand shoving my head down.  I resist periodically as he gags me, but he doesn't stop.  If I gag and pull away, he pushes harder.  Oh I love that control that he has over me!

He my hair and flips me onto my back beside him.  He reached over to the nightstand and quickly grabbed the gag and put it back into my mouth.  He leaned over me, letting me feel his weight on my body.  He masturbates my mouth with the gag, commanding me to suck.  He pushed it deep in my throat, holding it there and waited for me to finish my gag and watch the tear drop that escaped my eye.  

He pulls my knees apart and holds one knee.  He takes his fingers and opens my folds.  He  takes the enormous purple dinosaur and rubs it up and down.  He pulses it on my clit and I am HOT.  I am moaning.  He slides it down my slick channel and lets it stop at my opening.  It's so huge, I don't think I will ever be big enough for this.  He watches me intently as he pulses it there.  I was nervous, terrified that he would try to push it in...although I was wet...I had NO lube - which would be required for this dinosaur.  But I have this gag, I can't say anything.  I can simply hold this cock in my mouth, suck or not, I can't say a thing.  So, I take my nerves and put them to work sucking.  I suck and suck and look into his eyes.  Oh, Ohgod, I love this.  He's intent and serious and sexy and my Dom!

He sets the dinosaur aside, positions himself over me and quickly places his hard cock at my opening.  He pumps in with a hard thrust and at the same time, takes his hand and gags me with the gag.  Ohgod. Oh, Oh, OhmyGod...he continues.  The autonomic response of my gag reflex combined with his cock slamming into me.   I cum apart at the seams and moan and suck and gag.  Oh, I love being so filled.

He flipped me over so I was riding him, gag fully visible and he sets to slapping my breasts.  I throw my head back, sucking wildly as he tortures my breasts while fucking me ... Hard.  We cum together - but as I had been cumming continuously for the past half hour, there wasn't any chance for that not to happen.


After we were through, I had such a rush of embarrassment - the gag - the dinosaur - the gag.  I was in the bathroom later and Sir came in and asked how I was.  I blushed and looked down.  He came over, touched my chin and lifted my face.  "Embarrassed, huh?  No need, you know that.  I love it.  I loved ALL of it.  Did you?"

Oh, Yes Sir!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old Fantasies and New Toys

OK, so a secret fantasy...

I have always wanted Sir to fist me.   In case you're thinking that I should tell him, share this tidbit of desire with him, because as his sub I should be transparent ...  I have!

And... and... it's not going to happen, he says.  He is a very tall man.  He is a big man.  He explains that his fist is too large and he would do damage.  He enjoys hurting me, but he would never harm me.  So.....

He has been telling me for the past 6-8 months that he wants to get a bigger dildo.  Are you fucking kidding me??  If you recall, we have what I considered to be a HUGE dildo.  When he started looking online (and in one toy shop that we visited together) the ones he was looking at were ...

I giggled when he would show me, you know that OMFG nervous incredulous giggle.   I explained that I didn't think that any human being could take that.  He explained that he wanted it to be just a bit too big.  That he wanted it to make me nervous, to be a tiny bit uncomfortable.

As long as he was scaring the shit out of me, he continued on.  He wanted a penis gag so I could have something to occupy my mouth while he was fucking me six shades of Sunday.  He also said he wanted me to sleep with it in sometimes.  After consulting Jake to ask for his advice, I had websites available for him to choose from.  I had my preferences, but he was making the call. that end, a new dildo and gag were ordered.

I was CRAZY excited for the penis gag.  I love gags, I love things in my mouth.  I love blow jobs, I love sucking on nipples, I love fingers fucking my mouth, I love, love, love get the idea? SO, the thought of having an object more penis shaped and less, ball shaped - something that I could actually suck on while being gagged...YUM!

I was CRAZY nervous for the dildo.  We got the Tantus T-Rex.  The Enormous Purple Dinosaur was impressive.  I loved the defined head that it had and I was thrilled that it wasn't so long as to try to reach my tonsils.  That said, I wasn't sure I would be able to take it...EVER.  It was wider than double wide with awnings on both sides.

