Sunday, August 31, 2014

Spontaneous Punishment Spanking.

I have never really been spanked as a punishment.

Well…that's not true, but kinda.

I've never been spanked with such great force,
through my objections and tears…
and it was JUST WHAT I NEEDED…
and Him too.

Anyway, I was being a pissy little girl
and after getting all sorts of unhappy,
I went and laid down on my bed and cried…
also not like me, as I'm not a crier.

Before I had cried myself out,
Sir walks into the room,
strides directly to the bed,
unceremoniously lifts my skirt,
(uncovering my pantiless behind).

I object and put my hand that is readily available
over my bare ass to cover it.

He roughly grabs my hand,
squeezes my wrist and holds it in place.
He leans his body over mine
preventing any further impedance to his assault on my ass
and proceeds

to spank the shit out of my ass!

I cried
   He continued to spank hard.

I objected
   He continued to spank quickly.

I carried on
He continued to spank with authority.

I finally stopped and took my spanking.
He continued to spank.

I gave up my struggle,
I gave up my fit,
I gave up my power … willingly.

I settled.

He gathered me in his arms,
pulled me up and around to cradle me.
He soothed me with his words and actions.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


So Sir bought me a 
Wild Cherry sucker today
while we were out.

I sucked on it all the way home.
We planned on doing work
as soon as we got home.

Instead, He brought me straight
to our room - 
pulled down one side of my dress
took the sucker from my mouth
rubbed it all over my nipple
(I was wearing a quarter cup bra
at his command)
and then sucked wildly.

Ohmygod it felt so insanely wonderful

He repeated it with the other side…

Then pushed me on the bed,
pulled my legs apart,

Shoved the lollipop in my pussy…
rubbed it up and down and 
fucked my pussy with it.

It both felt great and was seriously erotic.

He then put the pussy juice covered lollipop
back into my mouth and 
commanded me to suck,

while he ate me with great skill and fervor.

Mmmmmmmmmm good.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cage (Part Deux)

OK…so the cage.



Ya, I love love LOVED it.

I've been in it a couple … few times.

He stripped me before putting me in.
I lay on a nice blanket in the cage.

He shut the cage and gave me a mantra to say
as he left me.

I was to calm myself.
I was to focus on my mantra.

Oh…laying in a closed cage.
Calming my mind.
Focusing on what he asked me to.

He left me in the dark….
complete pitch black
of the basement.

It was…

I love, Love, LOVED IT!!

He came back some time later
if I was to guess, probably 20 minutes.

He came back and walked over to the cage,
unzipped his shorts,
pulled out his rock hard cock
and brought it up to a larger space in the top,
and commanded me to suck.

I scrambled like it was water to a dehydrated animal…
YES, animal!

I was so focused on his cock,
and serving him.

I loved sucking through the cage…

Then he pulled back and gently touched my face and
told me to lay back down and focus…

"Yes, Master."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



I've been away from blog land…completely.

I am sorry for my absence…
both in reading and writing.

I have missed reading about your lives…
and I've missed sharing and having your comments
(those comments mean a lot - you know?!)

Well…let's see.

I've been a bit of a disaster…

What are those life events that cause stress?

**Death of a family member
**Death of a friend
**Loosing jobs
**Changing jobs
**Heath issues with self
**Health issues with children

Yup…got them all.

The one thing I don't have is marital issues…thank GOD!!

My wonderful, supportive, loving, masterful
Sir, Husband, Babydaddy
is still wonderful, supportive, loving and masterful.

So…all is starting to right itself and
I am slowly pulling myself up by
my big-gir-panties and
quitting my pity party for one.


So, I will start by writing here…and hope that things will improve.

I will write about my sex life…
as this is my sex blog…and I write about my life.

And I will begin reading…though I feel like I've missed soooo much and
I feel like a crappy friend for just disappearing from y'all's blogs as well.

More to come…
and by the way, I'll have to take the cage down…but it was HOT!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


As I was commanded this morning 
With a whisper in my ear 
at 6:20...

I set up the dog cage 
in the basement. 

(It's NOT for our dog...
But for His bitch)

He's never done this before
I'm seriously anxious
(And a bit turned on)
(It's all set up and cleaned...really cleaned!