Friday, May 27, 2016

the Hand



From a single swat from my Master

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anticipation Part 3

I stood up slowly,
Felt my naked body, cuffed ankles and wrists
and wonderfully flogged and caned ass.

I stretched and picked up the pillows.
I carried them over and put them in front of Master's chair.

I cautiously knelt down, adjusting to the position.
I put my hands behind my back
Intentionally working on being in a submissive place...
physically and mentally.

He walked over and told me to lean back.
Master sat down and unzips his jeans
He took out his hard cock
grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth onto his cock
Tells me, "Try not to all."

I hold his thick, silky, cock
I loving the feel...the taste...the saltiness of his pre-cum.

I was so good.  I was so still.
I wanted...God I wanted...more
Wanted to suck and pump more pre-cum out of it.

And...then my will power failed and
I began to suck...
to suckle
being so careful not to move my head
I suckle and so so love the feeling
I feel such a deep appreciation for having his
thick, warm, silky soft cock in my mouth

Periodically, his cock twitches and it almost makes me begin to move my head
Each time it twitches, pre-cum oozes into the back of my throat.
I gag one time and immediately go back to holding it and suckling.

Eventually, Master takes my head and fucks my mouth a bit.
I absolutely love it when he takes my head
and fucks up into my mouth.
I love that feeling!
I'm so damn desperate.

He pulls me off and tells me to grab my lunch,
sit quietly at his feet and eat.

I so want to be a good girl.
I so want to listen all the while being so desperate.

I reluctantly go make my lunch...and we watch tv
and when I finish my lunch
I put my plate away, and Masters
and this time I sit back down in front of him
I put my hands behind my neck.

Sir puts his hand on my laced fingers
he holds me there for a bit.
I then move open my legs and feel so vulnerable.
so submissive
so lovely.

He then puts his hands on my elbows and stretches them back.
I love the thought of him stretching me physically
I love that I'm stretching emotionally...
working on my submission
working on my openness

He stretches...then holds...then stretches.
After a bit, he tells me to go into our room

He tells me to lay over the bed once again
He gives me the last one hundred
of my THOUSAND swats
with his hand.
He's spanking hard...harder than I would expect.
I'm so warmed feels ...amazing!
but by the end...I'm beginning to cry.
He steps in behind me,
rubbing his hard, jean clad cock against my hot ass.
He pulls me up and hugs me from behind
I feel enveloped by my Master.

He tells me to climb up on the bed and lay on my back
I do so and he disappears into our closet.

He walks back out and chastises me
for not having my pussy shaved...
it's been a few weeks and is very fuzzy.

He reaches over and grabs a large rectangular wooden hair brush.
He spanks my pussy,
20 times with the hair brush.

I put my legs slightly together at about 13.
I am trying so hard.
But it's also so so so intense!

Immediately after the 20th,
he climbs on top of me
He fucks me.
So wonderfully!
He cums inside of me,
rolls us over onto our sides
and holds me.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Anticipation Part 2

I stood and looked into my Master's eyes
my head was swimming...I want...I'm so grateful...
I want....I'm so so grateful!

"Go get your toy and bring it to me,
while you're there, grab the cuffs
and the straps"

I was fuzzy and excited and...
so not functioning very well.

I walked into the closet to get the cuffs and straps
and knelt down and just kind of stopped.

Sir walked into the closet and kept me moving.
I got the cuffs and straps,
then walked into the room.

I handed them to Master and he asked what toy I chose.
I said I had a question.  If I could choose, my first choice was
His hand, but if I had to choose something else, I'd choose a flogger.

He told me that His hand wasn't a toy, so to go grab the flogger.

I quickly got it and He told me to hold my hands out as He cuffed them.
It's amazing how I get this feeling of calm as He straps them on.
Then he has me raise my ankles up and he straps the cuffs on them as well.

Then he puts the handle of the crop in my hand and tells me to follow him.
He walks me out to the music room and commands me to lay over the piano bench.
He takes the crop from me and as I am laying down,
He puts the handle of the crop into my mouth

It acts like a bit gag in my mouth
I find it...panty-wettingly erotic!

He then straps my wrists to the legs of the one side of the bench.
He puts two pillows under my knees and then snicks the clips to my ankle cuffs together.
He takes the flogger from my mouth
and once again, I'm anticipating the lash of the flogger.
I love the flogger.

I chose the first flogger we had that Conina made for's just luscious!

