Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dinner and a Dom

We arrange to meet at my hotel at 7:30
and We'll follow her to a restaurant.

I get my kids out of the shower (after swimming)
at 7:10 and at 7:21 I get a text
"I'm here" (we're supposed to meet at 7:30)

By the time the kids and I make it outside,
She's waiting by my car.

We drive to a restaurant and go inside.

We're all chatting and after about five minutes,
her Sir comes up to the table and kisses sofia on the cheek.
I stand up and introduce myself and give him a hug
(did I mention I'm a hugger?)

He's ... sweet?

OK, so I type that then think...should I say that?

He was, though.

He was kind to my kids and talkative.

He's got a quite voice, gorgeous hair and eyes that are...
captivating?  probing?  experienced?

He's got a thousand stories and more history and information.

He's happy to talk to my children - youngest to

It's not awkward.  It's not strange.

Funny...there were a couple of times I thought...
do any of us seem submissive?  Dominant?
Are there any signs?
No one here seems the slightest bit kinky.

No, we just are people, having dinner,

sharing stories, talking.

It was comfortable.  It was fun.

sofia and I got to talk a tiny bit,

but mostly, it was Sofia's Sir and my children...

and I filled in or explained things the kids said.

When we left and said our goodbye's

sofia's Sir gave her a kiss that was ...

Not because it was inappropriate.
Not because it was explicit.
(my children were there)

But because it was filled with love.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Pen Pal

So….we drove to town to see sofia – my kids and I. 
We got to her place of work and my children…
who had been held hostage in the car
for just over eight hours were off the chain. 
They were so excited to meet her. 

Ok – so let me back up and tell you a funny story….

we’re driving and my child asks me,
“When is the last time you saw your friend, mommy?”
“Um, well, never.  I’ve written to her and I chat with her,
but I’ve never met her.” I reply.

“Oh, so she’s your pen pal.” He says….


So, I text her when we arrive and she comes down.
(don’t worry, I used hands free texting)

She walks out of the building and has her phone in her hand –
the one that we just texted each other from.
She looks just like her pictures!
She's looks beautiful.
She's looks confident.
She's looks graceful.

All of a sudden …

I’m nervous. 
I have a momentary…
oh, Shit! moment where I think….
what if?
Was this a good idea? 
What am I doing? 
What if she doesn’t like me?

Then I waive and she sees me and smiles
I’m here in the moment.

I step out of my car and to her 
and hug her.
(I’m a hugger…I like to hug everyone)
Introductions are made and
We go up to her office.

So….indeed, she has a slight drawl and
a kind spirit which precedes her. 
She watches and listens and is calm. 

I feel like I’ve brought in a tornado
with the volume of my children’s voices
and the frenetic pace at which they share information. 

She’s gracious. 
She’s lovely. 
She’s comfortable in her skin.

Her work place has to be one of the most lovely spaces.
Full of character.
Full of charm!
Full of peace. 
Full of positive energy. 
It’s comfortable and inviting. 
Funny, all of those things apply to sofia as well.

Our visit feels kinda like a hit and run.

We talk and my kids…spew information.
- in the way kids excitedly do :) 

Then, as quickly as we arrive,
The kids and I are off to the hotel to relax and swim.

We’ll meet her and her Sir for dinner…
(but that will have to come on the next post)

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I get to meet one of my blogger friends

In Real Life!!!

I'm so excited.

I have made such amazing friends through this blog.
Friends...people I consider real friends.
My blog friends have been fast friends...
people who I feel close to in short order, in part because I can ask them about a recipe, something about relationships or about sex and kink.

I'm still on vacation and thus posting from my phone, so I'll blog more later.

I'll blog about meeting her AND her Sir!!!

I'm sooooooooo excited!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

We're Off

I've had such a mind blowing sex recently. they say...all good things must end.
(no not forever)

We're off for vacation...

   off to enjoy thin air

      off to enjoy family time

         off to enjoy!

But sadly, with all of that enjoyment will come...

   close quarters

      small beds that seriously squeak

         and no privacy.

I'm sure we will find moments for...

    brief kisses, pinches, and
   copious teasing (of me... of course) 

      silent blow jobs, 
      swallowing all of the evidence

         petting in the hot tub, 
         under the stars
         in the pitch of night

But I doubt that what happens will be blog worthy.

