Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Summit

So there I am,
Laying with my dress pooling across my chest.
My eyes are shut.
Clothes pins on my nipples.
Laying on the closet floor,
holding a vibrator to my clit.

Sir, knocks at the door.
I move my feet, but do not open my eyes.
He shuts the door behind him.

He watches me as I masturbate.
He kneels down beside me.

"I can't cum, Sir," I lament.
"You can't?" he says, incredulously.

His fingers start rubbing around my pussy.
They are wet and he slides one in.
He fingers.  Really works.
He's whispering in my ear,
That he wasn't his whore to cum.

I drop the vibrator and give in to the sensation
that his fingers are creating inside of me and
fly up the mountain.
I cum.

He fingers some more,
not content with just one orgasm
when I said I couldn't.

He takes his fingers out and begins to rub my puss.
It's so wet, I'm so wet.

He takes his fingers and one by one,
sticks them in my mouth and has me clean them.

"Sir, may I please suck on your cock?" I beg.
"Not now, little girl.  
Do you want me to fuck you with a dildo, fiona?"
"Yes, please, Sir." I reply without any hesitation.
"Bring it to me fiona." he says.

The vast majority of our toys live in a box in our closet.
It's locked with a combination lock.
I'm so jazzed after the orgasms and the promise of more.
I am almost panicked trying to open the lock.
I can't get the combination.
I try three times and tell him I can't get it.
"You'll have to bring it to me, fiona." he says again.

I look over and he's sitting on the closet floor leaning against the door.
I turn back to the lock and realize I had it upside down.
Oh my goodness, I am frantic.  It's just silly, but I'm so desperate.
I get the box opened this time and decide I'll take the
gigantic purple dinosaur dildo, it's His favorite.

But, Crap.  Shit.  UGH.
I start throwing out toys right and left.
Crap!  "I can't find the condom for the Purple Dildo."

He tells me to bring him the one.
I do, but am disappointed.
I take the purple and offer for him to use it without a condom.

Sometimes the dildo can be irritating without a condom.
But I'm so desperate, I don't care.
I will care later, but that's when I'm not so insanely horny.

He tells me to lay down on my back with may ass at his knees.
He puts my feet, on the door - over his shoulders.
I'm completely exposed.

He inserts the Dildo and begins to fuck.
He's neither slow nor gentile.
I cum,
   I cum,

He removes it and ...
   inserts the Gigantic Purple Dinosaur.
I'm so wet, so gushingly wet,
it slides in.  OMG.  It slides in!

"Oh, fiona, it's balls deep.
you are such a good whore.
You're MY good whore.
I'm so proud of you.
What a good girl!"

Oh, I'm lost.  I'm soaring and cumming.
After he's had his fill of fucking His pussy with the dildos,
He removes them,
Climbs on top of me.
Removes the clothes pins on my nipples,
Sucks hard on each...
and fucks  His pussy to find His pleasure
in a veritable pool of pussy juice.


  1. fiona,

    Wow. Thanks for sharing a very hot account.


    1. Thanks joey. It was ... um ... very satisfying!


  2. I hope after all that fantastic hot climbing, you didn't come tumbling down the other side too badly!
    Did you crawl out of that closet!?

    1. Well, DF, he left me in the closet to collect myself. I just simply took some time on the floor and tried to find myself....I kind of wobbled out of the closet and gave him my best, shy/contented/humbled/grateful smile, then crawled in bed and collapsed for a while :)


  3. This was one steamy series! I may have to look into mountain climbing...

    bg (P Surren)

    1. Thanks P, it was a hellova climb, for sure!!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks kitty....gotta love those O's =)


  5. Ohmigoodness!!! I wish my Sir would allow me to
    have multiple orgasms. He only allows one. Lucky lucky girl ;).

    1. Ohmigoodness, why on earth doesn't he allow you multiple orgasms? That's one of those fabulous things about being a woman. There are pros and cons to both sexes, but multiple orgasms is a doozy for us!!

      I am a very lucky girl, though jodi.


  6. Words escape me..which never happens,.,,this is the hottest entry I have read in a very long time.
    hugs abby

    1. hehehehe....I love that I left you speechless =)

      thank you so much abby!


  7. Oh wow, so hot, not a read when sat I'm the kitchen drinking coffee :)


    1. Thanks for commenting Lola!! It was a wonderful scene for sure!!!


  8. Omg that was out of this world erotic. Wow!!!!

  9. Omg that was out of this world erotic. Wow!!!!


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