Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Afternoon Ascent

As the day progresses,
Sir continues to keep me aroused.
Through the entire morning and afternoon.

He starts with spanks, frequently.
His had sharp against my bottom.
Over my dress and underwear
but with a lot of intensity.
He then sends me off.

"Let's go to the market."

He continues on to groping.
He puts his hands inside my dress,
cups my breasts, squeezes,
He plays with my sensitive nipples.
He then sends me off.

"It's lunchtime, let's go chat with the kids, we'll all work on it."

He kisses me and hugs me close in our room,
His hands squeeze my ass and then lift my dress
He pulls down my panties and spanks.
He pulls down my bra and unhooks it.
He resituates my dress and then sends me off.

"Come, you need to help little one with her room."

I am about out of my mind.
I'm about three yards past horny.
I need to cum.

I walk back into our bedroom and give Sir a kiss.
I look up at him and say,
"Sir, I really need to cum, may I please masturbate?"

"Good girl.  Of course you can.  Get your toy,
go into the closet, lay down on the floor and cum."

"excuse me?" I ask.  Seriously, in the closet?

"You heard me.  Go.  Lay down on the floor in the closet.
Put your feet against the door.  
Go play with yourself. "

"Uh, Sir?  Woud you put the clothes pins on my nipples?  Please?"
I say, very meekly...in part because it is so embarrassing to ask....THAT.

"Oh, fiona.  What a good girl.  Of course.  Go get them."

Oh my.  Ok, well that's more erotic than I thought it would be.
I quickly grab my vibrator and go into the closet.
I grab the clothes pins and turn around.
Sir is filling the closet doorway.

He lifts my dress and puts it in my mouth.
"Hold this." he says.
He takes the clothes pins and puts the right one on.
The left one he attaches and I about come out of my skin.
OWE!  Wow!  That hurts!!!
That was the nipple he played with all morning.

He kisses my forehead and tells me to get going
and closes the closet door.
I lay down, putting my feet about two feet up on the door.
I let my dress fall out of my mouth, and pool on my chest,
above the clothes pins attached to my nipples.

I start with the vibrator.
It feels so good.
I'm so horny.
I'm so turned on.
I enjoy the pleasure of the vibrator.
I close my eyes am awash in sensation...

but cumming with that vibrator is not in my cards.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

 The Summit to cum =)


  1. Exquisite torture! What an fabulously evil Sir you have. Hope you finally got some relief!


    1. Oh P, fabulous for sure! I had a great day!!


  2. Wow. Agree with BG. Well played by your Sir.

    Did he tell you not to have an orgasm?


    1. He plays me like a fiddle, joey. It's ridiculous. No he did not tell me not to have an orgasm. I don't think he's EVER explicitly told me not to cum. He's always thrilled when I orgasm.

      In the past, if I've gotten close and he's backed down or stopped, then started again ... if I've gotten too close, then I have a hard time actually orgasming. I fantasize about learning to control my orgasms more, but that is not something we've ever explored.


  3. aiyaiyai....

    i think being sent into the closet to play with yourself is DARN HOT!

    1. It was a bit shocking, but once there, I found it very erotic.


  4. Playing in the closet! It's amazing what one agrees to do when desperate for an O!
    Are you aiming for Everest?!

    1. Oh, there is no end to what I will do, sad, huh? Our closet is quite large, so there's plenty of space. I do love to climb tall mountains!


  5. Ooh, I had never heard of this one before. Your Sir is so creative. Hats off to him. Looks like you had fun!

    1. He can be very creative, Daasi, you're right. I had a very good and memorable time!


  6. OK...your Master is an expert tease...but you are not bad yourself girl! I love the way He is keeping you on edge....and how His closet idea...priceless!(for you, not for me!)
    hugs abby

    1. Why not for you abby? It was pretty priceless!!! I loved it =)


      Moi??....I'm not a tease

  7. love it! love that he sent you to the closet.. mmmm :)

  8. Hmm. I like the closet and the clothespins. I get so embarrassed asking him for the clothespins especially when I want to use them down there (sorry- i'm shy). The other day he wouldn't accept down there as an answer and I had to be specific otherwise he wouldn't have given it to me (he only let me use one down there). :)


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