Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Gift of Catharsis AKA Spanking

  1. ca·thar·sis
    1. 1.
      the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
      synonyms:emotional release, reliefrelease, venting; 


OK.  So I totally believe that 
Spanking should be a synonym.

Now hear me out.

Spanking provides such an amazing release of endorphins
but not only that...it provides a release of stress adn strain.  
a release from my feelings of guilt.

It provides venting - typically by the spanker :)

I certainly can have an emotional purge

I so feel cleansed after a good spanking.

Now there are punishment spankings and fun spankings.

For me, both provide release and relief and general uplifting of spirits.
even if my spirits started out being high...they just get higher :)

So the other day, I was having a day.
I was snippy and short
I was frustrated with the world 
(most notably my family as they were close by)

I was short with Sir and in a general bad mood.

By mid afternoon, Sir and I had a spat.

He marched me into our room and proceeded to spank me.
He spanked in a concentrated place on one cheek.
He landed blow after blow, no warm up, all sting.
It hurt - not in a good way.

I was squirmy and fussy and didn't like the spanking.
He continued - and I took it.

After what seemed like...forever...
He switched to the other side.
He proceeded to do the same thing.
It hurt - and went on forever.

At the end, he pulled me up and hugged me and we talked.

We both off to do our thing 
and I found I was just in a funk.
I decided to go to our room and 
I laid down for a little bit.

My head hit the pillow and I burst into tears.
I sobbed..openly and loudly and NOT prettily :(

I just came on me.
I was so overcome with emotions.

I don't hardly ever cry.

I got up and walked out and found Sir
who immediately brought me back to our room,
laid me down and held me close.

Once I was able to stop sobbing,
I realized that the spanking had allowed me to get it out.
To cry and let go.
It was so cathartic.
When I was done, and he held me and loved me
I felt a thousand miles high.
My spirits were lifted and my heart lighter.

Spanking is truly an amazing gift of Catharsis!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Spanking Surprise Figging and Spanking

I laid down to go to sleep.
Sir finished getting ready for bed
and walked over to my side of the bed
He pulled down the covers and
Pulled up my night gown.

He proceeded to spank me...

my bottom slowly rose,
greeting the spanking -
every blow bringing my ass higher.

It felt so good.
I just relaxed and felt the world slip away
and I let the feeling of contentment wash over me.

When I found myself on my knees,
chest to the bed
and Sir's hand on my lower back...
He stopped and said,
"Don't Move."

He walked away.


I waited and he walked out the bedroom door.


I waited and waited...

When he walked back in,
I expected the spanking to continue.

He spread my cheeks and
immediately put something against my ass

It was hard and cool and
He was pushing it inside of me.

With no lube...that meant one thing.


I was so excited...it had been a long time since
I was figged!

He pushed it in...making sure it was seated.

I never saw it...just felt

My breathing became really rapid...
to say the least.

At first it was just cool and filling.
But quickly it started warming.

It must have been a very fresh root...
the heat took over quickly.

I was breathing and moaning and

Sir talked to me...
but I couldn't focus on words...

I was so overcome with feeling.

He put his ear right next to my ear and asked
(maybe again)
"Too Much?"

"um...um...i...it's...um, um, um, 
almostbutno" I finally blurted out.

He rolled me onto my side,
slid me close to Him and held me.

He periodically spanked me...
making my ass clench together,
which upped the heat.

I held onto him...so tight...
wanting to crawl inside of him.

The heat was so overwhelming.
My body was moving - nerve endings firing.
My clit was pulsing.
My hips were writhing
My moaning was loud
and I was overcome with ...sensation.

I have no idea how much time passed....
He finally turned me back over onto my knees...
chest and face to the bed.

He spanked me HARD...three times.
He spaced them out for maximum burn.
Each spank made my ass milk the ginger
which put my ass on fire!

After the third, he removed the ginger and again
commanded, "Don't Move"

I was still trying to get my breathing under control...
my throbbing clit under control.

When he came back,
he rolled me over...
made me cum over and over and over,
prior to taking me.  Prior to fucking me...
Prior to sending me into another wonderful orgasm,
as my pussy then got to milk his wonderful cock.

It was amazing!!!!