Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mark

I was showering this morning with Sir.
I helped wash and rinse him
I hugged him and kissed him.
He got out and I began to wash myself.
I looked down and saw a bruise on my breast.

A long three inch line - straight line
going from my nipple straight up.
I was shocked.  What the hell had I done.

Ahhhhhh, I smiled.
Dawning awareness.

I asked Sir to come look at something.

He walked over and opened the door.
As he was looking into my eyes,
I pointed to the mark...

His face shown shock, concern.
"Oh, baby, what's that from?"
he asked...
then...I could see it register.
He knew what it was from.

His concern transformed into
coy satisfaction.

His grin was heart-stoppingly beautiful.
It was His Mark.
He gave it to me yesterday.

I love the way he looked at me.
I love that he smiled.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

Later I asked him a question that has weighed heavy on me recently.

"Does it bother you that I'm such a masochist?"
(he's not as much a sadist as I am a masochist - does that make any sense?)
It's something I worry about.
I worry that he'll find it off putting
or unattractive, or needy.

He smiled up at me and said, "No, not at all"


  1. Lovely.

    I love to be marked, i get disappointed if im not lol

    Its funny because i used to have the opposite worry with my Master..was i masochistic enough for him, because he is far more sadistic than i can meet at the moment, but he says that i am more than enough for him..aww he can be a sweety sometimes lmao!

    Long may the mark last..warning it can be addictive lol


    1. Thanks tori, I loved it. How did you deal with that...feeling like you may not be enough?

      They are seriously addictive!!


    2. hi fiona

      Sorry for not replying to this earlier, i have been away, been able to read blogs on my phone but too much hassle to reply via phone lol

      It was difficult, still is to a certain degree because of perhaps insecurity on my part...that i need..should be everything he wants, his reasurrances help they really do but its me that occassionally has ths issue..i feel guilt....silly i know.

      I deal with it by just striving to be the best i can be....and not seeking perfection (that does not exist).

      Gosh now im really dwelling on this lol


    3. No, you're not. First, I totally get the phone commenting part. Ugh, it can be such a pain.

      Ya, I go back and forth. Very confident and then insecurities wiggle their way in and then I worry and feel like it's wrong or that I'm wrong or that he'll decide I'm not enough of the right part. Cyclic, never horrendous, but periodically reoccurring. Hmmmm, I wonder what the cure is?


  2. Smiling with you on the marks :) We haven't gone that far yet, I'm not sure if P would be happy to see bruises, I wouldn't be bothered, probably.
    I struggle with the masochism part. The idea I 'like' pain is counter intuitive, I hate it don't I, that's why I've had surgery in the past? So why do I need it? Do I want him to know that I need it more than I ask for it? Oh, heck lots of questions and I've hijacked your comments!

    1. I love it when you hijack my the way, they're not hijacked if it's requested =)

      It is a conundrum, isn't it. It is counter intuitive. I've had multiple surgeries as well .... for pain. But...but it's bad pain vs. good pain. I loathe migraines, stubbing my toe, arthritis, twisting my ankle, etc. but the lash of the belt, the kiss of the crop, the thud of the flogger....oh it's insane how my body bows and bends in pleasure. I haven't always been a masochist. I've grown into one...and it's a bit scary, because i crave it like crazy...while Sir is ... well .... I worry that at some point he'll be repelled or turned off by it. He says no, but it's always in the back of my head.

      Thanks for your comment, sorry for the diatribe in return :)


  3. Oh, sweet - we do love to be marked, don't we? You sound sooo happy!


    1. Oh sofia, it is so wonderful to be marked! SO WONDERFUL!!! Does your Sir mark you ever?


  4. I love when there are residual marks from Daddy. Daddy always loves seeing his "handiwork" too! The worst part about a mark is when it fades...always makes me a bit sad. lol


    1. It is sad when it fades. I am glad you enjoy it as well!! Oh their handiwork can be simply devine :)


  5. It's so delightful how both of you were concerned until you realized how it came about and then it was all satisfaction! I love marks too.

    1. Ya, delightful, disturbing, pathetic....Oh we are sad, huh?

      I did adore it!



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