Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Could I Inspire Anyone?

First, Please allow me to thank CassaundraHisLilAngelMrs. DAishaJoolz & Tori for nominating me.  It seems silly, I couldn't inspire ANYONE in's just my sex life.  I mean, really!  I'm simply this middle-aged married-for-forever submissive.  But thank you for nominating me.  REALLY!

The Rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog  
2. Link back to the person who nominated you 
3. State 7 things about yourself 
4. Nominated 15 other bloggers for this award & link to them 
5. Notify those bloggers & the award's requirements 

I, like many, can't nominate 15...that seems like an excessively large number of blogs and many have been nominated and I'm having trouble keeping track.  Please message me if you would like to have a nomination and I would be THRILLED, otherwise, sorry.  Can't.

Seven things...about my Sir (as several have already done...and I know I haven't shared a ton)

Sir Q:
  1. He's brilliant, not just because I think so, but because he IS.
  2. He's a big guy...think line backer size.  OK so not quite, but a Big Guy...Tall!
  3. He's a serious rule follower (hmmmm, funny - that shouldn't surprise anyone - huh.)
  4. He can't use a comma to save his life!  He'll know it's wrong, but can't see how to fix it.
  5. He loves Christmas music all year long.
  6. He is loyal to a fault.  He will forgive and's insane!
  7. He's a total introvert, but plays the extrovert expertly when he so desires or is required to.
     BONUS:  Not like it's shocking, he's my everything and I his. 

UPDATE:  I missed HisLilAngel...I am very sorry.  And when I read your post, OMG, you are just the sweetest.  So here's the thing...I still can't see how we can be inspiring to ANYONE...we're just...US.  That just does NOT seem like it should be inspiring.  IDK.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clipboard, Please Sir!

ARG, my mother makes me CRAZY.

I glare at my husband, not that I'm frustrated with him but to show that I am sooo frustrated, in general.

"fiona, I need your help for a minute." He says so casually.

He walks upstairs and I actually think he needs help with something.  I know there's laundry to be sorted, and that is soooo my job.  As soon as I walk in our room, he gently closes our door, doesn't lock it, but walks over and helps me assume the position.  He removes my phone from my back pocket and rubs my ass.  He spanks, over my jeans.  He spanks hard and fast.

"You needed that, didn't you?"

"fiona, you needed that didn't you?"

I didn't say anything because I felt like I needed more, but he was being so amazing, I didn't want to ask for more.  I simply was staying in the position, letting as much stress seep out as possible.

HIS Clipboard...mmmm




He spanks, covering my entire ass.  It's firm...hmmm is he using a book?  Wow, it's an impact for sure.  Oh, YES, this is what I needed!

When he's done, he drops the clipboard beside me and said, "I knew I liked that clipboard." too.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well Played

During our evening, lounging on the couch - him sitting and me with my head on his lap, watching TV, snuggling, he would spank my bottom periodically.  It was lovely.

We went to our room to get ready for bed and he says casually, "Get the glass dildo."
I look at him, knowing he's tired, and quickly retort, "you don't have to do this."

He quickly grabs my hair, turns me around and spanks, hard and quick.  I'm catching my breath.  "Stay." he commands and in seconds is back with a hairbrush.  He applies it liberally to my backside.
"How many do you need?"  he asks.  I am still and quiet.    "Do you get to tell me what I can and can't do?" He asks.  "

"No, Sir.  I'm sorry, Sir."  I quickly retort.  I know I shouldn't have said that.  Of course he will do what he wants.  He KNOWS he doesn't HAVE to.  Why do I feel the need to say that?  Ugh....silly fiona!

"Do you understand, fiona.  Do you REALLY understand?"

I lay naked on His bed, my legs butterflied open and the Glass Dildo in my hand.
"Put it in." he commands.  I am surprised by how slick I am.
"Go ahead, fiona.  Show me." He says.  I begin to move the dildo in and out, slowly.
"How would I do it?" he asks.  I begin to move it more quickly.