I'll let you know if there's anything too fun to not share.

Otherwise, back in a week or two.  
I'll read what I can, 
but will not comment as much 
(phone and all)

Miss y'all!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Squirming, Cumming, Squirting

This morning I wake and smile.
I am the first in the house to awaken.
I don't move, but mentally recount the events of last night.
As the song says, Oh what a night!!

I must have started squirming a bit,
because Sir's hand finds my nipple.
Ohholyhell, they're sensitive and sore.

"mmm, sensitive?" he says sleepily.  
"How'd you sleep, fiona?"

My reply is simply my short breaths as he plays.

His hands finally have mercy
and he rubs down my body
I'm all sore and smile at being so well used.
Eventually rolls over onto his back.

I roll with him, of course, and begin to explore his body.  Whenever he lays on his back, one of my hands finds his cock and balls to hold and explore and caress.   I love to touch him.

We start to chat.
I frequently ask him what he dreamed about.
He said he had a dream about taking me to a dungeon.
He told me all about his dream and I was squirming.
Ohmygoodness I was all but humping his leg
and my breathing is more like panting.

I'm so worked up.

He rolls back over to his side and puts his head on top of mine.
We're facing each other and his mouth is over my ear.

"Would you like me to take you to a dungeon 
and spank you while others can see you?"
"Yes, Sir." I answer immediately.

"Would you like me to take you, strip you naked and let others flog you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Spank you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Take a belt to you?"
"Yes, Sir."

Oh, I'm becoming so squirmy,
so horny,
so seriously worked up!

"Fiona, you are such a good girl."
"I wish others knew what a good girl you are.  
What a submissive girl you are."
"me too, Sir, ohgod, me too!" I respond.

My mind is awash.  I am soaring with hormones.
I am just about so horny at this point, I am loosing my mind!

He pushes my legs apart and effectively rolls me onto my back.
He takes my hands and puts them on the rungs of the headboard.
He levers himself over to suckle on my sore, sensitive nipples,
just playing and eliciting gasps.

He keeps talking....
**no idea what he actually said anymore**

My head is IN IT.  I am so turned on.
(you know that the mind is the most powerful sex organ)

With his lips still firmly affixed to my nipple, His fingers find my clit.
Wow, I'm sore from last night.  But clearly turned on as I'm really wet.

He rubs my clit and with little work,
he has pulled out the first orgasm of the day.

Quickly, he moves his magic fingers to my opening and dips inside.
He begins to finger me.
I don't have any idea what he was doing differently,
(truthfully, it may just be different because I am so aroused and turned-on!)
but I cum, almost instantaneously.

He doesn't stop, after my orgasm, he keeps at it.
Working hard, quickly, fucking the living shit out of my pussy.
All of a sudden, another orgasm is building.

So picture this.
I'm on my back with my knees bent,
my feet together, my knees laying open.
He's laying beside me on my left side.
His torso is laying over my chest and his mouth is affixed to my right nipple.
His left hand is finger fucking my pussy.
His right hand is playing with my left nipple.

I lift my head, grasp onto his shoulder as my orgasm claims me, once again.
I open my mouth with a semi-silent scream.
My fingernails digging into his shoulder.

But once again, he doesn't stop.
He simply doesn't stop!
and on the heals of the last amazing orgasm,
I have a deeper, more...
oh hell I don't know the right name or word...
it's simply more comprehensive, maybe? A deeper orgasm?
I don't know.

When I cum, typically, it's like a pulsing or convulsing - tight pulses.
When I came this last time, it was like my whole puss was squeezing and releasing.
It literally made my toes curl - I could actually hear my toes cracking.
My hands dig into Sir's shoulder
and I opened my mouth and scream into his neck.

It was amazing.
He pulled the last of the pulses from my pussy,
pulled back and smiled at me.

He pulled his hand out and held it up.
"You peed on my hand." he says.
"No, I didn't."

"Uh, ya, fiona.  You did.  Look my hand is soaked."
I take his hand to suck on it ...
he's right by the way, his hand is drenched.
I suck the side of his palm and it's NOT pee.

"It's not pee, Sir.  I did NOT pee on your hand."
(now here's somewhere where we are a little different.
I would be mortified if I had, he wouldn't give a shit.)

