Friday, August 7, 2015

Pain physical therapist said,

"You have to embrace the pain
and accept the pain.
It has to be something you make one with,
because you will be in a lot of pain
to get where you need to be."
she said this and I thought...
hmmmmmmm....mind slipping to kink world

I like pain.  I love spankings and floggings and whips and belts and canes
and nipple torture and .... and ... and ....


Then she took my leg and pushed it past where it actually moves and
I literally saw a red film pass through my eyes and almost past out...
and I thought...

Then...after the film passes and I breath again
and the pain recedes, I think some more.

Oh...that amazing difference.

Makes me wonder if studies have been done on the difference between
erotic pain and painful pain.

Because erotic pain starts off painfully
doesn't it??!!

...and then it morphs


lovely Velvety, Warm, fabulousness.

and I'm sure it's psychological...
it's where my mind takes me...
where my mind takes my body,
takes that pain.

Because obviously we've probably mostly all had
spankings or slaps or impacts of some nature that were just simply painful
for whatever reason...
because they were punishment and not meant to be erotic,
they were not in the dynamic of an M/s,D/s,Top/bottom,Spanker/spankee dynamic...
but I can I tap into that transformative place...
is it possible to transform my pain into erotic pain?

Can I find my Velvety, Warm, fabulousness?


  1. Can you transcend yourself into reliving your favorite play time? This is what I did while getting my tattoo. I laid there and focused on certain scenes and how much I enjoyed them. I focused on His face. I focused on what it means to please Him.

    Maybe start with how much this pleases your Sir. You pushing yourself. Then, focus on those moments you have enjoyed most. Why? The feelings? Etc.

    Good luck!!

  2. I'm really interested in that topic too. My mom actually brought it up once, as she's getting older and lives a very physical life, she says mindset help her with her pains. She actually told me I should learn some strategies for coping with pain- I had to zip my lips or start in with "If you only knew..."

    1. Ps. I tried this sort of thing at the dentist (I hate the dentist) but it didn't work at all. No happy feels, wrong sort of pain. But maybe the physical therapy is closer.

  3. Howdy, I stumbled upon your blog as I jumped around this am. I have dealt with knee replacement. Rehab is the key. Push through it. People that do t have long term lingering pain that should have been dealt with initially an swiftly. --- Tex

  4. learning to comment, as a long time follower of this blog, but flippantly maybe it rather depends on whether you can imagine your therapist as Domly....


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