Saturday, August 22, 2015

Elevator Spanking

My Sir came with me to physical therapy this morning.
Because it's a weekend, there's no one around. 

I had a hard, painful therapy session,
But made good progress. 
Sir being there and encouraging me
And giving me looks that told me to push it were really helpful!

We left and got into the elevator. 
He pushed the button and
Immediately pushed me up against the wall. 
He yanked down my pants and underwear. 
My hands flat against the wall,
My breathing falters
And he spanks fast and feverish. 

I got a dozen hard spanks. 
My pain is gone,
My cheeks are red,
A sheepish grin on my face
As he pulls my pants up just
Before the doors open. 

What a great way to end therapy. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Many of us has had this experience...

We always lock our door know...
games or whatever ensue


When we don't

Everyone's asleep
No one is going to come it
It's just a quicky

So there I am
Two orgasms in 
and naked and
I climb on up...
Well, having had surgery,
I climb up,
But he's at the edge of the bed
and my leg that's recovering is
Hanging off the bed
(Cause it doesn't bend that far yet)


The door opens,
There's a scramble by Sir and me
(Mostly me)
And the door shuts. 


SO, since I'm on the disabled list,
Sir scrambles to mitigate the damage. 

At least I wasn't tied up,
Or He wasn't caning me,
Or, or, or

But the thing I told Sir is...

"Not only have we ruined his night because he saw his parents having sex,
But now he thinks we have sex like THAT...
All wonky because of my knee!  Ugh!!!"

He's so going to need therapy!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Pain physical therapist said,

"You have to embrace the pain
and accept the pain.
It has to be something you make one with,
because you will be in a lot of pain
to get where you need to be."
she said this and I thought...
hmmmmmmm....mind slipping to kink world

I like pain.  I love spankings and floggings and whips and belts and canes
and nipple torture and .... and ... and ....


Then she took my leg and pushed it past where it actually moves and
I literally saw a red film pass through my eyes and almost past out...
and I thought...

Then...after the film passes and I breath again
and the pain recedes, I think some more.

Oh...that amazing difference.

Makes me wonder if studies have been done on the difference between
erotic pain and painful pain.

Because erotic pain starts off painfully
doesn't it??!!

...and then it morphs


lovely Velvety, Warm, fabulousness.

and I'm sure it's psychological...
it's where my mind takes me...
where my mind takes my body,
takes that pain.

Because obviously we've probably mostly all had
spankings or slaps or impacts of some nature that were just simply painful
for whatever reason...
because they were punishment and not meant to be erotic,
they were not in the dynamic of an M/s,D/s,Top/bottom,Spanker/spankee dynamic...
but I can I tap into that transformative place...
is it possible to transform my pain into erotic pain?

Can I find my Velvety, Warm, fabulousness?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One Month

One month ago today...

I was functional...
deep in the throws of DsMs
because we have really progressed past
Dominance and Submission to a more
Master/Slave relationship.

We were into ritual and rules
I was doing a great job following my rules (so says I)
He was enjoying being my Master (once thinks me :)

One month ago TOMORROW

I had major surgery
I no longer have a body part that I did
I became BIONIC :)


sadly, there went Ms
There went rules
There went ritual
There went anything but ...
moment to moment functioning
getting through the pain
getting through the drugs
getting through the day I month

I am better.
I am still broken
I am still recovering and will be for a LONG time to come.

I am really focused on physical therapy
I have one more month of pushing HARD.

We are having sex.
We are playing a little.
I have been spanked twice and swatted several more times.
We are starting to have more ritual and rules
and he is pulling me back into my place...
because I'm sooooo not there...

We are one month in....
and many more to go!