"Fiona, pull back the covers.  Look."
all I could say is the exact same retort...that I hadn't peed.
"Fiona, pull back the covers and look."
I reluctantly pull back the sheet which still covered my lower half.
"I know it's wet, but it isn't pee."

So, I have been on some medication
that has turned my pee brown for a few days.
So it's really convenient...I roll over and holy shit.

There is indeed a massive wet spot...
completely soaked all the way through the sheets.
And it's ..... NOT brown.

"taste it, it's not pee."


I have read about so many of you squirting
and have had sex for over two decades
and have never squirted.

I didn't think that I could.
How in the hell do we keep having firsts?
How can things change?
How can I still have new experiences?
I am so fortunate.  Truly Fortunate!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ask And You Shall Receive

“After such an amazing beating and exquisite clitoral orgasm,
I was sagging against the shelves breathing and moaning.

He whispers in my ear,
Now bring my giant purple dildo you got out for me - 
I put it on the shelf over here - 
and come lay down on my bed.  
You’re so wet, you’re not even going to need any lube.

Typically I would need a lot of lube for this Dildo
because it is enormous. 
It was exciting (and a bit nerve wracking) to hear him say that,
but more than that, it was thrilling knowing that he was right. 

I laid on the bed beside him and
He pushed my knees apart and
began to touch my body. 

Show me, Fiona.” He said. 

I pushed the dildo between my legs
and ohmygod it slid in ridiculously easy. 

So easy. 

I feel like such a wanton slut,
the gigantic purple dinosaur of a dildo sliding into my pussy,
with nothing but my pussy juice to aid it. 

Just as I got the dildo seated all the way inside, he leaned over,
and removed the clamp that he’d put on my nipples in the closet. 
As soon as he removed it, WOW intensity!

The blood rushing to the nipple and then his mouth. 
He sucked it hard into his mouth. 
He mouth was so warm, enveloping,
velvet on a sensitive, over stimulated nipple. 

Oh, I couldn’t help it,
I bowed my back and
put my hand back on the dildo
and began to move it. 
I was fucking my own pussy as he suckled.

Please can I cum, Sir?” I asked.
Shit - did I just say that?  
I never ask. 
We don’t do that.  
I never ask to cum!
Yes, Fiona.  CUM.
He commands and I shatter!

As insane as it was,
he repeated the process on the left side,
removing the clamp, sucking,
asking for permission, and shattering.

He rubbed my nipples with his fingers
as his mouth kissed down to my bellybutton. 
As soon as his tongue dipped into my bellybutton,
he moved his hands to take over the Dildo. 

He leaned up, looked into my eyes,
locked our focus on each other,
then  he fucked my pussy – hard and fast. 

He told me to cum,
several times
each time
I was able to cum!!

That just NEVER happens. 
I came and screamed and shook -
ohmygod my whole body was shaking. 

As I went limp, he pulled my naked body to his
and put his arm tightly over me, spooning me. 
He reached over and turned off the light.

I breathed for several minutes and then realized. 
Sir was going to sleep - areyoufuckingkiddingme????
He didn’t cum. 
He had done this all for me, but he still needed to be taken care of.
He deserved his release. 
He breathed into my ear and his respiration was getting more regular. 
I thought about the evening, about what he had done. 
I heard his breathing go shallow and realized he fell asleep.
once again

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I reach down and behind me,
between our bodies,
and begin to stroke his cock.

He stiffens quickly,
even though he had been asleep,
though as I'm stroking I don't think he is any more.

I rub and touch and pull and caress.
I get him hard and push a little on his leg
and get him to roll over on his back.

I climb between his legs and suck him to a steel hard, long cock.
I look up at him and ask,
"Do you think you will be able to feel my pussy after that dildo?"  

He reaches down and pulls me up.
I ride him home and as he cums
his shot hits my g-spot and I vibrate and scream.

He's long since stopped cumming
and I'm pulsing and shivering and moaning.
It was a hell of a long orgasm for me and a life-sucking one for him.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


continued from The Switch Switch

During the rest of the evening, he had a colder edge about him.  
He had such a crappy week.  
I would say yes to anything.  I would help any way I could.
He told me to get our children to sleep and to come to His bedroom.   

