Sunday, March 13, 2016

answer to ronnie's question

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    1. ronnie asked, "Do you have a fantasy that you would love to live out?  Do you believe in ghosts?"
    2. Answer
      Thanks ronnie...both great questions.  The easy one first.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I guess so.  I'm not a huge paranormal person, but I certainly believe in spirits.
    3.  Well, I fantasize about Sir taking me to a club of some sort...a BDSM club... and putting me in a stockade (neck and wrists bound).  He puts on nipple clamps and talks..caring, objectifying, owning.  He puts a spreader bar on my ankles and then tells me to stay very still, not to speak and to open my mouth.  He fucks my mouth - but then stops before he cums and moves behind me and spanks me.  He works me up and then when I start wiggling a lot, he rubs and switches back to my mouth.  He does this several times, then as he's fucking my mouth, I feel my ass being paddled.  It's in counterpoint to his thrusts into my mouth.  After he cums, he offers the other person paddling me to use my mouth.  He puts a sign next to me offering my mouth for pleasure and my ass for paddling.  :)
    4. Ya, may need to go masturbate now :)  Thanks for getting my mind going ronnie.


  1. Nice fantasy Fiona. Thanks for answering.


  2. I've had a fantasy along those lines but in my case ( a male sub ) I'm giving R oral sex while some other lady is spanking or pegging me then they switch.

    1. oh - doesn't that just sound so so yummy - and objectifying - and exciting and YES PLEASE!



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