He's standing beside the bed while I'm masturbating.  He's pulled the covers down so they are pooled at my feet.  He reaches over and begins to squeeze my nipples, rolling them, pulling them, flicking them.

"Faster."  he says.  "Good Girl."

"Harder fiona."

"Oh - look at you, you are such a good girl."

I'm masturbating furiously while he plays with both nipples.   I'm feeling so adored.

My forearm is seriously cramping.  Like magic, he takes the dildo and fucks the shit out of me.

     I Cum, Ohmygod do I Cum!!

As it rolls through my body, I twist, closing my knees, trapping his hand which is still on the dildo.  He reaches over with his other hand and quickly shows me the error of my ways.



"Roll Over...Open your legs and Stay...just like that." He says.
"Good Girl."

He renews his efforts with the dildo.  Ahhh....

He takes my hand and moves it to the dildo.  He kneels beside me on the bed.  He leans over, putting his cock into my mouth.  He fucks down into my mouth and I am lost in noise, moaning, groaning, sucking, ohmygod ohmygod do I love this.  I suck and suck and he pumps deep into my mouth.  I am sucking so wildly, latched on properly.  I hardly notice when he comes, deep down my throat.  I suck and suck, long after he's spent, cleaning his cock thoroughly.  Eventually, he pulls out.

He stands up, slaps my cheek and says, "You are My good girl.  I love you little one."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sleeping Toy

     covers so soft and heavy on top of me

Hands rubbing on my thigh

My legs being pushed open

     warm, soft, comfortable...sleep

Fingers opening my lips

Touching my clit

     pillow so fluffy and inviting

Rubbing my pussy

Mouth sucking on nipples

     feelings; relaxed, content, excited

Fingers slipping inside

messaging, faster, hips flexing, more, more

    so dark, so quiet, can't quite wake up

Moaning - oh was that from me?

Arching, rolling, feeling, cumming

     warm, happy, smiling, sleeping.


I have a wicked cold and consequently, a migraine from all of the sinus pressure.  I went to bed really early last night.  I had this vague recollection of the above.  It was clear that in its fogginess.   It was dream like, but with so much feeling.  As Sir is dressed and heading out to work this morning, he bends over the bed, kisses me on the forehead and says, "You know I played with you last night."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Electric Nipples...Mmmm Good!

"Lay across my bed, fiona," he commands in a low, patient voice.

Oh no - is my only thought as I lay across his bed.

"Take off your shirt."

I am now laying across his bed with my pants on - he had me remove my bra earlier in the evening.   I know he's planning on's far to early to be secluded in our room to not play.  Oh, what does he have in mind.

"Close your eyes, fiona.  Goodgirl (yes, he says it like it's one word).  Now keep them closed, little one."

I feel...Oh...OH, he's putting something on my nipples.  It's cold and covers - like an inch and a half around my nipple.  It's foreign, I don't know what it is.  I feel the pull to open my eyes, but want to be good.  That disconnect - desire to open - desire to please is arousing, intoxicating.

Ohmygod, ohmygod...prickles, stings, little tiny stabs of electricity start to go through my nipples.  HOLY SHIT, he got out the TENS machine...we discussed this, but never did.  Ohmygod.  It feels painful, but just barley.  It is intense in all the right ways.

He lets me adjust to this feeling, all the while adding to it.  He's changing the intensity of the TENS and his other hand is rubbing, gently, his fingertips along my body.  Touching around my belly button.  Going in and out, up my side and down my arm, around my neck, giving it a squeeze.  AAHHHHH.

He touches me all over, eventually making his way back down my navel.  He unbuttons my jeans and slips them off along with my panties.  He pushes my knees apart and gently touches my calfs, my knees, my thighs.  He wanders his fingers around my soft, warm folds.  He touches my wetness and spreads it around my lips.  He dips his fingers into my warm honey, making me moan even louder.

After building the tension inside of me, he removes his fingers and quickly replaces them with The Dildo.  It's so large as he gently stretches me as he invades my pussy.  I'm so tight around it, it's not sliding in easily even though I am oh, so wet.

