Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One Month

One month ago today...

I was functional...
deep in the throws of DsMs
because we have really progressed past
Dominance and Submission to a more
Master/Slave relationship.

We were into ritual and rules
I was doing a great job following my rules (so says I)
He was enjoying being my Master (once thinks me :)

One month ago TOMORROW

I had major surgery
I no longer have a body part that I did
I became BIONIC :)


sadly, there went Ms
There went rules
There went ritual
There went anything but ...
moment to moment functioning
getting through the pain
getting through the drugs
getting through the day I month

I am better.
I am still broken
I am still recovering and will be for a LONG time to come.

I am really focused on physical therapy
I have one more month of pushing HARD.

We are having sex.
We are playing a little.
I have been spanked twice and swatted several more times.
We are starting to have more ritual and rules
and he is pulling me back into my place...
because I'm sooooo not there...

We are one month in....
and many more to go!


  1. Take it from someone how has been there...well not the bionic part...but the recovery takes way longer than you think it should. Small steps are victories..and sounds like the victories have started...thanks for the update..
    hugs abby

  2. Take your time recoverying. You will get back to where you were, which sounds like you are on that path.

  3. PT allows me to express my sadistic streak. Well, it's not really sadistic, but it is pushing for HARD work and real pain. Not doing the work now never turns out well long term, so good for you pushing through. I hope it all goes well for you, with the rehab and the return to your real life with him.


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