Before he let me go upstairs to do bedtime, 
he pointed to the floor at his feet.  
I knelt, as I so frequently do.  
Typically I put my head on his chest or lap and snuggle.  
But this time, as I went to do that, 
he tapped my cheek, looked into my eyes and whispered, 
ask for it, Fiona.”  

Knowing what he meant, without hesitation, 
I said, “Please smack my face, Sir.”  
He wasted no time, and smacked.  
It wasn’t with ferocity, but it was claiming.  

Then he commanded me to get on my hands and knees.  
He positioned me so that I was right in front of him.  
He pulled his feet up and put them on my back, 
effectively using me as a footstool.  
He’s never done that!  
I was in my living room, 
the light of evening still making the room bright.  
We had children upstairs 
and he was using me as a footstool.  

I felt, a wash with ... feelings.  
I felt…I felt a thrill pulse through me.  
It was not degrading.  
It was not really humiliation that I felt.  
It was satisfaction I think. 

After a few minutes, 
he took his feed down 
and sent me upstairs to take care of our children. 

After sleep had claimed the wee ones, 
I went into our room and shut the door behind me.  

He told me that there was something he needed 
to do with me before I came to bed.  
He told me to get the dildo out of the toy box.  

I walked into our closet where the toy box was
and he followed directly behind me.
I bent over to obtain the Dildo 
and he undressed me as I did.  

When I handed him the giant purple dinosaur Dildo
I heard him take in a bit of air.  
He was pleased.  

I rarely offer that one if I'm allowed to choose, 
but I would say yes to anything tonight.  

He turned me so I was facing away from him.  
He caressed my skin.  All of my skin.  
He rubbed my neck, my shoulders, my back, 
my sides, my ass, my breasts, my stomach. 

He stood right behind me and rubbed my breasts.  
I love looking down and seeing his large hands 
with my breasts in them.  

He teased my nipple into hard, sensitive peaks.  
He took one and attached the clamp 
that attaches to the closet shelving.  

He pulled it up so I was standing on my tiptoes 
and attached the hook so that it was 
pulling my nipple to the side as well.   

I was starting to breath heavily with pleasure and pain.  
He reached to the other side and repeated the process, 
pulling it over to the other side so that they were both still pulling, 
even when I was on my tiptoes.  

Then his hands roved over my arms 
and he grabbed my right wrist.  
He wrapped rope around my wrist 
and threaded it through a tall shelf, 
tied my other hand and hoisted them 
so they were tight pulled high above my head. 

Ask for it, Fiona.” he said with clarity. 
Please Sir, please hit me!

I heard the belt and felt it.  
He lashed my back, time after time.  
He hit criss-cross patterns across my back 
and sides and hips and ass and thighs.  

Oh the belt felt like heaven.  
The pain of the strike almost immediately
changed to a warm, pleasure.  
The kiss of the belt is exquisite. 

The belt was replaced by the crop.  
Oh sweet Jesus.  It hurt.  It burned.  
It, too melted into such pleasure.  
He crossed my back.  
He spread the lashes all the way across my back.  
He whispered into my ear, 
Do you want a picture 
of your back for your blog?”  

I would never have admitted to being an exhibitionist before, 
but given the internal charge that I got from him saying that, 
I guess I was wrong.  
He went back to paint his canvas with the crop. 

After he had me where he wanted me, 
he took a picture and put my phone, 
with the picture pulled up, in front of me 
while he reached around 
and his fingers found my clit.  

He touched and teased and flicked.  
As my pleasure grew, 
he unclamped my nipples 
and touched and I came apart.  

I was trembling and spent.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    

Oh crap….I guess I also need a new crop. I'm so bummed, we've had it forever.

Sir had said that it was coming apart and that we would need a new one, but I thought it would be ok as he was cropping me tonight.  But upon further examination (ok, didn’t take much exam) – it’s toast!

I cropped out the clothes that you could see on my right side :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Switch Switch

Just some forewarning, this recount will go on and on (it was ohmygod that good!!).  I hope to have it all there…but I was so …. Spent ... last night that I didn’t make any notes, though I relived what happened many times in my mind.  We went at it again this morning…oh holy hell.  I had a firsts, too - Can you believe it, a first – or shall I say, ANOTHER first.  Oh, but I’m getting away with myself.  If you’re brave and enjoy reading a lot of words…hold on for this insane recounting of my sex life yesterday and today.