"If its a bit hard for you to take, that's ok. I want you to take it anyway I give it to you.  Do you understand, fiona?"  he says.

With those words, I relax and the dildo slides in.  He fucks me with it slow - in and out.  He makes sure its considerable length is naturally lubricated with my nectar before he pushes it harder and faster.

The tingling on my nipples, the penetration that is so filling and rough and claiming.  Oh, I am so....horny.

"What are you imagining, fiona?" he asks.
"you're putting a big dick inside me." i breathlessly reply.

"Is it mine?  Is it someone else's?"

AHHHHH.  He fucks me with The Dildo and I come apart.

"Ask me for it." he commands.
         what the FUCK is it with him wanting me to ask??????
"Please make me take the big dick, sir." I breath.  "Please let me cum."

Now typically, I do NOT ask to cum, he doesn't EVER really control that.  It was where I was.  It was the wonton, horny, sexually deviant, slut that was deep inside me screaming for freedom.

and with that...he renews his assault, turning up the TENS and fucking me with recless abandon and I CUM...HUGE.

He removes The Dildo and I close my knees and feel so bereft, so empty - cranving fullness!

I hear a zip but don't look as I roll my knees back and forth - my body apart from my mind.

He removes the TENS from my nipples.  He sucks on each and Oh, it feels like warm ocean waves rolling over my overly sensitive nubs.  He leans up and with no preamble, he's inside of me.  His shirt on, jeans on, zipper open allowing his cock to mate up with my sex. He starts to move and he's not being any too gentile...he's fucking in roughly the same manner he was with The Dildo.  My hands go up to his chest and push against him.

I want.  I want his cock inside - as deep as I can.  He's slamming into me and I'm leavering his torso to get him as deep inside as possible. He's pumping into me and I cum apart. My Sir is a large man. He is tall and very muscular. I cum and my body clenches around him...but not just my pussy.  All of my muscles seem to tighten.  I am fuly supporting his upper body on my arms because I am pushing so hard. I cum and he cums and I just don't stop. I can feel my pussy gripping onto his cock with the power I have never experienced.  I can feel me milking him and know he has deposited his seed deep inside me.  He's stopped pumping and yet my body just continues to pulse. I am lost to the sensation, panting, shuddering, moaning...lost.
He tucks me into bed and tells me he'll clean everything up. He kisses my forehead and turns off the light. I am thoroughly, roughly fucked and exhausted, lay sated.

Monday, January 21, 2013


"You're just so cute," he says

Hrmph.  When he says that, it makes me feel like a school girl.  I know it's not necessarily how he means it, but that's how it comes across.  That it's silly or it's somehow childish.  I was saying something to him  that wasn't meant to be was just a statement.

"You hate it when I say that."


"I think that's why I like saying it so much."

"You ARE a sadist."

"Only for the past year or so.  But you like me being this way.  That's why I like it so much."

oh he knows me so well.

You know those moments, when he vocalizes that he is enjoying being the way he is.  When he acknowledges being a sadist or me being a in an extreme way or in an extremely minor way, like this example above, it is so meaningful to me.  He loves me the way I am.  He enjoys being the way he's being.  Reassurance.  Realization.  Acknowledgement.  Satisfaction. Contentment.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

No Mind-Reading

"I can't be expected to know what 
you aren't telling me you need."
                                                                           Sir says to me

Ugh, sometimes I forget.  As much as I discuss communication as being the be-all-end-all...periodically, I fall off the communication-wagon.  Sir and I have had an amazing relationship from the beginning...we have ALWAYS communicated frequently and well.  HOWEVER, sometimes, I fall into the trap of thinking that he should know what I want, he should know what I need.  Without a clue - without a word - without a hint from body language.  He should know.  

And when he doesn't, I'm hurt and mad and often petulant.  Typically after this, we reset and talk and work things through and he reminds me to talk to communicate with him...that he isn't a mind reader, that...

he can't be expected to know what I'm not telling him.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, A Spanking O!!!!!

