Monday, March 21, 2016

A Kick-Ass-Domme and Sir?

I've had a few days of subbing,
here and there,
in between life being life.

but honestly, I think that Sir is in need right now.
(not that I'm not...but...I don't know)

I'm totally sounding passive - agressive right now.

I feel like Sir needs it...and he certainly enjoys it,
so who am I to deny him...
especially by saying -

I know I enjoy it too so
I want it all the time and
I don't want to share my submissive time with you.

I've been a big bad
Domme a lot recently.
(sometimes for a few hours, to a whole day)

I've spanked and cropped and
used a great new shoe horn I purchased
heating his lovely ass.

I've tied his balls up and tortured him mercilessly
(nah - I've had a lot of mercy).

I've played with a plug in his ass,
played with his nipples...

Most importantly, I've taken care of him,
talked a good mind-game
and been a Kick-Ass-Domme!

(seems like I need to have a different name for him
if I'm Dommeing...Sir just seems weird to type when I am in this role...
any suggestions?)

(I still miss being submissive)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


OK Blogland...this is your last reminder.

If you have a question about...anything,
this is your moment 
(though you can as anything at anytime),
but March is Question Month...


(Can you tell I've been a Domme today?)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Belt and Dildo to Me!

Well...I don't know where to start.

This is my birthday week and Sir is starting out with a BANG...

We awoke spooning and snuggling.
That's how we sleep, typically...touching and snuggling together

This morning, I reached over and held his balls and cock,
as he loves me to do.
He started playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting and squeezing.

I was getting so aroused, before I'd even opened my eyes!

He rolled me on my back and fingered me and began speaking...
getting my head in the game...until I was so in the game I could hardly breath.

He made me cum twice when I asked him if he would...
give me three good ones with His belt.

He was so amazingly sweet.
He told me how much he loved it when I was embarrassed about that.
He was sweet and ordered me to get the gigantic dildo and
explained that He would help stretch me out and that I would
have a few more orgasms prior to His Belt

He did just that.
First, he made me give the enormous dildo a blow job...
moistening it with my saliva instead of lube.

He suckered and nibbled and bit while fucking me hard with the dildo.
I came and I came and ... oh lord... I was squishy and mushy when

he pushed my legs off the bed and jackknifed off the bed himself.
He pulled my arms over so I was laying over the side of the bed.

He walked around the bed with his Belt in his hand.
He didn't warm me up or warn me that it was coming.
He just...HIT.

But just once.  He hit my ass hard with his wide leather belt.
It burned and thudded and surprised and ...


He fucked my pussy with the dildo until I was so close, then...

the belt hit across my ass with the same intensity.

Before I took a breath, he did the same thing,
he fucked my pussy with the dildo until I was about to cum,
then stopped.

He repeated that several more times then


I was arching my felt so good.
I wanted more...harder...more...
but he was back to the dildo.
Just as I was changing my mind, that I just wanted the dildo...
you guessed it...


I was begging...Please...please harder...please more...please.
I was wound.  Wound tight.  I wanted...
I wanted more
I wanted to cum
I wanted to be beaten with his belt
I wanted it harder
I wanted.....


I was a big ball of need!
Please - as hard as you can...Please
(yes, I actually begged for that...
what the FUCK is wrong with me?)


They were hard and one right after the other.
My feet never picked up,
My hands never left the bed,
I was in heaven.
His belt never felt so good.
He fucked me and i came...I came and came.

Happy Birthday week to ME!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

answer to ronnie's question

  1. please feel free to ask questions by commenting to this post
    ...anything anytime....
    as it's March - it's question month -
    so, ask away in comments
    (you can remain anonymous)

    1. ronnie asked, "Do you have a fantasy that you would love to live out?  Do you believe in ghosts?"
    2. Answer
      Thanks ronnie...both great questions.  The easy one first.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I guess so.  I'm not a huge paranormal person, but I certainly believe in spirits.
    3.  Well, I fantasize about Sir taking me to a club of some sort...a BDSM club... and putting me in a stockade (neck and wrists bound).  He puts on nipple clamps and talks..caring, objectifying, owning.  He puts a spreader bar on my ankles and then tells me to stay very still, not to speak and to open my mouth.  He fucks my mouth - but then stops before he cums and moves behind me and spanks me.  He works me up and then when I start wiggling a lot, he rubs and switches back to my mouth.  He does this several times, then as he's fucking my mouth, I feel my ass being paddled.  It's in counterpoint to his thrusts into my mouth.  After he cums, he offers the other person paddling me to use my mouth.  He puts a sign next to me offering my mouth for pleasure and my ass for paddling.  :)
    4. Ya, may need to go masturbate now :)  Thanks for getting my mind going ronnie.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Answers to ksst and del's questions

  1. Thanks for asking questions...

    it's kind of fun to think outside of my little box -
    as this is a sex blog - that's kinda funny
    (outside of my little box, Bwahahaha)
  2. Anyway...please feel free to ask questions by commenting to this post
    ...anything anytime....
    but as it's March - it's question month -
    so, ask away in comments (you can remain anonymous)

    1. ancilla_ksst
       asked, "How are things going now?  The last few posts were kind of not quite sure where things are?"
    2. Answer:
      Personally, I'm a mess. 
      I'm grieving and stressing and trying to get
      my life back to some semblance of order.  

      Sexually, I'm a mess.
      I fluctuate between being a-sexual and submissive
      but in a relationship that fluctuates 
      between me being a Domme and a sub

      Professionally, I'm a mess.
      I dislike the folks I work for now,
      but enjoy the work and am good at it.
      I'm trying to decide what to be when I grow up

      So...I think I'm still a bit of a mess.
      But, as ever, I'm optimistic...

    3. DelFonte asked, "If TTWD is different from a year ago, what has worked, what hasn't?"  
    4. Answer
      It is HUGELY different.  I was solidly ensconced in my submission.  Actually, I had just given my Sir my Slave registration papers at Valentines Day.  Man, could that only be a year ago?  It seems like forever.  I was holding onto my submission with all my was helping me cope with caring for my terminally ill mother.  

      What mindset was great, I was committed and had embraced my life as Sir's property.  Sir was very engaged and attentive.  We spent a lot of time, together, focused on each other, supporting each other.  Sex was awesome and frequent - daily or multiple times a day frequently.

      What didn't work...Sir was consistent and sometimes inconsistent.  I found times when I was pushing it, simply to get attention. That's silly - I know.  I also had such a desire to connect with a part of the community where we live.  I don't know if that would have been positive or not, but that had always been a yearning last year.
    5. Interesting questions!  Thanks to you both!!
    6. Hugs,Fiona

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Switching Around TTWD

So, Sir and I had spent
Many, Many years
decades even,
being switches.

Then four years being D/s, M/s, D/lg
where Sir was the D,M,D
    - and of course I was the s,s,lg :)

...and over the past month or two,
we have had moments of our previous selves.

We have switched a time or ten.

It's tricky for us.
Sir can switch very quickly and easily.

I have a bit harder time, mentally.

and if...
no, when I cum...I mentally switch myself
I put myself into a submissive role.

Sir feels some guilt for it, I believe.
I feel guilt for not fulfilling his switching sides.

It's quite a quandry.

We talk, we communicate our feelings and needs.
We're working it out.

That's why it's called The Thing WE Do...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Q&A I have been woefully absent.  

I am very sorry.

I am happy to answer any questions
from anyone in Blogland.

Please let me know - personal or private
I'm happy to answer away :)