...orders placed, shipped, arrived, unpacked, washed, and 
... yikes ... READY!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Answer Eleven...Advice

Again, I would like to thanks y'all for the questions.  If you have any additional, please feel free to ask it is MARCH (half way through).  If you have questions for my Sir, I'm happy to relay them as well as his response.  
Ask Away


Ronnie:  If you could go back and talk to the old you, when you were in high school, and inform yourself of 4 things, what would you say?

Hmmm...Wow, that 's a fascinating question and I appreciate the opportunity for introspection and retrospection.  Here's the thing.  I can come up with so much advice:

  • Don't worry...
         ...guys will like you WILL want to have sex WILL be sexy
  • Don't do X, you'll be hurt by him.
  • Enjoy what you have with your friends, some may not be alive in 10 years, some in 15.
  • Love completely, you'll loose many.
  • will be worth it.
  • Don't be friends with X, they will break your heart.
  • Make better financial choices, but know you'll be ok in the end.

But here's the thing.  I've had my share of sadness, stress and worry.  I've lost many people whom I've loved.  I've made huge mistakes and have had huge consequences because of my actions, and others actions.  

But, BUT, would I choose to give myself these words of wisdom? Would I warn myself?  Would I reassure myself so I wouldn't have to go through the feelings that I've gone through?

In short...


I would give myself no advice, but maybe a hug.  I think what I've gone through has made me...ME.  I've met Sir and fallen head over heals in love with him.  I've had amazing experiences, found myself, become...ME.  I am strong and capable and able to empathize and sympathize with others.  I can give my children advice.  Life is the ride...enjoy what you can and learn from what you can't, but you might as well be of good cheer where and when possible.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

HNT...and MY Birthday I'm posting this on Thursday...but just barely.

This is a photo I found on my husband's i-device.  
I sent this to him a LONG time ago. 

He said he's kept it 'cause it's a favorite
and he looks at it sometimes when he travels.

I love the photo because it has one of 
one of my favorites :)

It's my 
birthday weekend, 
so I'll be out 
of pocket a bit...
I'll converse with
y'all on MY new year!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Answers Eight thru Ten

Again, I would like to thanks y'all for the questions.  If you have any additional, please feel free to ask it is MARCH.  If you have questions for my Sir, I'm happy to relay them as well as his response.  
Ask Away


BIKSS:  While you were switching, did you ever have any idea that you would, one day, want him to be the Dom and only the Dom or was it a "Eureka!" moment?
First, THANKS for commenting and asking a question!!  Oh, I always had that though.  OK, wait.  That's not quite right.  I always loved him being a Dom and me being a sub.  That said, I liked that with a healthy dose .... or even more ... of vanilla.  I don't know when I had the thought of being submissive, in and out of the bedroom, 24/7.  But...upon a personal crisis/tragedy, there we were and it was exactly what I needed.  I have been grateful every day since.  I tell him "Thank You" on a regular basis.  I hope that answers your question.

Belle:  Is there any one thing that your Sir does that completely irritates you to no end?  Like completely drives you crazy but you know it will never change and it will always be?  It was there in the beginning and well, it will be there until the end and really you just have to try to love that part of them and just smile and shake your head when it happens:)  If you do, what is it?
When we were younger I would have said it was that I came second in his life...after school or later work.  But as I've been with him - FOREVER - what I have learned is that he is committed to me and our family 100%.  That does NOT mean that he will drop everything for me.  That does NOT mean that he will ignore everything else to be with me.  That does NOT mean that he will ditch a commitment that he has made in order to spend time with me.  That means that he is committed to making money and providing well for me, among other things.  It means that he honors his commitments to me and to others.  He is honorable, he is trustworthy and dependable (do I sound like the Boy Scout Law).  I do love that about him, but there are just times I wish he would say...YOU, fiona, are more important than life itself and I will blow off everything else to be with YOU.  (I may not love the bankruptcy and starvation and homelessness that ensues though.)


Belle:  Oh and does your Sir have this same thing on you......Do you do anything that irritates him to no end? (we all know of course you don't...but I just have to ask to be fair hahaha)
Hehehe...I asked him and he first said that he needed to think about it.  When I asked him again, he quickly said, "The fact that you will walk out of your socks and shoes anywhere and everywhere no matter where you are!"  I followed it up with "Seriously, that's it.  You want me to post that?"  "Yes, but I still have high hopes of correcting that behavior." with an evil grin.  Ugh!