(yes, this requires a preface…heheheheh).  So, Sir had a wicked rough day at work on Wednesday.  He was so stressed out that I thought he could literally do damage to his heart.  That terrifies me, because my need for him to be by my side, as well as for me to be by his side, is soul deep.  I can’t live without him and still be me.  So I worried and fretted and he wanted nothing from me.  I offered to switch and dominate him.  Sometimes when things seem so out of control, that can help.  In the end, I gave him a full body massage, tucked him into bed, and snuggled up. 

Thursday, work was a bit better.  He was still stressed out, but it seemed less detrimental to his health.  We spoke many times throughout the day, as we always do.  When he got home from work,  we ate as a family and played with the kids.

Thursday Evening:
I asked him if he needed me to switch tonight.  “Yes,” he replied.  I worked on making that mental switch.  

note:  I’ve changed how I see switching for myself.  I no longer worry about how he sees it or what it means for us.  I see Topping him as serving him and giving him what he needs.  He doesn’t ask me to do it – hell that’s not it – he won’t allow me to switch with him typically, and that's okay with me.  

So I'm making a mental switch.  My eyes hardened a little.  I looked at him and told him to go get another beer.  He went to the kitchen and got another bottle from the fridge and came back to sit beside me and drink. 

After a bit, he said he had to go to the bathroom.  When he stood up, I stood up and kissed him – hard.  I tightened my fingers in his hair.  When he turned to walk to the bathroom, I followed close behind.  I shut the door behind us both.  We were in the powder room which is long but narrower.  I stood beside him, leaning on the pocket door as I watched him pee.  I told him what I planned to do to him, being gentle, but most assuredly dominant.  His eyes were hooded and I could see passion taking over.  He washed his hands, turned to me and I kissed him again.  I grabbed his crotch and rubbed. 

Swiftly, He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed.  His eyes changed and he had that glare.  I resisted for just a minute, but He affixed his stare on me and pushed harder.  I knelt, right there in the bathroom, on the floor.  He re-unzipped his pants and his cock pushed out of his boxers and jeans.  He was so hard.  He wound His hands in my hair and tightened.  I lunged for his cock, hungry, desperate.  Being made to kneel and take him is a huge turn on for me.  He tugged my head back and took his other hand, put his fingers under my chin and tipped my head up to look at him.  He seared me with his gaze.   He was not feeling anything but Mastery of his submissive. 

Keeping my eyes focused on him, he moved his hand to open my mouth.  I willingly complied.  He pushed his cock into my mouth.  Oh he looked so intoxicating.  His control shown in his eyes, the power of his cock in my mouth.  He took.  He fucked my mouth with deep thrusts, controlling the speed.  After he was satisfied – though not having cum – he pulled me to my feet by my hair.  He kissed my forehead and smacked me on my ass.  He opened the door and walked away.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten Minutes

I had been having a day.

So much so, that I opened my notepad on my phone,
typed in a request and showed it to him.
I love that I can ask for what I need.
I love that he will try.
    "I need a plug, a spanking, nipple clamps and time, PLEASE."

So, later that day, he told me to put in my plug
and come down and help with the laundry.
"the big one, fiona," he whispered after his command.

Oh, he hasn't had me use that in so long.  

I put it in and did the laundry and other household tasks.
He would spank me periodically, when we found ourselves alone.
Bent over in the laundry room,
Holding onto the kitchen island,
Outside weeding.  Whenever we were alone.

Mid-afternoon, I asked if I could have an hour to go lay down.
He said sure, to go upstairs, take out the plug and rest.

After an hour, he came upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed.
We talked for a few minutes as he stroked my back.
He looked into my eyes and said that he could tell I was still off.
He told me to re-insert the plug and rest some more.

After about ten minutes he barges into the room.
He barks out, "ENOUGH."

He grabs my hair and pulls me off the bed.
He takes me into the closet and has me stand
in the back of the closet in front of the wire shelves.
He pulls my shirt up and stuffs it into my mouth.
He stands behind me with his body molded to mine.

He reaches around and caresses my breasts.
He plays with my nipples, flicking, squeezing, making them taught.
Then he lifts one nipple and clamps it
to the clip with a hook that he places over one of the shelves.
He repeats this process with my other nipple.

