Saturday, August 15, 2015


Many of us has had this experience...

We always lock our door know...
games or whatever ensue


When we don't

Everyone's asleep
No one is going to come it
It's just a quicky

So there I am
Two orgasms in 
and naked and
I climb on up...
Well, having had surgery,
I climb up,
But he's at the edge of the bed
and my leg that's recovering is
Hanging off the bed
(Cause it doesn't bend that far yet)


The door opens,
There's a scramble by Sir and me
(Mostly me)
And the door shuts. 


SO, since I'm on the disabled list,
Sir scrambles to mitigate the damage. 

At least I wasn't tied up,
Or He wasn't caning me,
Or, or, or

But the thing I told Sir is...

"Not only have we ruined his night because he saw his parents having sex,
But now he thinks we have sex like THAT...
All wonky because of my knee!  Ugh!!!"

He's so going to need therapy!


  1. Did he reverse out the door with wide open eyes, stunned into silence? I'm sure I did when I caught my parents doing that thing they're not supposed to do. A lock won't be necessary any more, he'll always knock. I'm your good parenting is sufficient therapy.

  2. Teaching him a healthy sexual relationship is key in a marriage isn't a bad thing. The first hand experience of it may though - haha!

    Good luck!

  3. More likely he is going to have a great story to share in high school and college...
    hugs abby

  4. He'll survive. We all do. At least he knows his parents still desire each other - or will when he tells about it in therapy.


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