Sunday, March 20, 2016


OK Blogland...this is your last reminder.

If you have a question about...anything,
this is your moment 
(though you can as anything at anytime),
but March is Question Month...


(Can you tell I've been a Domme today?)


  1. OK,,,,yes Maam!
    As a Domme what is your favorite spanking implement?
    As a sub/slave...what is your favorite spanking implement?
    Which surfaced first...the Domme or the slave?
    Have you ever been to a spanking party or dungeon?
    And finally.....a genie appears and you get 3 wishes..
    1 for you
    1 for someone else ...your choice
    1 something money cannot buy....

    hugs abby

  2. What do you get out of being dominant that's different to being a sub?

  3. What is your favorite thing he does when you're the sub? What does he like that you don't? What do you most like to do when you're the Domme? Are there things you do that he doesn't like?


Thank you very much for sharing your comments. This blogland world has become so much more meaningful because of the conversations that y'all have with me through comments...REALLY!

I appreciate them all and will endeavor to answer EVERY comment if at all possible!