I am not attached to the shelves on my toes by my nipples.
He pushes my shirt up my back so it is staying up over my shoulders.
I can hear him rummaging with something, but then I know.
I hear the jingle.  He's removed a belt from the rack.

He hits, obviously having doubled the belt.
He hits, my BACK.  Oh, I moan and close my eyes, careful not to move.
It's a form of predicament bondage with my nipples hooked to the shelves.
He's never hit my back with anything but a flogger before.
He hits.  Oh, He hits.
He lashes my back from my shoulders to my ass.
He crosses both directions.

He's not hitting ferociously, but with enough.
It's intense.
It's erotic.
It's intoxicating.

When he stops, he places an iPod in front of me.
It has a timer on it and he hits "Start"
He kisses my temple and puts his mouth right next to my ear.
"Stay.  Like this.  When the timer goes off, take the plug out,
come down stairs, and have a great evening with me."

He turns off the light to the closet,
Shuts the door, leaving me in utter darkness.
I hear the bedroom door lock as he leaves our room.

I know my place.  I feel myself again.
I smile and breath
through the pain of ten minutes.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fireworks (A Post By SirQ)

Sir mentioned to me this morning that it was amazing to watch me cum last night.  I looked at him quizzically - it's not like it's an unheard of thing.  He clarified, it was amazing to watch me cum, not just orgasm.  He explained to me and I asked if he would write a post.  
(and I think he did it beautifully)

* * * * * * * * * by Sir Q * * * * * * * * *

We were lying in bed 
and my MLB was on her back 
with her legs splayed open.  
Her nipples were erect 
and she had just come off 
of a marathon spanking and flogging.  
I had taken her right to the edge of cumming. 

She brought the purple dinosaur 
(an enormous dildo) to my bed.  

Now, after her long work out 
she was ready to begin 
her next segment of training.  

I had her slip the tip of the dildo in.
She got it lubricated with her moisture.  

After several strokes I took over 
showing my MLB what a good long 
masturbation should look like.  

After her second orgasm 
I could see her ejaculate 
coming out of her pussy 
running like spilled cream.  

I knew I had taken her 
to her complete sub space 
as she grabbed the iron bed 
and we began again with the dildo.  

In the end she was a puddle of a sub 
who was ready for some rest.  

When I started the day I knew 
I would see fireworks, 
but these were exceptionally hot and bright!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mark

I was showering this morning with Sir.
I helped wash and rinse him
I hugged him and kissed him.
He got out and I began to wash myself.
I looked down and saw a bruise on my breast.

A long three inch line - straight line
going from my nipple straight up.
I was shocked.  What the hell had I done.

Ahhhhhh, I smiled.
Dawning awareness.

I asked Sir to come look at something.

He walked over and opened the door.
As he was looking into my eyes,
I pointed to the mark...

His face shown shock, concern.
"Oh, baby, what's that from?"
he asked...
then...I could see it register.
He knew what it was from.

His concern transformed into
coy satisfaction.

His grin was heart-stoppingly beautiful.
It was His Mark.
He gave it to me yesterday.

I love the way he looked at me.
I love that he smiled.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

Later I asked him a question that has weighed heavy on me recently.

"Does it bother you that I'm such a masochist?"
(he's not as much a sadist as I am a masochist - does that make any sense?)
It's something I worry about.
I worry that he'll find it off putting
or unattractive, or needy.

He smiled up at me and said, "No, not at all"

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Summit

So there I am,
Laying with my dress pooling across my chest.
My eyes are shut.
Clothes pins on my nipples.
Laying on the closet floor,
holding a vibrator to my clit.

Sir, knocks at the door.
I move my feet, but do not open my eyes.
He shuts the door behind him.

He watches me as I masturbate.
He kneels down beside me.

"I can't cum, Sir," I lament.
"You can't?" he says, incredulously.

His fingers start rubbing around my pussy.
They are wet and he slides one in.
He fingers.  Really works.
He's whispering in my ear,
That he wasn't his whore to cum.

I drop the vibrator and give in to the sensation
that his fingers are creating inside of me and
fly up the mountain.
I cum.

He fingers some more,
not content with just one orgasm
when I said I couldn't.

He takes his fingers out and begins to rub my puss.
It's so wet, I'm so wet.

He takes his fingers and one by one,
sticks them in my mouth and has me clean them.