I hoped those answered your questions Belle.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


All right ...


So if you didn't catch it last time, I'm not the sadist...
Sir is the one who told me to post the list...
so....It's HIS fault!!!



So in case you have no idea what I'm talking about...I had a post about mlb ...
as in Sir Q's mlb (
In my post, I say it's his name for me.  
It's not terrible, it's not tied to some hilarious story and he isn't a baseball nut. 
Then in the Fucking Moronic fabulous March Question Offer to answer any non-outing questions, I had several about mlb...AGAIN.  You all know who you were who asked and then jumped on and asked some more...Thanks ;)

So you voted for your favorite meaning from the list of names that have been guessed in comments.

The voting results are: 
  • Mommy's Little Boy!  (Diaper Jerks)
  • My Love Bunny (joey, aisha, abby, Alexis)
  • Master's Little Bitch (ancilla_ksst, fondles, s.t.)
  • My Little Bitch (BIKSS, Hermione)
  • My Little Belle (SmilingBelle)
  • My Little Bottom (Julia)
  • My Little Bride (mamacrow)
  • Masochistic Little Bitch (Alexis)
So the winner from votes was My Love Bunny



  • Real Meaning: (congrats BIKSS & Hermione)
              My Little Bitch 
  • MY Favorite Meaning from the list: (Congrats Alexis)
          Masochistic Little Bitch

and Thanks to Lola for offering the suggestion of 
Masochistic Little Bitch...

Sunday, March 10, 2013



fondlesconina, aishajoey & Alexis H:  What does mlb stand for?

Ugh...OK, so I wrote a post about mlb in October - my first month blogging.  I said that it was not something fabulous, not some exciting.  There was not a funny story about was just his little nickname for me.  He has used it for quite some time (like a decade or more) and continues to, to this day.  

I just relayed to Sir that March was Q&A month in our corner of blogland and that you all had nicely pried asked...he laughed and laughed.  Then told me to post the list and ask you all to vote for your favorite.  BTW, the real meaning behind the acronym IS on the list!! 
  • Major League Baseball
  • My Little Bottom
  • My Lovely Bum
  • Merry Lively Bitch
  • Mystical Lyrical Bambino
  • My Little Barbie
  • Masters Loving Bottom
  • Masters Little Bitch
  • My Little Bride
  • My Little Belle
  • My Love Bunny
  • Masters Lovely Boobs
  • My Little Bitch
  • Masters Luscious Bottom
  • Merry Laughing Bumbleedee
  • Mini Love Balloon
  • Masochistic Little Bitch
So...comment and vote for your favorite!!

BTW, mlb...well the meaning of mlb is ON THE LIST ( of you did guess it)
Here's the thing...I love, love, love one of the other meanings that one of you have offered.  It is absolutely fabulous.  Anyway....let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


This is an answer to joey's question and clarification to a followup question by aisha:


So Sir and I were a couple who switched D and s roles at a whim.  We regularly had vanilla sex, but more frequently had some D or s as part of the dynamic.  But who was being Dom and who was sub depended on the day and on the need.  Submission filled a huge need in our lives when we were feeling stressed or overwhelmed by work.  Submission was a way to safely float away from all of that, like it or not.  For me, submission was an aphrodisiac and at the heart of all my fantasies.

I know I've gone on and on about how....yikes....a year and a half ago (time flies when your being spanked and flogged), the switching stopped being our norm and D/s became D (Sir) and s (fiona).  This has been 100% fulfilling for me.  I have NO need for being Dominant.  It is not something that EVER is part of my fantasies.  I have never - not once - thought about it in a fantasy.  If I ever dominated Sir and had an orgasm, the fantasy in my mind was one of submission.

But Sir gets something from Dominating me AND from submitting.  They both fuel him.  They fulfill different needs.  If Sir is ever super stressed with a great deal or emotionally wrung out, etc.... then submission may appeal to him.  It's not frequent, but still there.