So, tonight I was tired...physically and emotionally.  Raising kids is exhausting sometimes!  I was kind of being "cheeky" is how Sir puts it...I call it being cantankerous or dare I say, a pain in the ass.

He'd finally had enough.  He grabs me, hugs me, kisses me thoroughly,  then smacks my face.  As I'm trying to rearrange my, now scrambled, whits he says, "Go upstairs, take all of your clothes off, and get the cane and bamboo."

The moment I have my clothes off -like literally, I still have the item of clothing in my hand- I'm spanked. Standing up, with his hand.  He's spanking Hard, no warm up, no preamble, no placement of my body, no nothin'...'cept the thwacking of a lifetime.

He spanks me for probably two or three minutes standing - then takes my hair and lovingly places me over the bed.

He continues his spanking.  This wasn't an erotic spanking, it was a "what the fuck" spanking.  Got It!!  Point Made!  PROMISE!!

After my heal flies up off the ground a couple of times, he pulls me up, rubs my scorching hot sore ass, then pulls my chin up, kisses my forehead and points and snaps toward a plastic case.

"Get the cane and bamboo" is what was implied by the point and words were uttered.

He lays down on the bed and has a finger pointing to a spot next to him.  I lay down on bed and he redirects me to lay with my head at his feet.  He begins with the bamboo.  He THWACKS, hard and I squeeze his leg and foot.  He continues and it hurts.  My bum is already well heated and sensitive and he is holding nothing back.

I know the bamboo is mean to feel good, but damn, when you swing like that...ya, no pleasure.  After my first set, I breathe and consciously relax.  He begins again.  This time softer.  My hand is relaxed, I'm calm, it's feeling good, more sensual, I'm feeling...electrified.  I'm feeling myself floating away.  As I start to soar, my breathing picks up.

Wait.  I'm aware!  I was heading to subspace, why am I so aware, why is my breathing not slowing down.

My breathing is becoming panting. Hh hhu hhu hh. 

I'm breathing. And electricity begins to build. 

My panting begins to turn to moaning. 

Ahhh. Mmmm. Owwww. Ahhh.  Oh.

I'm feeling ... and ... oh ... I'm pulsing. 

HOLY SHIT!  I'm.  I'm.  I'm cumming. Aaahhhhh.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HIS Girl And The FUCKING Hickey

Your going to have a hickey,” he says, nonchalantly.

Are you FUCKING kidding me???” Oh yes, I really said that!

I looked in the mirror as we were in the bathroom at the time.  Crap, Crap, Crap, he wasn’t kidding me.  I wear scarfs all the time because I love them, but I hate loathe having to wear one because a fucking-hickey visible.

Impetuously, fueled by righteous indignation, I hit Sir on the shoulder.  Crap, Crap, Crap, I shouldn’t have done that.  Now I’m tall and very strong, BUT he is taller and much stronger.  I dash to the bed, trying to safely hide half of my body.  He calmly walks over to me, lays on top of me, pinning my arms above my head and leaning on them.  He’s leaning on all of me, so I can feel the weight of him. 

Have I said, Crap, Crap, Crap!!!  He looks in my eyes, his glowing - scorching.  Calmly, deliberately - slowly even - he speaks to me.

You are MY little girl. “
You are MY good girl.”
AND I can do anything I want to any part of you.”
Your body is available to me – even for a hickey.”
What do you say.”

Yes, Sir.”  I whisper, truly trying to breathe and regroup as a flash flood just happened inside my body.

God, I love this man! (NOT the fucking hickey)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Get out the glass dildo, fiona."  he commands as we lay in bed.  As he had mentioned it earlier in the evening, I had it laying conveniently in the night stand so it would be ready if by chance he asked.                                                              

He laid me on my back, put my knees in a butterfly position, put my hands above my head and began to rub the cold tip of the dildo on my outer folds.  The glass is so cold.  It is smooth and so hard...but it glides so smoothly against my lower lips.  I quickly have enough moisture that it is seeping out past my lips and the head slips inside my folds.  Now it's on my clit and feels cold and electrifying.  He gets the tip good and lubricated and ready to enter my hot inner sanctum.  