"Sir, may I please suck on your cock?" I beg.
"Not now, little girl.  
Do you want me to fuck you with a dildo, fiona?"
"Yes, please, Sir." I reply without any hesitation.
"Bring it to me fiona." he says.

The vast majority of our toys live in a box in our closet.
It's locked with a combination lock.
I'm so jazzed after the orgasms and the promise of more.
I am almost panicked trying to open the lock.
I can't get the combination.
I try three times and tell him I can't get it.
"You'll have to bring it to me, fiona." he says again.

I look over and he's sitting on the closet floor leaning against the door.
I turn back to the lock and realize I had it upside down.
Oh my goodness, I am frantic.  It's just silly, but I'm so desperate.
I get the box opened this time and decide I'll take the
gigantic purple dinosaur dildo, it's His favorite.

But, Crap.  Shit.  UGH.
I start throwing out toys right and left.
Crap!  "I can't find the condom for the Purple Dildo."

He tells me to bring him the one.
I do, but am disappointed.
I take the purple and offer for him to use it without a condom.

Sometimes the dildo can be irritating without a condom.
But I'm so desperate, I don't care.
I will care later, but that's when I'm not so insanely horny.

He tells me to lay down on my back with may ass at his knees.
He puts my feet, on the door - over his shoulders.
I'm completely exposed.

He inserts the Dildo and begins to fuck.
He's neither slow nor gentile.
I cum,
   I cum,

He removes it and ...
   inserts the Gigantic Purple Dinosaur.
I'm so wet, so gushingly wet,
it slides in.  OMG.  It slides in!

"Oh, fiona, it's balls deep.
you are such a good whore.
You're MY good whore.
I'm so proud of you.
What a good girl!"

Oh, I'm lost.  I'm soaring and cumming.
After he's had his fill of fucking His pussy with the dildos,
He removes them,
Climbs on top of me.
Removes the clothes pins on my nipples,
Sucks hard on each...
and fucks  His pussy to find His pleasure
in a veritable pool of pussy juice.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Afternoon Ascent

As the day progresses,
Sir continues to keep me aroused.
Through the entire morning and afternoon.

He starts with spanks, frequently.
His had sharp against my bottom.
Over my dress and underwear
but with a lot of intensity.
He then sends me off.

"Let's go to the market."

He continues on to groping.
He puts his hands inside my dress,
cups my breasts, squeezes,
He plays with my sensitive nipples.
He then sends me off.

"It's lunchtime, let's go chat with the kids, we'll all work on it."

He kisses me and hugs me close in our room,
His hands squeeze my ass and then lift my dress
He pulls down my panties and spanks.
He pulls down my bra and unhooks it.
He resituates my dress and then sends me off.

"Come, you need to help little one with her room."

I am about out of my mind.
I'm about three yards past horny.
I need to cum.

I walk back into our bedroom and give Sir a kiss.
I look up at him and say,
"Sir, I really need to cum, may I please masturbate?"

"Good girl.  Of course you can.  Get your toy,
go into the closet, lay down on the floor and cum."

"excuse me?" I ask.  Seriously, in the closet?

"You heard me.  Go.  Lay down on the floor in the closet.
Put your feet against the door.  
Go play with yourself. "

"Uh, Sir?  Woud you put the clothes pins on my nipples?  Please?"
I say, very part because it is so embarrassing to ask....THAT.

"Oh, fiona.  What a good girl.  Of course.  Go get them."

Oh my.  Ok, well that's more erotic than I thought it would be.
I quickly grab my vibrator and go into the closet.
I grab the clothes pins and turn around.
Sir is filling the closet doorway.

He lifts my dress and puts it in my mouth.
"Hold this." he says.
He takes the clothes pins and puts the right one on.
The left one he attaches and I about come out of my skin.
OWE!  Wow!  That hurts!!!
That was the nipple he played with all morning.

He kisses my forehead and tells me to get going
and closes the closet door.
I lay down, putting my feet about two feet up on the door.
I let my dress fall out of my mouth, and pool on my chest,
above the clothes pins attached to my nipples.

I start with the vibrator.
It feels so good.
I'm so horny.
I'm so turned on.
I enjoy the pleasure of the vibrator.
I close my eyes am awash in sensation...

but cumming with that vibrator is not in my cards.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

 The Summit to cum =)