Monday, March 21, 2016

A Kick-Ass-Domme and Sir?

I've had a few days of subbing,
here and there,
in between life being life.

but honestly, I think that Sir is in need right now.
(not that I'm not...but...I don't know)

I'm totally sounding passive - agressive right now.

I feel like Sir needs it...and he certainly enjoys it,
so who am I to deny him...
especially by saying -

I know I enjoy it too so
I want it all the time and
I don't want to share my submissive time with you.

I've been a big bad
Domme a lot recently.
(sometimes for a few hours, to a whole day)

I've spanked and cropped and
used a great new shoe horn I purchased
heating his lovely ass.

I've tied his balls up and tortured him mercilessly
(nah - I've had a lot of mercy).

I've played with a plug in his ass,
played with his nipples...

Most importantly, I've taken care of him,
talked a good mind-game
and been a Kick-Ass-Domme!

(seems like I need to have a different name for him
if I'm Dommeing...Sir just seems weird to type when I am in this role...
any suggestions?)

(I still miss being submissive)


  1. My wife R has a few for me and she does about the same to me that you do. she loves tying my balls plugging and pegging me. Her favorite name is spanking slut or sissy boy.
    hope this helps.

  2. Hey. i understand missing submission. Hope things shift for you both soon.


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