I've been uneasy blogging about this.  I don't know why I felt like it was inappropriate.  I think in my mind, I worried that others might think my Sir is less than he is because he switches periodically.  The same could be said for me...that I was less submissive because I would dominate periodically.   But then, I was talking with a kinky friend of mine and she asked why I felt it was not blogable - that masculinity and virility has absolutely nothing to do with which side of a flogger you're on.  So, I've been thinking about that.  My adoration for my Sir is unflappable and undeniable.  My place and relationship with him is Rock SOLID.  My submission is absolute, but more importantly, his Dominance is also absolute.  This blog is mine.  I should write what I want and not worry.  This community has proven to be extraordinarily accepting and loving and kind.  So...

D/s, 99% of the time, for US means D (Sir) and s (fiona).  However, 1% of the time, he really needs a playtime of submission.  This submission is only playtime.  The fascinating thing is he SWITCHES back in prime fashion.  Typically at the end of me dominating him, he growls in that animalistic way, becomes amazingly primal, ULTRA dominant and flips me, fucks me and reasserts his dominance.  He reclaims what is HIS.  We end every time in very solid D (Sir) / s (fiona)  roles.

We fulfill our needs and remain the same, fabulous, in love, passionate, attune, couple that we are.  He maintains his Dominance and I maintain my submission.  I no longer consider us to be switches because this is never emotionally tied, it is only physical in nature, it happens few and far between and because the play is momentary and inside our bedroom only, while our typical D/s is in and outside the bedroom.

WE make TTWD what it needs to be for US and  ...  it WORKS!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Answers Four Thru Six

Again, I would like to thanks y'all for the questions.  If you have any additional, please feel free to ask it is MARCH.  If you have questions for my Sir, I'm happy to relay them as well as his response.

julia:  In what areas have you seen changes since starting ttwd other than really obvious ones? (so outside the bedroom I guess)

Yes, well there are the obvious ones....with regard to the actual things done in our bedroom (or where ever else we happen to have sex - hehehe).  So outside of the bedroom, I've noticed Sir as being more take charge and confident.  I also notice him as being more observant, or maybe it's that he cares and knows how to stop behavior that is inappropriate by me.  I have also noticed that I am much more laid back, just in general.  As I've become middle aged, I know that I've mellowed.  However with ttwd I have also mellowed as a result of my desire to submit and his willingness to Dominate.  Because here's where the rubber meets the road, we BOTH must do those things for this D/s relationship to work.  I have to be willing and so does he.  But I am much less controlling, I worry less, I stress less - I can just let go.  I don't have to drive all the time, I don't  have to comment on everything that he does or says, I can let him take care of me, I can let him take care of the kids when they are being rude or inappropriate.  I can stop trying to control, EVERYTHING.  I feel much more content and much more grounded.

How about you, how has ttwd changed things for you?


bleuame: What is your favourite thing about blogging in this 'niche'? and what do you dislike about blogging in this 'niche'?

Oh is one is EASY.  The best part is the people.  I love love love the bloggers and commenters!  It is AWESOME.  I have made friends and I really enjoy the conversations that I have with others through posts and comments. 

I've learned a lot about myself, become more comfortable with myself, my desires, my relationship with the support of this online community.  

The thing that I dislike is the need for anonymity and that separation of Blogland vs. IRL.  I feel like everything I write I have to constantly be on the look out for saying something I shouldn't, something that would "out" me or my family.   


aisha:  And what is your favorite thing about TTWD?

Hmmm....(think Sound of Music)

Thick cock in my mouth and pre-cum on my lips
Belts, floggers and canes caressing ass, tits, thighs and hips
Subspace found as I sore away on D/s wings
These are a few of my favorite things

OK, in all seriousness, I love how alive and sexually reconnected Sir and I have become with ttwd.  We have ALWAYS been very sexually attracted to each other.  For the past couple of decades, we have had a LOT of sex.  TTWD is responsible for the insane sexual intensity that exists.  We also talk a LOT.  We talk about everything. TTWD fosters that communication, that openness, that for us is essential in having a healthy amazing marriage.

Thanks aisha.  So, what's your favorite thing??

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Answers One thru Three

Thanks for the questions.

I really appreciate them, really!
It's interesting to explore questions that people ask...think about something I haven't thought about before...things that I often just hadn't thought about or explored.  So...really - Thank YOU!