So the glass dildo has these amazing ridges on it.  They don't look like much but I can really feel them...every one.  He slides the dildo in and I relax.  It feels...mmmmmmm.  He begins to move it -slowly at first - then picking up steam.  He tilts it just ever so slightly to my right and AHHHH...I come cum apart!  He stops, leaves the dildo inside of me and lays his hand on my thigh. I catch my breath as my body shudders and my pussy clenches.  I move one of my legs and he quickly tells me to stay still.  "Do not move, fiona.  Do you understand me?"  "Yessss, sir," I quickly retort.  

After a few minutes, he starts the process over again, masterbating me with the glass dildo.  This time I am quicker to cum.  It's not immediate, but it is quicker than last time.  Like last time, he stops, keeps the dildo inside, lays his hand on my thigh.  Like last time, I begin to move my legs as I catch my breath - body still twitching - and he tells me to be still.  "Yesssss, sir."

Isn't it beautiful...sparkling in the light
with the amazing blue ridges!
He removes his hand from my thigh to play with my nipples, pulling, twisting, flicking.  I can feel my pussy clench over and over from his delicious torment of my breasts.  And the dance begins again.  He brings me to cum, over and over, until at last I am begging for him to stop.  I am pleading, "No, no, not again, no more."  He pulls yet more out of me and I am lost.  I am pulling at the sheets and no longer even pretending to be quiet - screams of pleasure turning to silent screams of bliss.  My oral noises replaced by the slippery sloshing of my pussy juices smacking and sucking with the movement of the dildo.

When he is done, he tells me to catch my breath while playing with my nipples.  He tells me to clean the dildo, put it away and come back to bed.  I unlock the door as I put away the dildo and come back to bed.  He looks at me, smiles his wicked, ya-I-just-fucked-your-pussy-silly-but-am-not-done-with-you-yet evil grin and smoothly says, "Get me the bamboo and flogger, lock my door, and lay down for your spanking.  I am thinking you need a couple hundred."

Oh, what a lucky, lucky, lucky girl I am!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Long Spanked at Long Last

Oh, thank you Sir!  

Spanked At Last...

Long Spanked at Long Last!!!

Hours with his hand, a wooden brush, a cane and the bamboo massage sticks.

He spanked in bursts ending a round just as I was reaching my pain-as-pleasure threshold.  He would spank harder for fewer strokes or softer for more strokes.  I feel the blow and there is a sting and thud at the moment of impact.  I can feel energy surges throughout my body.  It's kind of like the energy from the impact is converted to energy in my nervous system.  I can feel, literally feel surges of energy, tingling of my nerves emanating from the point of the strike outward, moving throughout my body.   The nerve endings in my fingers and toes are tangible.  I am energized, invigorated, excited and so aroused.

He regularly got me to the edge of subspace and let me float back down to our bed, back to him.  After many times of repeating that, he showed me mercy and let me float right up up and away.   I clearly remember the moment it happened. I caught my breath, then my body just relaxed.  I let go.  Soaring into subspace for me is equal parts of his gift of endorphins and my conscious decision  to mentally let myself go.  At the moment I go, my hand that had been gripping him tightly became completely loose and relaxed.  My breathing slowed and became regular and steady.  My consciousness was outside of me.  My thinking changed, time flexed, my mental focus becomes panoramic landscape in dense fog instead of a macro crystal clear portrait. I felt the blows, but the pain wasn't painful, simply there - not gone, but easily bearable.  I was calm, peaceful in the brutality of being struck, I touch tranquility.  It was just what I needed.

At long last, 
I had a long lasting spanking 
Floating away
Soaring straight into subspace.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Speaking of Needy... speaking of needy...can I just say...



  • There have been holidays which, by their very nature, were a bit stressful
  • We traveled a long distance
  • There have been people out of school for two, count 'em TWO, weeks
  • There have been other ears in the house for for-fucking-ever!
  • I haven't had a proper spanking in too long (cause it's always been too long)
  • I am me!!!