He began...and it was exactly as I remembered.
It thudded so perfectly.
I was breathing deeply and just enjoying.
It's almost like a message ...
... in the beginning

he started out flogging the left side for 9
then the right for 10
then the left for 11
then the right for 9
back and forth - but evening out...
getting to 100.

I'm almost panting as the intensity increases and
he begins to flog me in a figure 8 pattern...
hitting one side high and the other low and then
reversing the is harder on the whole.
Harder and harder and harder.

I can feel the wetness of my's almost dripping at this point.
Master hits 400 way to fast...but fabulously wonderful

He finishes...takes the handle...puts it in my mouth
and walks away.
"You stay here."
I'm I'm going anywhere
"I'm going to make my lunch."
He leaves me there.
Naked.  Tied to a bench.  Flogger handle in my mouth.
OMG, I feel so submissive.
So at peace.
So objectified.
So adored.

He makes his lunch...My mind races
then calms.

He comes back in,
releases my wrists and unclicks my ankles.
Tells me to get up,
put the pillows in front of his chair
and wait...



Friday, May 20, 2016

Anticipation 1000 Part 1

My Master has been away this week.  
He came home last night and there were 
stories swapped, hugs given, snuggling and sleeping.

Today, Master had an appointment.
He called after saying,"Get naked, bend over the bed and wait for me."

That's it.  No I love you...No sweet nothings.
It was...exciting :)

I quickly finished what I was doing and 
took my clothes off.
I folded them and lay myself over the bed.

I was so excited to think about what might be. 

what was even better!

Sir was happy to see me when he walked into our room.
He touched my ass as he walked by and
went to the closet and was making some noise.

I was trying to guess what he was getting. 
Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

He came back and said he was going to give me a thousand.
With what?

He started...tapping.
He had a cane and gave me 10 light taps on one cheek.
He switched cheeks and gave me 10 additional taps on the other.


someone rang our door bell and I was told to quickly dress and get out.
Sir went to the door and I wanted to SCREAM.  UGH.

we dealt with the door and I asked if I could put away a 
couple of the items that were still on the counter.
He said, "Yes," then grabbing my arm, 
he dropped his tone of voice and said
"Go put them away...after you get naked."
I looked at him like...seriously?
The trick is they had to be put away 
in a place that is in a room with lace curtains.
I hate going there when exposed....for fear of exposure.

I hesitated and he snapped, "NOW!" - in a low growl.

I quickly undressed again and 
after a quick pinch of my nipples,
put the items away and then 
literally ran back to the bed...
once again,

Sir walked back into our room saying, "Very nice."
I couldn't wait for him to start tapping away again.
He very quickly did a set of ten on one cheek,
then a set of ten on the other.
He went back and forth, in sets of ten
just warming me up

My breathing was quickening,
I was enjoying the impact.
The swats weren't hurting
they felt...lovely, freeing, exciting!

After 100 he stopped saying,
"I will be giving you 1000.
The first 100 are done, 
then next four hundred will be increasing.
After that, you can choose the toy for 400 more.
The last 100 will be my choice.

Oh to say I was excited!
He continued on...increasing intensity for a couple,
then decreasing to a tap, then back.

I am breathing heavier,
and a quick orgasm takes me by storm.
I moan and arch my back 
as he increases his canes strokes. 
I shiver and spasm.

He keeps going...I breath and moan and enjoy!
He finishes and rubs my ass...
where it feels oh sooooo mmmmmmm.

Then he stands behind me and grabs my hips
and rubs his jeans clad hard cock against my ass.
I love, Love LOVE that cropping my ass
makes my Master hard!
That is so awesome!

Four hundred down and Master tells me to stand up.
I so want to simply fall to my knees
and kiss his feet or suck his cock
to show my appreciation!

I stood, looked into my Master's eyes and...
anticipated more!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lack Of...

I was talking to Sir on the phone and 
bemoaning the lack of sex we have had.

I continue on saying, 
I thought that as the kids got older,
we'd have more time and less stress.

The opposite seems to be true, by the way :(

I was bemoaning the lack of sex we have had,
I said I never thought we'd become the statistic
that we'd have so little sex.

Sir chuckles then says,
from a thousand miles away - mind you
Ya, I seem to only recall two sets of orgasms for you this week
and the weeks not over.
(and yes, when he makes me orgasm, he rarely pulls just one from me 
because priming my pump makes the sex just so much more explosive!)

To which I giggle and say
Ya, but it's not every day!!!

OK, so I maybe shouldn't whine about the 
lack of sex...

(but I really like every day better!)