Sunday, April 28, 2013







That is what I felt this afternoon as I came home to a house with ONLY my family in it!  

I came home to a Sir who wanted a quick nap with ME!  

We had a half hour snooze - cuddled in each others arms.  
It was relaxing and EXACTLY where I wanted to be.  
At the end, I knew he needed to get up and do some work.  
Not house work, work-work...
which meant he needed to have his wits about him. 
I held his cock in my hands as we slept
When the half hour alarm went off, stroked him awake.
He hardened quickly under my hand.

"Lock my door." he groggily commanded.

"Sir, you have to work, we can't."  I replied.

"Lock my door." he insisted, a bit less sleepily.

"Sir, we can't.  You have to work.  I'm sorry I didn't mean to ...." I retorted.
Amazingly, I was being truthful.  
I hadn't meant to do anything other than wake him up nicely.

This continued until...

...I locked the door.

And the fabulous thing was that it wasn't the first time today, either...and hopefully not the last!

Friday, April 26, 2013

100th Post ... AND ... Sir's Home!


So, this is my HUNDREDTH post.  OK, so I am totally flabbergasted.  I know I've said it before, but I was NOT a person who EVER.   How in the heck have I managed to blog 100 published posts?

It has been wonderful.  I have loved blogging.  I have loved getting to know new people.  I have made wonderful friends, who've become a part of my life.  I am happy that people read my blog, I love, that people comment - regularly or periodically.  The comments mean the world to me!  I love that there are people who I can e-mail to  ask questions, or who even periodically e-mail me. I love the connections that I have with Y'ALL!

On another note...Sir made it home.  

He reasserted his dominance - right away.  He was loving and affectionate.  
We kissed.  We danced in the kitchen.  We talked and touched.  I asked at one point when we were hugging and he wouldn't let me put my arms around  his neck..."What are you doing?"  to which he quickly and matter of factly responded, "Asserting my dominance.  I love you and oh how I have missed you fiona."  

We were not alone in our home.  He comes back to our home filled with his extended family.  He's subtle with his dominance, but quite clear with his intent.  He took me up to our room within the first twenty minutes of being home under the auspices of unpacking his suitcase.  He bent me over the bed and spanked me - TWICE.  Yes, it was only twice, but he made them count.  OUCH.  He pumped into me from behind...both of us totally clothed.  He rocked into me and I could feel his hard-on.  I was so horny.  I know we don't sleep together continuously, but regularly.  It's been a week (I know - it's not THAT long, but it was a long time for me and a lot of stress and strain in between).  I was soooo happy that he was feeling the same way.   I was thrilled that he was hard.  THRILLED.  So...... 

...after pumping into me, he grabbed my hair and pushed me to my knees.  I buried my face in his crotch.  He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.  I was almost sucking in his pants, I was so eager.  I got a hold of his cock and just about inhaled it.  I sucked and he fucked.  He grabbed my hair and used my mouth.  He growled that he needed to cum in my mouth.  He started to cum and pushed his cock deep into my mouth.  Not being quite at the right angle, I coughed and gagged just a bit as he shot his load deep into my mouth.  I sucked and swallowed.  I loved that my gagging did not detour him from having his pleasures be met. He came so much, I had to swallow four times (and those weren't sips, either.)  When we were done, I looked up and saw him smiling at me.  Smiling with adoration and seeing the love in my eyes as I still sucked on his softening cock.  

Tonight as we went to bed, he sucked and nibbled and bit the living shit out of my nipples.  When he was done with that, he pushed my knees apart.  He slapped my pussy - hitting on the sweet spot.  He generally doesn't "check" on my arousal, but his fingers were greeted with slick honey dripping.  He slipped a finger, then two inside.  He fingered me to several orgasms, then lay his head on my chest and keeping his fingers inside of me, slipped off to sleep.  I lay there, fully awake, not wanting to ever move, feeling owned, loved, sated and controlled.  

*   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *   *  *  *  

Thank you all again for reading.  



Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have had a loss and am at a loss.  

I had a loss in my family recently.  It was unexpected, extremely sad, and well before time.  

