Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hard (Part 1)

I don't even think I can remember all of our playtime yesterday...

and sadly, I didn't jot down tidbits to help me remember.

What I can say, is that it started out with Master saying,
"I can... 
A. Play with you and use you well 
B.  Play with you HARD.

Which do you think you need?"

I immediately whispered back,

To which he replied,
"You need it, fiona.  You know it and I know it.
This isn't going to be like our typical sessions,
this is going to be really hard and 
it will push you.  
Because you need it."

"yes, Sir, I do need it hard"
I replied, knowing he likes it when I am explicit.

"I know."

"Tell me, fiona.  do we need a safeword?"

I immediately replied,
"no, Master.  I trust you."

and I do.   We've never really used a safeword,
frequently better than I do.

I know this goes against so many
BDSM recommendations,
but you have to remember,
we've been together for almost a quarter century - EEK!

So then the spanking commenced, without any further ado.

He bent me over, in the kitchen,
where we were talking,
got the big metal spatula
and spanked me.


Very little about yesterday was easy.

He spanked me HARD from the git-go.

When I was starting to bow my back,
because it was becoming intolerable,
He shifted so he stood beside me,
wrapped his arm around my waist
putting his hand on my belly,

He pushed my back down
so it was no longer arching up,
then reached his hand down further,
so it cupped my pussy,
and he pushed out my pussy,
to arch my back down-
pushing my ass out
and he continued to spank.

When he was done,
I was resigned to taking it.
and I was grateful.

"please, Master, could I have three more good ones?"
I asked Him.

He was so so thrilled!
He spanked me so hard!

Then we moved to the bedroom
where he clamped my nipples with the
hook clamps
and tied a shoe lace between the hooks
and put the shoe lace in my mouth.

He then twisted me around so
I was facing our full length mirror.

He giggled my tits,
twisted my hair in  his hands
and moved my head up and down,
so that my nipples were pulled up and down,

and told me how beautiful i was and
how much he loved my body.

Oh, can I just tell you how much I adore this man?!

He then took me - naked and clamped, with a red bum,
to the living room and sat me on the floor
at His feet and took the shoelace out of my mouth,
after twisting my head back to look at him,
pulling quite severely on my nipples.
He then gave me a scone and coffee
and told me to eat?!?!

Oh, holyhell, I was so not thinking about food.

He watched the morning news
and kept reminding me to eat.

After I asked if I could save the rest for later,
he told me to get up and
He took me into the bedroom.

He laid me on the bed,
and said that he really wanted to spank me some more.

He first, laid next to me,
plugged in the magic wand
turned it on, and put it on my pussy.

He told me to take it,
and make myself cum.

He watched me - so intently,
as I moaned and arched through my first cum of the day.

Then after I turned it off,
He turned it back on and said,
"Tell me when your close."

He watched me...
and as I got close,
He took on the clamps and
sucked on my nipples.

As pain shot through my nipples,
I was cumming....

Oh it was truly exquisite.


  1. Boy Fiona, that was really hot. What a way to start your day. Lucky girl. Have a great weekend. K

    1. It was a wonderful way to start ANY day!!! Oh...why do people not want to have sex...or cum...or play? I can't fathom?!

      I hope you have a great weekend as well.


  2. That sounds like a hell of a nice ride ! Im curious for part 2 now :D

    1. Sometimes it takes me too long to I break them up...part two will be published Sunday :)


  3. a very good way. I have a safe word...from the first day we met...never have used it....TRUST and knowing your partner ....
    hugs abby

    1. Ya, I know it goes against all of the "rule books" to not have a safeword...but we just never did and it seems silly now. IDK.


  4. This was very hot...loved it :)

    We have never used a safeword, and play hard (not all the time) i dont think there is anything 'wrong' in not having one nor do i think its 'wrong' to have one....its just like everything in ttwd its what works for the couple.


    1. Thanks tori. I do agree that ttwd has to be what works for each couple. This is what works for us. It's funny to me that he asked if I needed one. I don't really think he's hardly ever (if ever) asked that. Hmmm. I liked that he did, but was even happier that I don't feel like I would ever need one.


  5. Super hot! We do have a safeword. It seems to be common from what I can tell with girls with a history of sexual abuse. Unfortunately I fall in that category and need it. Sad but true. I rarely use it but shamefully have had to. Sometimes I just need to know I have a say....

    1. I am sorry to hear about the sexual abuse, but I am glad that you know you need one and have it.



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