Now, don't get me wrong.  I've had quick spanks, a good spanking of my breasts and of course the lovely gift of pain.  In spite of these gifts from my Sir, I am still in need of a


I am needy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Needy As Something Bad, hmmm

So I was driving down the road and typically, I listen to music.  But today, the radio happened to be on from the person who drove the car last - not me.  The program that was on had folks talking about people being needy and how terrible it is to be a needy person.  Needy for them was defined by:
     "Needing another person to fill their bucket"

So this distinguished emotional neediness from financial need or physical need.
     Physical:  I need to get transportation to work
     Financial: I need to make enough money so we have food.

Well first off, I really like that definition of need.

I start thinking, examining myself.  So I start with two questions;
  1. Am I needy?
  2. Is being needy in any emotional way truly a bad thing for me?
So I can understand...different strokes for different folks.  This is for me and for me alone.  Knowing me - knowing where I come from and what my current weakness are, this is where I stand on the issue.

  1. Am I needy?   Yes and no.  I am not a high maintenance person (in the emotional way - not the spanking/sex way - those I am hehehe).  I am strong physically and emotionally.  I am self-reliant, self-aware, and capable.  Do I need my Sir?  HELL YES!!!  I need him like I need the air I breathe.  I  will not be incapable of paying bills or doing math (yes, nilla - I do like to do math), or write my name if he were all of a sudden not here.  I would, however, likely die of a broken heart.  So, yes - I am needy of HIM.
  2. Is being needy in any emotional way truly a bad thing - FOR ME?  Ugh...once again, yes and no.  I would love to say no.  I would love to say that I'm totally fine with being needy - even just a little - in not an unhealthy way, I believe.  However, I also understand that makes me very vulnerable...but hell...aren't we all who love someone.  And the more intertwined our lives are, the more connected we are, the more we love each other, the more inter-dependent we are on one-another, the more at risk we are of being seriously fucked up if something were to happen - a betrayal, a death, a decision to not be together...  So while getting hurt, being a drift, being unable to function due to grief and being distraught is a very bad thing, it is a trade-off for the positive benefits of loving and adoring this person.  
OK, so I know these people were talking around co-dependence.  Did you know that there is a section in WebMD on co-dependence?  Indeed...defined as "Codependency, by definition, means making the relationship more important to you than you are to yourself"  Well...after over 20 years of being together - building our lives together, spending all available time together and the added D/s dynamic...we are rather co-dependent.  Note, I said WE.  I think we are.  We choose our relationship more important.  Is that all bad?  According to many psychologists...often it is bad...according to many doctors - yes.  Hmmmm...Shit...I don't feel screwed up.   Sorry, that was sassy.  But really, it is an interesting conundrum to me.  

I haven't even gotten to my need for spankings, my need for Him to control me, my need for sex, my need to be used, my need for his love, my need for.........

Any thoughts on this neediness thing?  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spank Breasts To Wetness

"Get on top of me." he tells me, unceremoniously, this morning.  There was no foreplay, no warming up, he had simply woken up, reached over, grabbed my arm to pull me atop him and issued the command.

"I'm not very wet," I quickly retort, placing my pussy over his very hard cock.

"Oh, I'll take care of that by the end."

"By cumming in me?" I reply. To which he looks into my eyes and grins, his evil grin.  I inwardly roll my eyes and have a brief inner conflict between wanting to simply be satisfied to be of service, wishing he would reach for the lube because...ugh - he just pushed in without any natural moisture...and wanting foreplay as I was asleep just a few seconds ago.

He begins to pump into me and he pushes me up slightly.  He rolls my nipple to attention and then quickly plays the bongos on my breasts.  Again, my mind quickly drifts to being indignant - a boy playing bongos on my titties, I mean seriously?!  As I sit up straighter, he swings and begins to spank - my breasts hard and upon impact I moan and cum.  Holy, holy, wow...that was quick.  Well no worries about being dry...