I've traveled, attended a visitation and funeral, spent time crying, laughing, praying, thinking.  Spent glorious time with family.  Oh, I do love my family.  They bring me comfort and strength.   My siblings are nourishing to me.  They've got my back, always.  We are a solid unit when we are together.  We are sarcastic, quick whited, no-holes barred, give each other tons of shit, but we're tight!

At the same time, Sir has been away on business.  I've not done death and sadness and major emotional overloads without Sir.  I feel his absence to the core of my being.  I miss him intensely.  I don't simply miss his dominance, though I certainly do miss that.  I don't simply miss the sex, though I could use that connection, that excitement, that exertion, those orgasms!  I don't simply miss talking to him and hugging him and snuggling with him, though that is seriously leaving a gap that is widening in my soul.  I miss him, I miss US, I miss......

I have had a loss and am at a loss.  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled blog life shortly...
maybe next week.

Thursday, April 18, 2013



We lay.
Midnight on the clock.
No light enters our room.
We both lie on our sides.
My legs encased inside of his.
My legs scissoring around him.

My top arm over his back.
His top arm over my shoulder,
     cupping my breast, fingers rolling hard nipples.
His bottom arm a perfect pillow for my head.
My bottom hand encased in his bottom hand. 

We are attached, touching, twisted, 
encasing each other in warmth, 
in adoration, in connection
in  contentment, in us,

in love. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fantasies...Mine and Yours

Sofia had a post a bit back that included some fantasies.  

As I read hers fantasy, As I began to fantasize myself . . .

. . . it struck me.  My fantasies are so often similar to the ones that she has shared.   She's not the only blogger who has written fiction or fantasies that are similar to mine, though.

That then lead me to think about my fantasies.  I find it interesting that mine will change in location and in intensity and toys and other specifics, but at the heart, many of my fantasies are the same as they have been since I started having them.

The other thing that struck me is that I didn't really start fantasize until late in life, at least I think it was late in life.  It wasn't until...probably freshman year in college...that I really fantasized about anything sexually.

So, back to the fantasies.  The theme that most regularly appears in my fantasies is one of being objectified, used, or being trained in some way.  I am sure that part of the reason for this is my feelings of being an under-educated lover, my desire to be a good lover, my fear of not being a good enough lover.  Interestingly, Sir has NEVER made me feel this way, he has built me up tirelessly.  But, it is something that I worry about, nevertheless.

I adored - like TRULY ADORED Aisha's fantasy of her training school.  I have loved nilla's stories which can touch on being used or trained at dungeons, camps and other places.  Conina's stories which frequently involve a heavy dose of humiliation, objectification and being used.  Oh, YUM to these and many many more blogs that I read!!

So, why are my ALL of them....focused on these themes?  Why do I desire this?  Why does thinking of being used, being humiliated, being trained make me cum faster else?

There are all of these books out there on dream analysis and I want fantasy analysis!  I want to understand this part of me, this portion of my psyche....but I currently don't know how.

Do others fantasize about similar things?  Do you?  Do others fantasize about a wide variety of themes or do you fantasize about one theme track, as I do?

PLEASE share your thoughts!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Gag, A Cum, A Gag, A Laugh

I'm gagged...penis gag fills my mouth
I'm riding atop, He's gazing at me as I ride...
Fucking, feeling, groaning
My hands are clasped together, up above my head
He's playing with my nipples, my breasts.
There is such pleasure for us both.

He sits up, grabs the back of my head
and pulls me forward.
He growls in my ear...
"Do you need more protein, fiona?"

He snatches the gag from my mouth
I'm greedy to have it filled again.
He fists my hair, pulling it and positioning me

We're both ravenous...desperate with 
hormones and desire and sexual energy

He's close...he plunges my head down onto his cock.
No quicker is his cock in my mouth, then his is ready
He grabs my head with both hands.  
I'm desperate to suck, to have his gift.
Simultaneously, I plunge onto his cock,
He pumps up AND pulls my head down

We both misjudge...
His length was longer than I expected.
He hits my uvula. 
He cums. 
I gag
He cums.
Cum comes out my nose
I cough, It burns, sputter ...

