Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ask And You Shall Receive

“After such an amazing beating and exquisite clitoral orgasm,
I was sagging against the shelves breathing and moaning.

He whispers in my ear,
Now bring my giant purple dildo you got out for me - 
I put it on the shelf over here - 
and come lay down on my bed.  
You’re so wet, you’re not even going to need any lube.

Typically I would need a lot of lube for this Dildo
because it is enormous. 
It was exciting (and a bit nerve wracking) to hear him say that,
but more than that, it was thrilling knowing that he was right. 

I laid on the bed beside him and
He pushed my knees apart and
began to touch my body. 

Show me, Fiona.” He said. 

I pushed the dildo between my legs
and ohmygod it slid in ridiculously easy. 

So easy. 

I feel like such a wanton slut,
the gigantic purple dinosaur of a dildo sliding into my pussy,
with nothing but my pussy juice to aid it. 

Just as I got the dildo seated all the way inside, he leaned over,
and removed the clamp that he’d put on my nipples in the closet. 
As soon as he removed it, WOW intensity!

The blood rushing to the nipple and then his mouth. 
He sucked it hard into his mouth. 
He mouth was so warm, enveloping,
velvet on a sensitive, over stimulated nipple. 

Oh, I couldn’t help it,
I bowed my back and
put my hand back on the dildo
and began to move it. 
I was fucking my own pussy as he suckled.

Please can I cum, Sir?” I asked.
Shit - did I just say that?  
I never ask. 
We don’t do that.  
I never ask to cum!
Yes, Fiona.  CUM.
He commands and I shatter!

As insane as it was,
he repeated the process on the left side,
removing the clamp, sucking,
asking for permission, and shattering.

He rubbed my nipples with his fingers
as his mouth kissed down to my bellybutton. 
As soon as his tongue dipped into my bellybutton,
he moved his hands to take over the Dildo. 

He leaned up, looked into my eyes,
locked our focus on each other,
then  he fucked my pussy – hard and fast. 

He told me to cum,
several times
each time
I was able to cum!!

That just NEVER happens. 
I came and screamed and shook -
ohmygod my whole body was shaking. 

As I went limp, he pulled my naked body to his
and put his arm tightly over me, spooning me. 
He reached over and turned off the light.

I breathed for several minutes and then realized. 
Sir was going to sleep - areyoufuckingkiddingme????
He didn’t cum. 
He had done this all for me, but he still needed to be taken care of.
He deserved his release. 
He breathed into my ear and his respiration was getting more regular. 
I thought about the evening, about what he had done. 
I heard his breathing go shallow and realized he fell asleep.
once again

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I reach down and behind me,
between our bodies,
and begin to stroke his cock.

He stiffens quickly,
even though he had been asleep,
though as I'm stroking I don't think he is any more.

I rub and touch and pull and caress.
I get him hard and push a little on his leg
and get him to roll over on his back.

I climb between his legs and suck him to a steel hard, long cock.
I look up at him and ask,
"Do you think you will be able to feel my pussy after that dildo?"  

He reaches down and pulls me up.
I ride him home and as he cums
his shot hits my g-spot and I vibrate and scream.

He's long since stopped cumming
and I'm pulsing and shivering and moaning.
It was a hell of a long orgasm for me and a life-sucking one for him.


  1. fiona,

    Wow. You two really know how to have fun.

    Falling asleep is a guy thing. It must be a strand in our genetic code. LOL.


    1. hehehe, sometimes joey we have a lot of fun.

      I know, what the hell is it with the coma that grips guys after they cum (though in this case, he hadn't even done that)? It blows me away. For me, probably 75% of the time, I'm WIRED after I orgasm. Like seriously.

      ssshhhhhhh - don't tell anyone
      .....so yesterday I was Exhausted (with a capital E) ... so I came up to my bedroom, locked the door, got out my vibrator and had a great cum. Problem solved...enough energy to stay awake for a while :) Better than a Coke any day!!


    2. really? wow. I zonk right out after an orgasm. If he wants me to cum more than once he has to keep going straight away or give me 10 mins, seriously!

  2. LOL....wayyyyyy better than a coke!!! that was some scene, if we gave out awards yours would be my nomination!!!
    hugs abby

    1. I know, right. Imagine how much better our health would be if instead of drugs, doctors would prescribe orgasms or spankings.

      It was a great night, we certainly had a lot of fun. Thanks abby - you are sweet!!


  3. That was fucking hot!!!! You succeeded in giving him the stress relief he needed even if it didn't go exactly how you thought. That's awesome!


    1. Thanks, P. In the end, neither of us was one bit stressed. That was a great outcome!


  4. OMG, I was so proud of you. Being so considerate and thinking about giving pleasure to your Sir after receiving it. For the submissive in me that was the most moving part of the story, even though the sex was absolutely amazing!! BTW, I don't know why, but ever since I began asking permission from my Swami to cum, my orgasms are so intense. The thought that I have to ask to get release is somehow such an intense turn on for me!

    1. There's something to that, I think. I don't know if I can bring myself to ask all of the time, but it was amazing!


  5. Very hot Fiona - sounds like a good night all around.

    1. Thanks Kitty...YES!!! maybe even a tad bit better than good!!


  6. Oh so Hot, and I'm not talking about our weather! You both seem very rested.
    The Giant Purple Dildo has been conquered!

    1. hehehehee.....Yes, the Dildo has been conquered...now I don't know if i should be happy or mortified. Maybe a bit of both!


  7. What does MLB stand for My Luscious Butt, or Major League Baseball. What ever turns you on.

    1. http://sirqandme.blogspot.com/2013/03/mlbfinally.html

      hehehe...mlb - he's called me for a long time..."My Little Bitch"...


  8. That was incredibly hot! I must be guy-ish. I often get a coma-sleep after sex too.

    1. hehehehe guy-ish. Ya, I wish sometimes I did...but that's just not typically how I'm wired.


  9. Replies
    1. hehehehe, thanks saturn!


  10. OMGGGGG SO HOT!!!! Glad you both had an amazing night! I loved that you were so concered about his release that was so sweet! I'm sure he appreciated it just as much :)

    1. Thanks Lynn! Thanks for commenting too. Sorry it took me so long to respond. We had a fabulous night!



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