Friday, March 11, 2016

Answers to ksst and del's questions

  1. Thanks for asking questions...

    it's kind of fun to think outside of my little box -
    as this is a sex blog - that's kinda funny
    (outside of my little box, Bwahahaha)
  2. Anyway...please feel free to ask questions by commenting to this post
    ...anything anytime....
    but as it's March - it's question month -
    so, ask away in comments (you can remain anonymous)

    1. ancilla_ksst
       asked, "How are things going now?  The last few posts were kind of not quite sure where things are?"
    2. Answer:
      Personally, I'm a mess. 
      I'm grieving and stressing and trying to get
      my life back to some semblance of order.  

      Sexually, I'm a mess.
      I fluctuate between being a-sexual and submissive
      but in a relationship that fluctuates 
      between me being a Domme and a sub

      Professionally, I'm a mess.
      I dislike the folks I work for now,
      but enjoy the work and am good at it.
      I'm trying to decide what to be when I grow up

      So...I think I'm still a bit of a mess.
      But, as ever, I'm optimistic...

    3. DelFonte asked, "If TTWD is different from a year ago, what has worked, what hasn't?"  
    4. Answer
      It is HUGELY different.  I was solidly ensconced in my submission.  Actually, I had just given my Sir my Slave registration papers at Valentines Day.  Man, could that only be a year ago?  It seems like forever.  I was holding onto my submission with all my was helping me cope with caring for my terminally ill mother.  

      What mindset was great, I was committed and had embraced my life as Sir's property.  Sir was very engaged and attentive.  We spent a lot of time, together, focused on each other, supporting each other.  Sex was awesome and frequent - daily or multiple times a day frequently.

      What didn't work...Sir was consistent and sometimes inconsistent.  I found times when I was pushing it, simply to get attention. That's silly - I know.  I also had such a desire to connect with a part of the community where we live.  I don't know if that would have been positive or not, but that had always been a yearning last year.
    5. Interesting questions!  Thanks to you both!!
    6. Hugs,Fiona


  1. Hugs, fiona! I hope you're feeling less difficulty soon. Grieving will make a mess of us naturally, though, and I guess you just have to wade through the feelings as they come.

    1. Thanks ksst! I appreciate your support. Time helps...but it's just wicked in the process.


  2. You have to do what works for you and not judge it as right or wrong. If it helps you on your journey then make TTWD what you want.
    hugs DF

  3. Grief takes a long time to work though...and then it comes back. I know the two of you can find what works for both of is good to be hearing from you...
    hugs abby

    1. Oh abby, you're not lying. It seems to take forever. I hope we find our way. Thanks for commenting!



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