He quickly realizes what happened.
He grabs me, pulls me to him and hugs me.
I grab tissue and begin to giggle...between moans of pain.
He laughs and strokes my hair and apologizes
We laugh and laugh...

A cum for sure, 
a swallow gone awry.
A giggle and embrace 
and love well had.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Funky Place (NOT Erotic)

This post is NOT about ANYTHING sexy, erotic or uplifting.  

I am in an odd mental place.  It's been a rough week.  Of course, it can't just be one thing, it has to be a series of things which have happened this week.  Many of which have been rough.  But this is one that I was trying to work through and decided to write my way through my thoughts.  Please bare with me.

I was listening to a story on NPR about Date-Rape.  The woman on was discussing her own situation where she had been date-raped.  Part of her story included the fact that even though she thought she was yelling for the person to stop, what she realized was that she was silent and only after a long time, began to vocalize at a whisper.  She said that this is a common thing, vocal paralysis in great stress or trauma.  She also said that as soon as it was over, she could tell that she was beginning to block the event out.  She only knew the details of what had happened because she wrote about it in her journal.  Another expert came on and was discussing how she goes to groups and talks to kids and parents about boundaries, sex and date rape.  She said that she has been in the room where a boy and his parents are being confronted with an allegation of date-rape (on the boys’ part.)  At times, the boy is genuinely shocked and dismayed and upset that he has hurt someone.   She said that there are many boys that don’t understand that they are going past a girls boundaries…especially if the experience is one of  their first sexual encounters or if they are very young.  If the girl isn’t forthcoming with her consent or if she isn’t “loud and proud” about her boundaries being crossed, then he may not be clear headed enough or astute enough to make that mental leap.  That boys need to learn to have clear consent and girls need to be clear about their boundaries.


So for me, my assault was a LONG time ago.  But I had an OMG moment while listening to this show.  Does the boy who assaulted me, know what he was doing?  Did he know he was crossing a line?  Does it matter if he knew?  So in the shower this morning, I was thinking.  Does it matter to me?  Well, kinda.  I villainized him - in my mind.  He willfully and knowingly hurt me.  Pushed me.  Violated me.  But did he knowingly do that?  I will never know.  Did I say no loud enough for him to get that across the fog of hormones?  I don’t know.  Does it make what happened my fault.  No.  I know I didn’t cause it.  But it bothers me.  I don’t know what to do with this information and lack of clarity.  I don’t know if there is anything really to do with it, but it has put me in an odd mental place.

On the other side, it was gratifying to hear how normal it was for people to block out such experiences.  That is exactly what I did….until it was triggered.  I knew it had happened…but the specifics I chose not to recall or relive.  After being triggered, and the trauma of naming the experience as rape or assault and the sexual distress of being in that position again, this time consensually, but trying to have the same sexual experience was really difficult. It was worked through at the time with an insane amount of support from my boyfriend.  Sadly, periodically, after something triggers that emotional place, I work through my issues … again.  I am the most fortunate person to have a loving, supportive husband (that same previous boyfriend) who both understands me and works with me and helps and protects me.  But damn, it sucks to go back to that mentally uneasy place.  I hate that I can’t just be over it…forever.  It’s not fair and it sucks.

On a whole other side, I realize that boundaries, of a sexual nature, are things that really should be discussed with our children.  I haven’t done that with mine, yet.  They’re coming up to the age that it really should occur sometime.  I also wonder if I should talk to them about my unfortunate experience.  I know you learn from other’s mistakes, but I haven’t shared this experience with ANYONE in my family – other than my husband.  Is it something that I want my children to know?  What if other’s find out.  Why would that matter?  Well, I don’t really want to go there with my parents.  I don’t want to have those conversations.  We don’t have the same beliefs of what constitutes rape and when no means no and girls asking for it…you get the point.  I just don’t want to go there.  But, It’s part of my life.  I don’t know.

So here I sit.  Uneasy.  Sad.  Questioning.  In a funky place.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meme about Sir

So I've seen this going around and enjoyed learning about other's significant other.  I thought I would jump on in....PLEASE join the fun!

