Friday, May 20, 2016

Anticipation 1000 Part 1

My Master has been away this week.  
He came home last night and there were 
stories swapped, hugs given, snuggling and sleeping.

Today, Master had an appointment.
He called after saying,"Get naked, bend over the bed and wait for me."

That's it.  No I love you...No sweet nothings.
It was...exciting :)

I quickly finished what I was doing and 
took my clothes off.
I folded them and lay myself over the bed.

I was so excited to think about what might be. 

what was even better!

Sir was happy to see me when he walked into our room.
He touched my ass as he walked by and
went to the closet and was making some noise.

I was trying to guess what he was getting. 
Anticipation is a wonderful thing.

He came back and said he was going to give me a thousand.
With what?

He started...tapping.
He had a cane and gave me 10 light taps on one cheek.
He switched cheeks and gave me 10 additional taps on the other.


someone rang our door bell and I was told to quickly dress and get out.
Sir went to the door and I wanted to SCREAM.  UGH.

we dealt with the door and I asked if I could put away a 
couple of the items that were still on the counter.
He said, "Yes," then grabbing my arm, 
he dropped his tone of voice and said
"Go put them away...after you get naked."
I looked at him like...seriously?
The trick is they had to be put away 
in a place that is in a room with lace curtains.
I hate going there when exposed....for fear of exposure.

I hesitated and he snapped, "NOW!" - in a low growl.

I quickly undressed again and 
after a quick pinch of my nipples,
put the items away and then 
literally ran back to the bed...
once again,

Sir walked back into our room saying, "Very nice."
I couldn't wait for him to start tapping away again.
He very quickly did a set of ten on one cheek,
then a set of ten on the other.
He went back and forth, in sets of ten
just warming me up

My breathing was quickening,
I was enjoying the impact.
The swats weren't hurting
they felt...lovely, freeing, exciting!

After 100 he stopped saying,
"I will be giving you 1000.
The first 100 are done, 
then next four hundred will be increasing.
After that, you can choose the toy for 400 more.
The last 100 will be my choice.

Oh to say I was excited!
He continued on...increasing intensity for a couple,
then decreasing to a tap, then back.

I am breathing heavier,
and a quick orgasm takes me by storm.
I moan and arch my back 
as he increases his canes strokes. 
I shiver and spasm.

He keeps going...I breath and moan and enjoy!
He finishes and rubs my ass...
where it feels oh sooooo mmmmmmm.

Then he stands behind me and grabs my hips
and rubs his jeans clad hard cock against my ass.
I love, Love LOVE that cropping my ass
makes my Master hard!
That is so awesome!

Four hundred down and Master tells me to stand up.
I so want to simply fall to my knees
and kiss his feet or suck his cock
to show my appreciation!

I stood, looked into my Master's eyes and...
anticipated more!


  1. Oh, yummy! Sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks Tamar! It absolutely was wonderfully yummy!



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