Sunday, July 14, 2013


continued from The Switch Switch

During the rest of the evening, he had a colder edge about him.  
He had such a crappy week.  
I would say yes to anything.  I would help any way I could.
He told me to get our children to sleep and to come to His bedroom.   

Before he let me go upstairs to do bedtime, 
he pointed to the floor at his feet.  
I knelt, as I so frequently do.  
Typically I put my head on his chest or lap and snuggle.  
But this time, as I went to do that, 
he tapped my cheek, looked into my eyes and whispered, 
ask for it, Fiona.”  

Knowing what he meant, without hesitation, 
I said, “Please smack my face, Sir.”  
He wasted no time, and smacked.  
It wasn’t with ferocity, but it was claiming.  

Then he commanded me to get on my hands and knees.  
He positioned me so that I was right in front of him.  
He pulled his feet up and put them on my back, 
effectively using me as a footstool.  
He’s never done that!  
I was in my living room, 
the light of evening still making the room bright.  
We had children upstairs 
and he was using me as a footstool.  

I felt, a wash with ... feelings.  
I felt…I felt a thrill pulse through me.  
It was not degrading.  
It was not really humiliation that I felt.  
It was satisfaction I think. 

After a few minutes, 
he took his feed down 
and sent me upstairs to take care of our children. 

After sleep had claimed the wee ones, 
I went into our room and shut the door behind me.  

He told me that there was something he needed 
to do with me before I came to bed.  
He told me to get the dildo out of the toy box.  

I walked into our closet where the toy box was
and he followed directly behind me.
I bent over to obtain the Dildo 
and he undressed me as I did.  

When I handed him the giant purple dinosaur Dildo
I heard him take in a bit of air.  
He was pleased.  

I rarely offer that one if I'm allowed to choose, 
but I would say yes to anything tonight.  

He turned me so I was facing away from him.  
He caressed my skin.  All of my skin.  
He rubbed my neck, my shoulders, my back, 
my sides, my ass, my breasts, my stomach. 

He stood right behind me and rubbed my breasts.  
I love looking down and seeing his large hands 
with my breasts in them.  

He teased my nipple into hard, sensitive peaks.  
He took one and attached the clamp 
that attaches to the closet shelving.  

He pulled it up so I was standing on my tiptoes 
and attached the hook so that it was 
pulling my nipple to the side as well.   

I was starting to breath heavily with pleasure and pain.  
He reached to the other side and repeated the process, 
pulling it over to the other side so that they were both still pulling, 
even when I was on my tiptoes.  

Then his hands roved over my arms 
and he grabbed my right wrist.  
He wrapped rope around my wrist 
and threaded it through a tall shelf, 
tied my other hand and hoisted them 
so they were tight pulled high above my head. 

Ask for it, Fiona.” he said with clarity. 
Please Sir, please hit me!

I heard the belt and felt it.  
He lashed my back, time after time.  
He hit criss-cross patterns across my back 
and sides and hips and ass and thighs.  

Oh the belt felt like heaven.  
The pain of the strike almost immediately
changed to a warm, pleasure.  
The kiss of the belt is exquisite. 

The belt was replaced by the crop.  
Oh sweet Jesus.  It hurt.  It burned.  
It, too melted into such pleasure.  
He crossed my back.  
He spread the lashes all the way across my back.  
He whispered into my ear, 
Do you want a picture 
of your back for your blog?”  

I would never have admitted to being an exhibitionist before, 
but given the internal charge that I got from him saying that, 
I guess I was wrong.  
He went back to paint his canvas with the crop. 

After he had me where he wanted me, 
he took a picture and put my phone, 
with the picture pulled up, in front of me 
while he reached around 
and his fingers found my clit.  

He touched and teased and flicked.  
As my pleasure grew, 
he unclamped my nipples 
and touched and I came apart.  

I was trembling and spent.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    

Oh crap….I guess I also need a new crop. I'm so bummed, we've had it forever.

Sir had said that it was coming apart and that we would need a new one, but I thought it would be ok as he was cropping me tonight.  But upon further examination (ok, didn’t take much exam) – it’s toast!

I cropped out the clothes that you could see on my right side :)


  1. Footstool - a good way to help you both relax after a stressful week!
    A well decorated canvas too. More closet fun :-)

    1. Like I said, we'd never done that before. It was surprising. It was intriguing. I didn't think I would like such a thing, but in that moment, it was awesome!

      Thanks...I'm really beginning to love my closet.


  2. Omigosh, woman, that's some serious stripes!! i'm - um, i might be a bit jealous. Yikes.

    Sounds like you're having an amazing summer! i'm so glad.


    1. I have a sinking suspicion that he switched to the crop to attain those stripes, because the belt wasn't marking as well. I'm not sure...but I was thrilled that he was aroused by marking me and so amazingly turned on by my beating!!

      Glad you commented, I've missed you being around. It's been a crazy summer...lots of emotional ups and downs, but we blaze through.


  3. That is a gorgeous picture! And a great part 2. :)

    1. Thanks Kitty. It was an awesome night...(more to come - hehehehe)


  4. WOW.....I remember the first time i thought i would do anything for this first it scared me. But after a bit, i realized that is the result of love and trust,,,on both sides. Lover your make a great canvas!
    hugs abby

    1. I can't remember back that far...I'm an all-in kinda girl, I guess. It does require a lot of trust and a lot of love, but I'm definitely an - I'll do anything kinda sub!!

      Thanks for the was awesome to have him paint me :)


  5. Amazing how it began as he needed the switch, but went back to what you both needed.

    1. Ya, it's an amazing turn mental state and results - for sure!!


  6. fiona,

    I made the mistake of reading this after I showered and prepared for work. Not fair. It is very hot and very humid where I live. Your post raised my temperature by ten degrees. Next, I saw the photo with the red stripes. Damn. I needed a cold shower!!!

    Wow. I love being struck on the back.


    PS Beautiful back and shoulders!!!!

    1. hehehehehehehehehe

      Well, joey, that is too sweet. I'm entirely too self-depricating....I've tried to reply several times and each time say something wicked about myself. I love to give compliments, but have a hard time taking them gracefully :(

      I'm sorry about your temperature issues...but THRILLED that you enjoyed it - it was a very kind compliment!


      What are you doing going to work on Saturday?

  7. Lovely...just beautiful marks.

    Its wanderful how you both are intune to what each other needs and when.


    1. Thanks Tori! We are typically very in-tune. We have our moments - as everyone does. But we seem to have very few of them. We are extremely fortunate.


  8. Holy hell! That's hot! And wowwy wow wow! You are one brave woman! I don't think I could ever post a picture like that! Waiting patiently (ok, ok...not so patiently, but waiting nonetheless) for the next part :)


    1. heheheh - thanks P. I don't think I'm that brave actually...I've seen so many here in blogland who are so much more adventurous than I...or experienced...or whatever. I have found I enjoy posting pics sometimes. It's kinda a turn on for me :)


  9. footstool thing is hot enough...and the marks just deepen the heat, if you know what I mean. I'm so behind in reading...but I'll work my way through...but i have to stop coz guys turn me on and I'm not allowed an O until tomorrow...


    1. The footstool was pretty exciting and very new. The marks do certainly deepen the heat!!!!

      I've missed you being around...have fun with your O tomorrow!!!!


  10. Oh WOW! Great Pic and what a night. I might be a little jealous ;)

    Can't wait to read more. I like your style.


    1. Thanks Bonnie, I appreciate that. It was a fabulous night!



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