I will answer in a couple of posts.  Please feel free to ask more or follow-up.  I'm also happy to ask my Sir, as I know you NEVER actually hear from he doesn't read or write anywhere in blogworld.  But I can ask and relay information.

joey:  fiona, Have you ever switched roles with your Sir, even for a few hours?  Hug,  joey

I've actually got a post about this that I will post soon.  It is worthy of a whole post, though - because it is a long answer.  The short answer is that until a year and a half ago, we were, historically it was a regular occurrence.  Have you always been a switch?  Do you have any aspects of D/s, DD, BDSM in your relationship with your wife?  - joey, I know - you didn't offer to answer you are more than welcome to ignore =)


DelFonte:  Hi Fiona,  Your D/s dynamic appears very sexual and bedroom oriented, how does it influence other parts of your life? How do you maintain your submission?  DF

Well, our D/s dynamic is definitely physically demonstrated when we are in or bedroom (having sex).  That said, we are not bedroom only folks.

I have learned that I enjoy being submissive.  I've spent a childhood being large-and-in-charge.  I worked very hard and it was necessary that I was very responsible from an early age.  I am an extremely capable young woman, but I must say that all of the stress, responsibility, weight on my shoulders did take a toll.  I needed help or it would crush me at some point. And...that's where Sir Q stepped in and took a more permanent roll of Dom.

He helps me maintain my submission. He has a look he can give me that I will immediately acquiesce to or pull my self together if I was inappropriate.  He will touch me or pull my hair or slap my ass or squeeze my hand as a reminder or reprimand if I am being a particular pain in the ass in public.  I freely give him final say on a great deal.  If we are home, and I'm being cheeky (as he puts it), he will simply march me upstairs to our room and straighten me out =)

That said, we have been together for over two decades, we are partners in crime.  We help each other, support each other, adore each other.

How about you DF...what helps you maintain your lifestyle?


Lola:  How many hours per week do you spend having sex?
Hmmm...well on average, I'd say it's about 7-8 hours per week having sex...actually having sex - you know, naked, groping, sucking, fucking.  But there is a lot of playtime, foreplay, spankings, fondling,  groping, rubbing, pinching, etc.  

We're a BDSM couple, a D/s couple.  We have playtime, frequently.  We have sex typically five-seven days a week.  Some days we have sex more than once a day, some weeks we have sex less than five days.  We have short quickies - you know, fifteen/twenty minutes...and we have times where it's hours - with ejaculation happening multiple times.  So there is a LOT of variation.  The younger people in our house see us kiss and hug frequently.  We are crazy mushy and have a lot of stolen, hidden moment of sexual excitement and pleasure.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Questions and Answers

I'm seeing posts that say that

March is 
Question-and-Answer month.  

Who knew?  (I did NOT as I'm a newbie blogger)

So, apparently, if you have ANY questions that are
non-anonymity jeopardizing (as Conina puts it) - ask away!!

Anything about....
  • Me
  • Sir
  • Sex
  • D/s
  • Us/Our Relationship
Comment or send me an e-mail

Monday, March 4, 2013


"I spent you ... like eight times,    I spent you!"

This is his reply to the silly, dazed, exhausted, SPENT look on my face and his question of "How are you doing?" to which I simply breathed out, "ssspent."

So this morning, he woke up whispering sweet nothings of dark and dirty things he wanted to do to me.  His eyes weren't even open and he was setting the stage for a wicked playtime ... wickedly wonderful.

He asked me to help him with something in our room.  I genuinely though he wanted help with something.  As I followed him through the door, I proceeded to the clean clothes basket that he had just brought upstairs.  I took the hanging shirts and turned to take them to the closet.  He locked the door and took the clothes from my hand.  Oh ya, Game On!  I was so excited.  I had no idea.  Wahooo!

He told me to pull down the covers on the bed, take off my pants, and lay on my back with my legs bent.  He told me to close my eyes and keep them closed.

I hurriedly complied and waited with such excitement.  Oh, I ..... wanted, desired, needed, craved playtime with him.  I heard him rustling with what I presumed were toys.

