Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I ran into someone today who had 
a tattoo of their slave registration,

When I asked what it was, the answer was
Young and Dumb.

Hmmmm....does that mean her relationship was a something she regretted,
the tattoo,
the slavery,
the registration,


My response was simply, 
nah, not dumb.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Late Answers - I am so sorry

OK, so I got a bit lost in the woods and
didn't get the final answers to the March Questions asked.

I am sorry about the delay.
But, better late than never...
Here goes

abby asked:
As a Domme what is your favorite spanking implement? I'd say my favorite is the flogger because I can go for a long time and he really enjoys it, or the cane which I can use effectively on his balls :) 
As a sub/slave...what is your favorite spanking implement? I'd say NOT the cane!  His belt or His hand for sure!  Oh wait, I adore the flogger as can make me soar! 
Which surfaced first...the Domme or the slave? They surfaced together...we were always switches - from the beginning.  I would say the very first would be that I was tied up by Him and he was slightly more dominant (hence the tieing up)...but I quickly returned the favor.   
Have you ever been to a spanking party or dungeon?  No, but I would both LOVE LOVE LOVE to go, and be terrified and feel totally out of place and embarrassed at the same time - if you know what I mean.  It's been a LONG standing fantasy of mine to do that, though.
And finally.....a genie appears and you get 3 wishes..(kinky wishes)
1 for you The ability to be completely submissive - or even MORE submissive.
1 for someone else ...your choice Kind of goes with the previous one, that Sir be more overtly dominant, but still gentile and kind when needed.
1 something money cannot buy......TIME.  I am drowning in to do lists and lack of kink because of lack of time!  Calgon - take me away!

DelFonte asked:
What do you get out of being dominant that's different to being a sub?  I certainly have a feeling of dominance...ok - so I have a feeling of control and power that I don't have when I'm a sub.  But with that also comes a feeling of great responsibility.  It is a mentally more engaging activity - what am I doing...what will he feel...what will come next...what is my goal...what are his non-verbal signals...etc.  
olivia asked:
What is your favorite thing he does when you're the sub? What does he like that you don't? What do you most like to do when you're the Domme? Are there things you do that he doesn't like?  My favorite thing he does when I'm a sub is to tie me up and fill me...or control me.  I love bondage!  LOVE IT!   
He likes golden showers and me...well...not so much.  
When I'm a Domme, I love to play mind's such a cerebral thing for us.  I don't just mess with his mind, I follow through, but I certainly do get him going!
When I'm a Domme, I'm sure there is...not sure what they are :)  When I'm a sub, he hates it when I'm sassy and not submissive.  

Thanks all for asking and letting me share!!!