Saturday, July 25, 2015



I haven't had sex for 


well, 2.5 weeks (same thing really)


Last night. 

I have become unbearable cheeky

Maybe a bit disrespectful

And too unsubmissive. 

Master has been slowly reintroducing 
M/s into my day to day life

He's pretty done with my behavior

He's been doing a fabulous job
With taking care of his very broken wife. 

He's kindly reminded me that our dynamic
Is still what he wants and will be expecting. 

I'm still recovering from my surgery. 
Physical therapy comes to my home for another week and then I'll be going to PT. 

I still have a very loooong way to go (months and months)

But last night,
Master played with my body and
oh God did he kiss

And I was kindly given several orgasms
And turned on. 

I pushed Master to His back
(I assume He thought I would suck on him)
He was shocked when I swung on top of him. 
He was shocked and terrified - 
He's so worried about hurting me. 
I rode him and he held me...
Controlled me. 

I came with him and it was...
Maybe the most wonderful sex that I can remember

It felt so intimate
So connecting
So loving
So controlled. 
So perfect. 

After I cleaned up,
I cought my breath, snuggled up in the crook of his arm. 


Friday, July 3, 2015


Was out of the country. 
Sadly, several times we were simply too tired to have sex (WHAT???)
And rarely spanking because of lack of privacy. 

But the trip was good!

One kink moment was...
I was stripped naked and
in front of this window!

Sadly, I'm having major surgery on Monday. 
Please say a prayer. 
I'll be back online later.