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
     History, Science, News, Weather or Geeky TV
2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
     Blue Cheese or Ginger
4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does he order?
     Coke or Strawberry Margarita or Yuengling
5. Where did he go to high school?
     A gigantic HS.
6. What size shoe does he wear?
     12 EEE
7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
    Old Things...items of historic significance
8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
10. What is his favorite cereal?
11. What would he never wear?
     Bell Bottoms or a dress
12. What is his favorite sports team?
      College Team
13.Who did he vote for?
     The best candidate…yes he researches them!
14. Who is his best friend?
     I am, I hope =)
15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
     (I had to ask him)...and it took him a while and had nothing....
   and then...
      "you leave the cap off the toothpaste" (which I haven't done in YEARS now)
      "Oh, no - OH you leave your shoes all over the place."
      "Oh, ya, and you NEVER clean your car."  (which in defense - I do, but I have my  
      children taxi service daily in my it doesn't last long.
   SHIT why did I start this??  What a dumb idea, huh?
16. What is his heritage?
17. You bake him a cake for his birthday:
      He doesn’t love cake
18. Did he play sports in high school?
     Track and Field
19. What could he spend hours doing?
      Learning.  Sleeping.  Working.  Fucking.     
20. What is one unique talent he has?
      Being focused…on his task at hand…at the expense of everything else.  He’s also wicked analytical and exceptional at debating anything and everything he chooses.  He’s also exceptionally skilled at…ME.

I gave this to him to read and see if he agreed with the information I was sharing.  He laughed and said it was fun.  I asked him one more question..."Is there anything that you like about me blogging?" He replies with something, interestingly, that is NOT kink or sex related.  "I think it has been a great literary outlet for you.  You write beautifully - better than I ever knew."  Oh, he's so delusional...I love him for that!  

UPDATE:  I didn't write that last part as a ploy to have compliments.  I simply know that writing is not my gift.  I do have gifts, it's not self-deprication, as much as just acknowledgement of what is.  But I appreciate your company on my blog.  I am grateful for your reading and joining in my conversation and making my life richer!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Greek Yogurt Sends Me!

Well, there was a lot that lead up to where I was...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We had little people outside playing.
He locked the door and took out the crop (most discrete  implement in His arsenal).

He cropped my mons
He cropped nipples
He commanded me to open my lips
He cropped my clit

He made me cum...from rubbing and cropping.

He took my head and pushed my mouth around his length.
He pulled me up so I was on my hands and knees and pushed his fingers inside me.
He finger fucked me while I sucked wildly.

He made me cum...from sucking and fingering.

He pulls me up to straddle his saddle.
He grabs my hair and pulls my head down.
He pushes the fingers he just used, inside my mouth.
I'm primal, ravenous, sucking and fucking

He fingers my mouth and I
His finger is neither slick with a thin juice nor sweet with sticky honey
His finger has a thick, creamy, Greek Yogurt tasting cum that Sends Me!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Three Word Meme

Borrowed this from Hermione's blog...Thank you Hermione!

While wandering through the archives of some of my favourite blogs, I found this three word meme
The idea is to use exactly three words to answer each of the questions, so here goes.

1. Where is your cell phone?  Always On Me.

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend?  Girlfriend, Please Sir.
3. Hair?  Ugh, Shaving AGAIN?
4. Your mother?  Mothering Too Much
5. Your father?  Complicated and Painful
6. Your favorite item(s)?  My Sir, Always!
7. Your dream last night?  None, Bad Night
8. Your favorite drink?  Water With Honey
9. Your dream guy/girl?  Almost Always Sir.
10. The room you are in?  Comfortable, Fire-lit, Living-room

11. Your fear?  Loosing My Sir.
12. What do you want to be in 10 years?  Happy, Healthy, Wise
13. Who did you hang out with last night?  Kids and Sir
14. What are you not?  Uncoordinated, Thin, Airhead
15. What's outside your window?  Most Amazing Backyard.
16. One of your wish list items?  Sir's Choice Playmate
17. What time is it?  11:35pm
18. The last thing you did?  Finish Previous Post
19. What are you wearing? Frequently A Scarf
20. Your favorite book? Couldn't Choose One
21. The last thing you ate? Cappuccino Frozen Custard
22. Your life?  Full, Amazingly Blessed
23. Your mood? Generally Content, Happy
24. Your car?  One I Love
25. What are you doing at this moment? Typing This, Duh.

