Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sex Toy Store

Master took me to a local
Adult Novelty store...
(read sex toy store)

Sir wanted to find a bigger dildo.

At one point the sales lady asked if we needed anything.

I said we were just looking, thank you.

She offered to help - answer questions or explain anything.

So...it's probably important to note that Sir and I look...
straight laced.
I had on a sleeveless polo shirt and cropped jeans with healed flip flops.
Sir had on a polo shirt and khaki shorts.
Very conservative looking.

If only they knew ;)

So two funny things happened...


We looked around for a while
and then got to the dildos...

Our giant purple dildo is enormous.
and we want BIGGER?

but here we go.

What we discover is...
unless we want a two foot long dildo (literally)
there ISN'T a bigger one
at this store.
They have a HUGE selection...
an entire room,
and none are bigger.

YOWSA!!!!  That's insane!

I looked up at Master and said,
"Well, I guess this just shows how big the one we have is!"

I thought that would impress him,
but instead he looked at me and said,
"I'll just find it online."


While we were looking,
Sir found a bondage kit for over the door.

We were looking at a display and the
sales lady came over and grabbed a box.
She handed it to Sir and said,
"This is a great starter kit. It has what's in your box there,
but a lot of other great things in it."

I kind of giggled and
Sir looked at it.  He then showed me the box.

It had handcuffs, a crop, blindfold and a gag
that I could see.  It may have had more.

Sir looked at her,
put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed and said,
"We've actually got everything else in the kit..
we're not exactly starter kit type people."

I smiled and then looked down,
trying hard not to blush too much
and laugh too loudly.

Ya...it's funny after walking around and looking,
to realize how much we are NOT exactly starter kit type of people!


  1. Thanks for my first laugh of the day...positively not starter kit type people...
    hugs abby

  2. Master wants me to eventually get a bigger dildo. Mine is pretty big. I think we'll be shopping on line for it too.

    Second - that is funny! I so would have said, "Master, do we need more cuffs?" Haha ..... I'm sure her face was priceless.

    Sounds like a great outing.

  3. That was funny. I love it. You've got to give her an A for effort, trying to help the kinky people dressed very Vanilla with their shopping needs. K

  4. lmao.

    Havent been to a sex shop for a long time...unless one counts Ann Summers, the last time we did, i insisted i would like the inflatable butt plug....i hate it! lol

    Online is generally the way to go, but yet it is nice to actually get a feel of a toy, quality etc but there are not many decent ones around here.


  5. We have had the same experience when we stopped in a sex toy store for fun. None of the BDSM stuff was very good quality, and even the shop owner, after observing us for a few minutes, said that if we wanted high quality we should look on line. Then she started talking about her home dungeon and her whips and we had a fun time discussing all that!
    She said they couldn't stock the expensive stuff because it wouldn't sell- they only get the starter people buying in shops- people who want to try a $30 flogger, not a $100 one, in case they don't like it.

  6. I am laughing so hard right now. I have had to act innocent or play dumb many times when I am around people who are a little curious or think that they know everything about toys and all. Don't people know that you can't judge a book (or a customer) by their cover

  7. Love this post Fiona; this would be us - look like beginners needing the starter kit, but definitely are not. Master has this evil long dildo which is for double penetration, we call it the snake.....

  8. Lol not starter kit kind of people. That had me giggling so hard.

  9. Lol not starter kit kind of people. That had me giggling so hard.


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