He continues to spank hard while he impales me and I continue to pulse, squeeze, and gush.

When he has had his pleasure, he looks into my eyes once again, "Good morning, fiona."  Indeed!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Gift of Pain

Wow...this year is starting off with fabulous firsts.  

fondles and BIKSS sent me a fabulous gift from far-far-away.   It came in the mail in this wonderful, protective, non-descript plastic  When I saw the mail carrier drop it off, I ran - like literally RAN down to get it.  I looked at Sir - who was grinning at me with the I-love-you-my-dear-but-you-are-a-nut smile.  I explained that it was from fondles and quickly took the tube upstairs and opened it.  

I was sooooo excited.  I knew it would include a cane of some sort.  BIKSS asked before I got the tube if I had used a cane before, to which I answered, "no."  I have had a hand, whip, cat-o-nine-tales, spoons, brushes, many fucking phenomenal floggers, including conina's - my favorites,  used on me, but never a cane.  He warned me that with canes you need to start slow.

I saw wrapping paper inside oohh I love presents and tipped it upside down.  Out  fell a cane and a bundle of bamboo.   Wow, the cane is thin and bendy...It looks so petite - innocuous.  I quickly open the two wrapped gifts.  Oh, wow.  It's the proto-spanko and the slapper.  The slapper has a blue daisy "Q" charm on it.  WOW.  It is amazing.  A "Q" - I can't believe they found a "Q"!  I loved them!  I absolutely loved them!

Sir came up a while after and I had all of the gifts laid out on the bed.  He bent me over the bed and said, "mmmm, wow, fiona.  These look like fun."  He rubbed the small of my back while he fondled the new toys, his hand was strong, his fingers spread out.  I loved how it felt.  He picked up the cane and *WHWHWHWHWHAP*.  

!!!!!!! HOLY  SHIT !!!!!!!

Oh, crap, I forgot to tell Q that we had to start slowly.  Crap! Shit! Fuckity Fuck Fuck fuck!  That hurt!!!! I could hear it, slicing the air.  Oh, damn, that hurt!!!  I think my legs lifted three feet off the ground - at the same time!  He quickly changed tacks, didn't stop mind you, just changed how he applied it.  I am secretly grateful that he didn't stop all together. He began to bounce the cane lightly off my ass.  It felt fabulous.  I loved it.  He criss-crossed the welt where he had the really hard strike.  The rhythmic application acted almost as a message on that spot and helped desensitize the welt.  He increased the strength slowly, but not too much. 

After a bit, he switched to the proto-spanko.  He said this one was harder for him to spank with, but I enjoyed the feel of the rubber and the thuddiness.  I loved the breadth of the strike, as he had fanned it out.  It felt soothing and blanketing.  It wasn't stingy, which was a welcomed change after the cane.

He set that down and then said that he was going to spank hard, but only a few strikes with the next implement.  He said it was because it was going to be loud and others may hear.  He hit me with the bamboo message sticks.  They were loud  but they were my most favorite implement!  I think I began to moan and push my ass higher in the air, begging for more.  He hit as hard as he dared, and was very deliberate.  Oh, it felt like a cross between a gentile caning and a flogging.  It was amazing.  I would have been happy to have that beating on me for hours - hehe.

Sadly, I didn't get to feel the spanker.  I had been so excited to show Sir the charm (a "Q" can you believe it??)  on the slapper that I had laid it on my dresser after I opened it and forgot to lay it on the bed, so we didn't have a chance to try that one.  I can't wait to have a go with it as soon as Sir sees fit!  

Thank you, Thank you fondles and BIKSS for sending
us such amazing new toys for Sir and I to play with.
Thank you for my gift of pain!  

(top to bottom)
bamboo massage stick, cane, proto-spanko, slapper

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First HNT

I have seen HNT's (Half Naked Thursday for me) by many beautiful people; nilla, conina, kitty, fondles, faerie, aisha, Mr. & Mrs. AP just to name a few.

I had some free time today, Thursday by the way, and I had received a new charm that I absolutely ADORE (thank you fondles & BIKSS),

so...while the Master's away the sub will play... (hehehe).