26. Your summer? Busy, Full, Traveling
27. Travel plans? Anywhere, Please, Anytime

28. What is on your TV screen?  Elementary from DVR
29. Last time you cried?  I Hate To.
30. School?  Diverse And Difficult.

Please feel free to try it yourself and share it with other bloggers.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Beating (Processing)

So After my Spring Beating (the past three posts 1, 2 & 3),
I wanted to explore something that was different during that night.

My Dom...was more sadistic than he has ever been.  He struck with a force that he has NEVER given.  He struck places on my body he's never struck, he struck me to hurt, seriously hurt.   He took me to the edge and pushed right past several of my boundaries, maybe quite a bit past.

I was terrified about many things including:

  • Having my clit, directly hit
  • Having my nipples hit with a direct concentrated blow
    (with something other than a hand or flogger)
  • Having orgasms pulled out of me after I was really sure I could go not have another
  • Having an ultimatum to have an orgasm in a given time period
He was so much more, "in the zone" than he has EVER been.  
He took such pleasure, such exquisite pleasure in my pain.  
He was enjoying himself.  
I could see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice.  
He was sure of himself and loving what he was doing. 

Oh My God, it was such an amazing turn on!  

I loved his sadism.  
I loved my masochism.

I had many moments when I though of safe wording...
something I have never, like seriously NEVER, thought about doing before. 
In our over twenty years of playing, I've NEVER come this close to using my safe word.  
He confidently walked a fine line and it was HOT.  

He Saw, He Conquered, and He Came!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Beating (Part 3)

(continued from Part 1 and Part 2)

So when last you read...I was out of my FUCKING mind.  I was incoherent, like seriously.  Lost my mind!  But ... he wasn't done.  OMFG, he wasn't done!  

He finished with my nipples and they were on fire, but in a really hot amazing way.  

He moved back to my thighs, which had already been worked over and were hypersensitive.  He crops my thigh, my inner-fucking-thigh and ... it hurts and I should hate it and it should be torturous...but....but....ah, hell.  Call it like it is, I love it.  I adore it.  I love each strike, each little one inch square of burning stinging flesh.  I love each strike of the crop on my sensitive thighs.  He moves between my two thighs and it feels so amazing.  

He moves back to my nipple and rubs the end, the flap of leather around my nipple, flicking it.  He flicks the leather edge across my hard nipple.  Oh, Ahhhh.  Then he slaps it down on the end.  Flick and Swish.  Flick and Swish.  Oh dear, I sound like he's performing spells in Harry Potter....the X-rated edition. 

He moves the crop back and starts rubbing my mons.  Then, he slaps it once, HARD.  It's painful and stingy and wow.  But then he says the words that change my life.  OK, well open up something new.  "Open."  HOLY SHIT.  OMG.  OH.  AHHHHH.  Does he mean what I think he means?  Oh my - what's he doing, what's he going to do.  OMG!!!!  I'm soooooo excited!  I'm ......  ya, so this is going through my head and instead of opening, opening my pussy to him, I'm processing this and thinking working desperately hard on remembering to breathing.  "With your hands, fiona.  Open.  Let me see."  Oh my God, he really means this.  He really wants me to open my lips and let him see my most sensitive parts.  How embarrassing.  How mortifying.  How exciting.  How arousing.  I open, I take both of my hands and separate my lips to reveal my pearl, drenched in honey.  

He takes the leather flap, again, and rubs.  He explores - he examines.  OMG, he examines me.  Oh I love it. I adore it.  I'm captivated.  I'm out of my mind and soaring!

All of a sudden, he smacks…ON TARGET…OMG!!!!!!  He smacked my clit and I cum.  Oh - AHH...he crops several times and it's insane!  It's intoxicating.  It's a sharp pain, but at the same time, it pulses my clit.  I've never had my clit clamped, never had it struck....I've had my pussy flogged, but it wasn't opened like this.  The mental game, the fact that he's ordered me to open it with my own hands and hold it for him to torture, him to CROP.  HOLY HELL.  But the pain is REAL.  It's sharp.

