Friday, May 6, 2016

Lack Of...

I was talking to Sir on the phone and 
bemoaning the lack of sex we have had.

I continue on saying, 
I thought that as the kids got older,
we'd have more time and less stress.

The opposite seems to be true, by the way :(

I was bemoaning the lack of sex we have had,
I said I never thought we'd become the statistic
that we'd have so little sex.

Sir chuckles then says,
from a thousand miles away - mind you
Ya, I seem to only recall two sets of orgasms for you this week
and the weeks not over.
(and yes, when he makes me orgasm, he rarely pulls just one from me 
because priming my pump makes the sex just so much more explosive!)

To which I giggle and say
Ya, but it's not every day!!!

OK, so I maybe shouldn't whine about the 
lack of sex...

(but I really like every day better!)


  1. Haha, what a complaint to have!

    I feel like my sir and I don't have sex enough! We're 5 years in and sometimes its 1 a week if that... just sicknesses and stress and straight up being away/lack of time sometimes.

    I'd be ecstatic with twice a week on the regular!

    Awesome that you guys make the time for each other!

    1. hehehe....I know - serious complaint. I'm just a nympho...or something. We are so very lucky...I just so enjoy sex :)


  2. Hmpf, good thing i'm not a jealous-spirited person or i would not be as wild about you as i am. Poor baby. (Yes, that was sarcasm font.) No, seriously, i think it's lovely that you are that connected. i'm happy for you. :)

    1. Hmpf :)
      I'm glad you're not jealous .... but you are spirited :)
      I'm not feeling the sympathy :)



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