I felt him sit down below my bent legs, on my feet.  I felt a soft, medium sized, rounded object pushing up and down on my lips.  He told me to open them up with my hands  I unveil my soft channel and he waisted no time in lubricating The Dildo with my own slick honey.  Within moments he begins pushing at my entry.  Oh, it's not medium sized after all.  He pushed it in ... a quarter inch and out ... a half inch and out ... an inch and out ... an inch and a half  and out ... two and out ... three and out ... four and a half and out, then he's pushing it all in.

He shoves it in hard and then lays on his side, right beside me.  He runs his hand up my body, pushing my shirt up with it.  He tucks it over my naked breasts.  He proceeds to twist and pinch and pull my nipples to attention, all the while talking.  He's rough with his words and actions.  He makes me respond.  I don't like to respond. I don't like to have to say that I want it, that I like it - but he likes to hear it from me, so I acquiesce.

"I can be gentile sometimes.  But sometimes fiona, you NEED it rough, don't you."
"Ask me for it.  Tell me you want to be fucked hard.  Tell me you Need me to fuck you hard with this dildo."

"Please Sir, please fuck me."  "How, fiona?"
"Please Sir, please fuck me .... hard."

He wastes no time in bringing me to orgasm with a gigantic dildo fucking with such force and speed that I am up and over in minutes.  But he doesn't stop when that happens.  He growls "Again, fiona.  Ask for it again."

"P,  P.  P.  Plh.  Ph hu hu h"  Yup - that's all I could get out before going back to panting mode.  Oh, not just panting, panting and moaning.

He pulls another two screaming orgasms from me as I bury my head in a pillow so as not to alarm those in the neighboring county.  After which he shoves it in to the lovely rubber ball sack and lays on top of me.  He pumps it into me and removes the pillows to unveil the hyperventilating, moaning, incoherent blob of ME.

"I want you to be sore.  I want to fuck you with this dildo until you are sore, do you understand, fiona?  Once you're sore, I'm going to fuck you just a little bit more.  I want your pussy throbbing."

Oh, holy hell!  Oh, if he didn't open his mouth and constantly be filling my head with such language, the experience would not be a tenth of what it is.  He pumps and I cum.  He lays beside me again and fucks and I cum.  He slaps my breasts and I arch into each strike... and ... you guessed it, I cum.

The last time he fucks hard.  He pushes the dildo in balls deep and slams it into me.  I feel it getting wetter and wetter.  I'm sore, but not from dryness.  Sometimes after he's fucked and fucked, I will run my cycle and go from wet to parched.  Not this time, I was simply getting wetter and wetter and the slickness was thicker and more lubricating.  Oh, it felt like heaven.

As I began that short ascent, one last time, I had the sudden - What the fuck was that?? thought.  I heard a muffled screaming sound, but didn't realize that it was coming from me.  I was so outside of my mind yet keenly aware of my body, alight with sensation.  It was a fabulous, fascinating, disjointed feeling.

His timing was spot on today.  He didn't stop fucking me - ever - until he had siphoned every ounce of cum from me.  He pulled The Dildo from me and put my hand on his throbbing cock.  It was so wet, with pre-cum sliding down and pooling at his balls.  Oh, I had a burning desire.  I began to bend, I wanted to suck to lap at his pool, but he grabbed my arm and hoisted me over him.  He placed his hand on my ass and pushed me down atop him.  He fucked, talked, bit, grabbed and pinched me until he came.

We collapsed, me on top of him, and instantaneously fell deep asleep.  Thoroughly Sssspent.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


"I know who wears the pants in your family," says a friend of ours...actually one of Sir's best friends.  

He's looking at me.  He's looking at me because he knows that I wear the pants in our family.  That's what he knows.  

"Who wears the pants in our family?"  I say looking pointedly at Sir and smiling, sweetly (not smugly or accusingly or cheeky).

"I do."  Sir says Confidently, without missing a beat and with no further explanation.  

Our friend looks a bit surprised and looks to me again, I'm sure he was looking for me to have a sharp comeback.  

"Yes, you do." I say, then looking at our friend add, "He wears the pants in our family."

"Times change." Sir says to him with a smile.  


"I must have been a raging bitch," I say to Sir later at home.  

"No, but outspoken and domineering sometimes.  Not anymore, well ... not domineering anymore.  I AM proud of you, fiona."