I e-mailed Sir this picture while he was at work - A First!  He called immediately and told me he loved the picture.  I asked if I could post it and he told me yes!!  Yea!  So, without further ado, here's my first HNT!

*covers face and blushes*

Sir Q's mlb

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Phenomenally Fabulous First Figging

Well, I purchased ginger a day or so ago.  Today, I roughly shaped it, then left it on the countertop.  I went upstairs to take a shower and after drying, I walked into the bedroom to hear that oh so exciting Click of the lock on the door.  Sir had finished shaping the ginger and had it in hand.  EEKK,  I was so terrified excited. He set the plate with the ginger on the bedside table and kissed me.  He took me by the shoulders, turned me around and bent me over the bed.  I stretched my hands out in front of me and breathed deep into the quilt.  I had butterflies-on-amphetamines flying in my stomach.  I have anticipated this first figging.  After so much time together and so many limits that have been pushed, finding true FIRSTs is a rarity for us.

He warmed my ass with his hand.  After a good warm up, he rubbed the heat in.  I was feeling much calmer.  Not to stop there, he spanked me with other implements to give my ass a nice patterned effect.  After I was well warmed, and my lungs well oxygenated, he asked me to kneel on the bed and put my head and shoulders down.

He placed the tip of the ginger on my opening and it felt cool.  Hmmm, I wonder when this whole warming will start?  Oh, my mind began to whirl, will it burn? Will it be too hot? Will I even feel it? Will it work on me?  He inserted the ginger.  It went in easily.  My initial impression of the ginger was the excitement of having something inserted into my tight rosebud.  Oh, I had just mentioned to Sir the night before how much I adore having things in my ass.  I am a total back-door-adict.  It felt very similar to any anal plug, although initially it was a cool temperature. He held the ginger in place, reached over to the bedside table and took the TV remote - WHAT - and changed the channel to the football game.  The objectification on top of the inserted object turned me to jelly.

Within minutes, I had pushed back and had taken all of the ginger that was meant to be taken.  I could feel the warmth of the ginger beginning to take hold of the entire surface that it touched.  It was not a burn, but a warming, stimulating feeling.  It intensified minute by minute, going from a luke-warm to a simmer to a solid hot.  Within five minutes, I was breathing deeply and my pussy began to pulse.  I wasn't cumming, but I was hyper-turned on, pussy dripping and pulsing.  My hips were grinding up and down on the ginger.  I became a wanton slut, I think I would have done just about anything - and all he had to do was push a ginger root in my ass.  Wow, who knew?

As soon as my hips began to move of their own accord, he placed a hand on the small of my back and began to spank me.  Where it had been stingy before we started the figging, now the spanking was nothing but stimulating, nothing but a total turn on, nothing but exciting.  With every spank, my muscles clenched around the root.  With the squeeze, the temperature increased and my pussy pulsed.  It was a wonderful consequence to each impact.

Oh, I was so horny, so HOT.

After about a half hour with the ginger, my ass was completely thermally exposed and stimulated.  Where I love to have a dildo or a plug or any part of Him in my ass, the ginger root made it so the entire  canal was very warm to hot and tingly.  It was exceedingly sensitized - and wow, that's an odd feeling, given that you typically feel full, but not actually feel the entire canal area itself.

After my second good spanking, he gave me the gift of his cock.  I was allowed to suck on him and I was ravenous.  I think that if it was possible to suck a cock clean off, I would have.  I was rhythmically sucking with such force.  My tongue was pulsing up and down his veined shaft.  I took him deep into into the back of my throat and had such gratitude for his presence in my mouth.  After he came and I cleaned his cock by continuing to suck until he softened.  I sucked the life out of poor Sir who quickly fell into a post-cum coma.

So, in short...
   I'm in!
       I'm hooked!
               I loved it!

Figging's Fucking Phenomenal

By the way, for those who haven't tried, the intense feeling diminished fairly rapidly when the ginger was removed.