After several hits, he tells me to get The Dildo and the Purple Dinosaur.  I once again, ungracefully UNgracefully get off the bed and stagger to the toy box and obtain the two dildos.  I present them to Sir and he tells me to lay back, EXACTLY as I was.  He takes The Dildo and fucks me, unceremoniously.  He's talking the entire time telling me that I need no lube, I'm so wet because I'm such a good slut.  I've been beaten and he's loved every minute of it.   He's going to fuck me with the Purple Dinosaur too, with no more lube than what's there.  

He's masturbating me HARD, fucking me and I'm screaming into the pillow.  I've cum so many times, I've lost count.  My mouth is dry from panting, my throat is dry from screaming.  

He takes my hand and puts it on the dildo.  He orders me to continue what he was doing.  Ahhhh.  I do my best, but he's cropping my nipples as I'm masturbating.  I'm wrung out.  I'm spent.  After another scream, he stops cropping and takes my hand off of the dildo.  

He takes my vibe...because SERIOUSLY, I'm not OVER-fucking-stimulated at this point.  He puts it right on my clit.  He Starts masturbating my pussy with the dildo and tells me he's counting to 30 and if I don't have an enormous orgasm, he'll beat the shit out of me.  

OMG, he's never counted.  He's never given me a time limit.  He's never told me I have to, like this.  I'm over primed.  My engine is seriously.  He gets to 10 and I think I can't.  He gets to 15 and I'm lost in sensation.  At 22 I'm shaking...all of me.   My pussy is clenching and I swear it's making it hard for the Dildo to move.  I'm convulsing with pleasure.

........NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED..........

I find myself with the Purple Dinosaur in my pussy.  
He's ... 
breathe, fiona!
"wah wah wah wah wah wah"    
     "wah wah wah wah wah wah"     
           "wah wah wah wah wah wah"    
                  ma be....
                  "wah wah wah"    
                         "wah wah wah wah wah wah"    
                              "wah wah wah wah"                       


***Mother Fucker***

PAIN.....My NIPPLE.  He just cropped the living SHIT out of my nipple.  He hit it spot on with such force.  It whistled through the air and, mother of pearl, landed squarely on my erect, sensitive, nub.  I had soared away, far - far away, and was enjoying the view of another universe.  He swiftly and efficiently brought my attentions back to him ... HERE AND NOW!

"Answer me, fiona.  Do you like how this feels?"


..... and my body is on Fire with desire, with lust, with sex, with pleasure, with pain, with my Sir.


I'm stopping the recounting of my adventure here. assured, there was sex, there was pleasuring of my Sir...there was more.  But this is what I can recall...what I was able to take notes on...what I could capture.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Beating (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1)

I have had a wonderful spanking with bamboo and Sir's belt.  I am .... panting and content and feeling floaty lovely.

He stops with the bamboo and begins with the crop.  He's hitting my ass and my thighs.  It's strategic, and definitely impactful :)  

He continues with the same pattern as before.  He does a series of softer strikes and then a series of harder, with increasing intensity. I love the crop.  

He switches back to the soothing.  He completes a set of bamboo and quickly switches back to the crop.  Only this time he starts out fairly hard and increases to REALLY FUCKING HARD.  I can hear it move through the air before it hits.  I can hear the music of the crop, them melody of the crop.  

I'm sure he's making marks intentionally.  When he's done, I'm rolling from side to side trying desperately to stay on my stomach and not flip over.  It's so intense a sting.  

"Breath, fiona.  I'm going to give you a break and then when you're ready, turn over."

HOLY SHIT, when I'm ready for what?  I had a thrill run through me.  I was excited, terrified, nervous, strung out, exhausted, exhilarated, still hyperventilating...OMG.

I have absolutely NO concept as to how much time passed before I awkwardly turned over.   My head was swimming and I was less than graceful.  Nothing sexier than an ungraceful sub, huh?  Oh well.

