Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anticipation Part 3

I stood up slowly,
Felt my naked body, cuffed ankles and wrists
and wonderfully flogged and caned ass.

I stretched and picked up the pillows.
I carried them over and put them in front of Master's chair.

I cautiously knelt down, adjusting to the position.
I put my hands behind my back
Intentionally working on being in a submissive place...
physically and mentally.

He walked over and told me to lean back.
Master sat down and unzips his jeans
He took out his hard cock
grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth onto his cock
Tells me, "Try not to all."

I hold his thick, silky, cock
I loving the feel...the taste...the saltiness of his pre-cum.

I was so good.  I was so still.
I wanted...God I wanted...more
Wanted to suck and pump more pre-cum out of it.

And...then my will power failed and
I began to suck...
to suckle
being so careful not to move my head
I suckle and so so love the feeling
I feel such a deep appreciation for having his
thick, warm, silky soft cock in my mouth

Periodically, his cock twitches and it almost makes me begin to move my head
Each time it twitches, pre-cum oozes into the back of my throat.
I gag one time and immediately go back to holding it and suckling.

Eventually, Master takes my head and fucks my mouth a bit.
I absolutely love it when he takes my head
and fucks up into my mouth.
I love that feeling!
I'm so damn desperate.

He pulls me off and tells me to grab my lunch,
sit quietly at his feet and eat.

I so want to be a good girl.
I so want to listen all the while being so desperate.

I reluctantly go make my lunch...and we watch tv
and when I finish my lunch
I put my plate away, and Masters
and this time I sit back down in front of him
I put my hands behind my neck.

Sir puts his hand on my laced fingers
he holds me there for a bit.
I then move open my legs and feel so vulnerable.
so submissive
so lovely.

He then puts his hands on my elbows and stretches them back.
I love the thought of him stretching me physically
I love that I'm stretching emotionally...
working on my submission
working on my openness

He stretches...then holds...then stretches.
After a bit, he tells me to go into our room

He tells me to lay over the bed once again
He gives me the last one hundred
of my THOUSAND swats
with his hand.
He's spanking hard...harder than I would expect.
I'm so warmed feels ...amazing!
but by the end...I'm beginning to cry.
He steps in behind me,
rubbing his hard, jean clad cock against my hot ass.
He pulls me up and hugs me from behind
I feel enveloped by my Master.

He tells me to climb up on the bed and lay on my back
I do so and he disappears into our closet.

He walks back out and chastises me
for not having my pussy shaved...
it's been a few weeks and is very fuzzy.

He reaches over and grabs a large rectangular wooden hair brush.
He spanks my pussy,
20 times with the hair brush.

I put my legs slightly together at about 13.
I am trying so hard.
But it's also so so so intense!

Immediately after the 20th,
he climbs on top of me
He fucks me.
So wonderfully!
He cums inside of me,
rolls us over onto our sides
and holds me.



  1. Wonderfull. So glad things are going well and that you are back in blog land!


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