Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Spreader and The Crop

After the longest separation that my Sir and I have had
in over two decades,

I returned home last night
to a very Very VERY Dominant Husband
and a very wanton mindset.

He kissed and hugged
and pinched and tugged
and loved and fucked short order!

This morning, he showed me
something that he made.

He made two spreader bars...and they are amazing!

They are two thick dowels
(so they are very sturdy!)

One is about four feet long.
He attached two eye bolts through either end
and two about two and a half feet apart from the middle.
To each of the eyebolts, he put a carabiner.

He made another that just has the one set of eyebolts and carabiners
on a two and a half foot long dowel.

He commanded me to lay on my back and close me eyes.
He attached a set of cuffs to my ankles and wrists.
I haven't been cuffed in so very long.
They were comforting and calming...just having them on.

He then attached the ankle cuffs to the outside carabiners,
and commanded me to close my legs.

Trying and failing to close my legs made me so very turned on!

Then he lifted my legs...with seeming ease.
He commanded me to open my eyes and hold the bar.
He attached the wrist cuffs to the bar and I was bound!

He touched me with his fingers...trailing the all over my body,
arousing me and sensitizing my skin.

He stroked, twisted and pinched my nipples.
Then pulled out a crop...that I hadn't seen.

He started slowly - focusing on the spot at the end of my ass...
where my ass hits my thighs.

He put one hand on the bar and kept it exactly where he wanted it,
and He cropped with increasing intensity.

I couldn't move, that knowledge...
that I Couldn't - even if when I tried -
had me slick with excitement.

He cropped harder.

It was really starting to hurt and
I was really moving...moving my body as much as I could.

He was easily able to control the movement that would impede his cropping...
and He continued.

He cropped...

I was crying out...
dripping wet...

Oh, I am so glad to be home!
So glad to be His!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Well...We've never been those people...

That sounds so funny...

those people.

Sir has never required me to ask for permission


He's never required me to ask for permissiontoorgasm.



Now I must.

I am not allowed to cum
unless he has given me permission.

It is...weird.

So far, I have been successful...
but it's weird to ask Him in the middle of
being fucked
or played with
or ....

But so far...
The cum when I do ask is
all the better for having asked!

Friday, January 16, 2015


The Sadist within Him has awaken.

I am both excited 
Scared shitless 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


In the Southern parts of the US, people frequently say "M'am" or "Sir" as a matter of every day conversation. 
"Thank you, Sir" or "Yes, M'am" you'd say to the waiter or sales person or clerk or ... Anyone. It's just a matter of normal conversation. 

I was remarking to my Sir about that on the phone today and he said, "It is nice. 
It's much easier to hide natural submission in the South."  


Monday, January 12, 2015


There has been lots of talk about my Submission
my obedience and what will be expected when I return home.

He is so helping me get my head in the right space.

This afternoon I was given a task...

to find a time to go to the store

(now that's tricky)

and purchase a large cucumber and
something smaller for my ass

To send Him a picture at the store
One with the veggies in my room
and one with them in their designated holes.


Here they are in my cart...
with condums to put on them prior to insertion.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Phone Call

Sir called me on my way back from brunch with a friend.
He told me He missed me so very much.
He explained how He's found this time away from me
as enhancing His craving for dominating me.


He explained that He is looking forward to having me home.
How He's looking forward to tying me up
and filling my holes
and playing with me
and taking out all of His frustrations.

*tummy flip*

He told me He found a site that talks about training good slaves.
I don't think He's ever use that word slave before!
He said it contain lots of instructions about
nipple clamps
and spankings
and discipline
and expectations
with consistent discipline when expectations are not met


oh my God I could hardly keep driving ... could hardly breath...
and my panties were SOAKED!

My head was swimming and
I so desperately want Him
am so hungry for Him
and His dominance in my life.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Far Away

I am so very far away

I am 1,450 miles from

My submission
My Dom
My love
My support
My home
My Everything. 

And I feel 1,400 miles away from my submission. It seems like a foreign concept. I have never felt so off and on and then really off. I'm far away for a while. I hope that when I return, I can find a new balance. I just feel so damn far away.