Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Consistent Submission

I do marvel how
when I am not in a submissive place,

I can be a

Lord, please help me,
I need to be pulled back
into some
to help me soften!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Morning Switch

Sunday I woke up and
as so frequently happened
I was snuggled close to my husband
and my hand caressed his chest.

He has his morning wood
pulsing against my leg
which is thrown over his leg.

His nipples harden
as my finger tips graze them.

I begin to play...
pinching and twisting and enjoying them.

I pull up my shirt and
pull him over
he attaches onto my breast and
I start talking...
whispering into his ear

engendering his feelings of
and my dominance.

There are Sundays that we switch
and there are Sundays that we don't.

When we do switch, it's rarely for long...
typically just a session.

...but today, it was for about ten minutes...
while I worked him up.

And then...
He grabbed my hands, forced them up,
Put them on the headboard
and commanded me to keep them there.

I held on quickly and thankfully.
He pushed my legs apart
and shoved his fingers in.

"Oh, do you feel that?
You are soaking wet!"

He finger fucked my pussy,
slamming his fingers into me.
building me up quickly

and throwing me over the edge of orgasm,
He shoves his boxers down
and climbs on top of me

and his cock feels like heaven.

Sometimes it slides in and
I feel so complete...

Like my pussy was made for his cock.

He moves...
my legs go around his waste,
gripping onto him,

He moves and takes a hand and
pinches and rolls my nipple

and once again, I'm close.

He pulls out,
waits for me to look into his eyes.
He slams in,
lowers his head and
kisses me silly,
while he begins to fuck me

into another amazing orgasm.

One that lasts...keeps pulsing and pulsing.

When I come back to reality,

I look up at him and say...
"did you cum?"

He smiles...
of course he did.

It was...amazing.
Switchy and

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Business Trips

So my Sir has been traveling for work

quite a bit.

Should slow down soon...
(so he says)

but I must say,

Business travel does NOTHING for the sex life 

Having a consistent
D/s intimate relationship
when my Sir is crazy engaged
and stressed and focused on ...
not me ...
he is hundreds...or
thousands of miles away!

OK - so when I re-read this,
it sounds so superficial and self centered :(

OK...pitty party for one is over.

I'm digging deep for supportive sub :)