He lets me lay on my back for a bit and then he begins to position me.  He tells me to put my hands on the rungs of the foot board.  He opens my legs to they are spread eagled.  He rubs the crop all over my body, over my thighs, over my pussy, over my belly, up my ribs, around my nipples.  

It's hot.  I'm so turned on ... ok, well that's a serious understatement.  He raises goose bumps all over my body.   

He's not really cropped the front half of my body before.  He's flogged and spanked, but not cropped.  He starts slow.  I don't know if he's apprehensive and investigating how I react, or if he can sense my apprehension.  I don't know and I don't care, I'm grateful for his slow start.  

He strikes my thighs and strikes my mons.  He's starting with another pattern but it's so intense I can't identify it.  I'm a numbers sub, so my brain is pretty fucking shorted if I can't identify a pattern.  

He then rubs the crop over my nipples and I wonder if he's really going to hit them with a crop.  I'm torn...between desperate desire for him to crop them and terror that he actually will.  

His first strike comes and I take my hands down for just a second...enough to grab the pillow and cover my face.  He crops and once again increases intensity. I scream.  My nipple is so hard and so sensitive and so, oh delicious. Instead of his hand which covers my tits when he slaps them, it's strategic strikes.  He's hitting my all over my breast and then targets my nipple.  

It's, I'm, it's, it feels, I'm just, Ahhhhhhhhh.  There's fire and pleasure and sting, and my pussy is clenching and I'm screaming and I, oh my, and I, and.....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Beating (Part 1)

Sir and I were nestled in the living room watching a show on TV.  
Sir is sitting in his chair and he has an earpiece in one ear and is watching something on his iPad.  
I watched him for a bit and then asked what he was doing.... 
to which he quickly, unabashedly replies that "watching porn, looking for a video to have you watch later."

Oh, wow...that means he'll be in the mood to play.  Oh, WOW.  
It's not early, I wonder what he has in mind.  
I wonder what kind of porn he's surfing.  What he's watching...  

I'm nervous and excited.  I decide to go fold the clothes upstairs as soon as our show is over.  Sir has a few things to finish up before he can come upstairs.

*   *   *   *   *   *

When Sir comes in the room, he says, "I didn't find anything worth making you watch."  Then comes right up behind me and whispers in my ear, "But I did get lots of ideas of new ways  to spank you, fiona."

I freeze...he's taken my breath away.  

"Hurry up and finish folding the clothes, fiona.  Then, bring me the crop, the belt on the floor of the closet, and the bamboo."

I finish at a frantic pace.  I am so ready.  I am so eager.  Oh I have needed an orgasm for two days.  We had both tried to get me to orgasm for about two days and I am horny and ready and want, desperately want, a good, long spanking.  

I put the clothes away and get his implements.  After presenting them to him he tells me, "get all..." *hand waving at me* "off and get over here"

With lightening speed, I remove my clothing and dispatch them in the hampers.  I quickly climb up on the bed and he instructs me to take a pillow and lay with my head at the foot of the bed.  He repositions me ... just so.  

My spanking comenses.  

He starts with the bamboo...
   He strikes ten soft then 
        increasing intensity so that by the end of the next ten, it's HARD.
   He switches back to ten soft and then repeats the increasing intensity.

He warms me up so nicely with this repetition. 

He finishes a soft set on the bamboo and I'm almost gleeful when I feel the first lick of of his belt.  

Oh, he hasn't used his belt in too long.  It is solid, when he strikes.  It's definitive.  It's strength and submission wrapped into one lash.  

I didn't count, but once again the, but once again he varied his lash.  He struck three soft and one hard and rested a moment for me to catch my breath.  He repeated this pattern and I was panting, moaning on the fourth lash, raising back up for another after I quieted a bit.

He increases to the point that I'm barely able to take the hardest lash.  When it's just about too much, he switches back to the bamboo.  He seems to be using the bamboo as his rubbing.  He's soothing with the softer bamboo strikes.  

Oh, I'm so loving his beating.  My ass is glowing, I'm sure...but it's a glow of beauty, of contentment, of submission. 

.....more to cum come...