Sunday, August 25, 2013

Floodgate: The Anatomy of My Squirt

So...I'm new to squirting, but making up for lost time!

I've read about it, but until recently never did it.

Yup, I'm talking about squirting.

I was laying in bed with Sir this morning,
His drenched hand over my body and a sexy, smirk on his face.
I innocently look up at him and reply to his unspoken remark,
"Well, Sir, you've opened up the floodgates."

And so he has.  Literally and figuratively.

We've both figured it out - for my body.

For years and years, Sir has told me to "Push" when he would finger me.
(that means, baring down - more than Kegel exercises."

For me, though, there has been a mental block on fingering.
I rarely came when being fingered.
I think that's due to left-overs bad tapes
from a pre-Sir sexual assault.

But, after many years of working through ...
I think I can now simply let my mind go.
It's just HIM and ME in our my mind...
no old tapes, nothing bad, only us!

Physically...well I spoke with Sir who says
He's doing nothing different...absolutely nothing.
Nothing feels different inside of me...absolutely nothing.

He starts, he plays with my body
he plays with my clit,
He gets me excited.
He's typically talking and mentally I'm all in.

This morning,
I'm on my back, he's laying beside me.
He's leaning over me - his mouth and fingers on my nipple.
I cum once...I cum twice...I cum.

As I'm cumming, my legs tense, my stomach muscles clench,
At some point, I lean my head and shoulders up and hold onto his back
I'm coming apart and I want to touch him, I need to be close to him.

He keeps going, keeps pulling pleasure out of me.
I keep bearing down on his fingers and feeling the pleasure
I can feel my body shake, I can feel my pleasure course through me
and ...
And ...
AND ...

Oh - ya!

I squirt.  

I feel the most amazing convulsing...all inside!
My toes curl, my clit throbs, my fingers fist, electricity pulses.
I squirt.

My floodgates had been permanently closed,
the lock padlocked and then the damn thing  rusted!

I am so thrilled that Sir never gave up on me.
He kept chipping away at the padlocks
and released the pleasure being held back by the floodgates!


  1. I love the way you cover quirky aspects to your sex life as well as the spankings. This squirting thing is a real eye opener to me.

    1. hmmmm, my sex life is quiky? hehehehehe.

      It's an amazing experience. I am so thrilled that we learned how!


  2. fiona,

    Lucky you. Sir Q has magic fingers and the desire to find new ways to please you. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Oh joey, I am a lucky girl! I am so thrilled that he continues to find new ways to enhance our amazing sex life.

      Life Is Good!


  3. Yep! That's about how it works here too...though I never had really given it much thought. Careful though, or soon you'll be replacing your mattress! lol This is so exciting to read. I'm happy for you that he didn't give up.


    1. Me too, P. It's an amazing experience - and the most .... what's the right word ... comprehensive orgasm. Seriously amazing!


      BTW, I have a waterproof (or squirt-proof) mattress pad - hehehehe.

  4. Hmmm, I have squirted, but not often, i absolutely want to work on that, it is such an amazing feeling! YEAH for both you and Master.
    hugs abby

    1. It is a very unique feeling and most assuredly AMAZING!!!

      Yea for us both and YEA for you and your Master working on it!!


  5. This post made me smile. There's orgasms, there's strong orgasms - and then there are the orgasms with the squirt. I've done it, but it is definitely not something I've been able to pin down as "here's what needs to be done to achieve it." I should really ask my Sir to make this a goal for me.

    Enjoy it!!

    1. Ya, exactly! Your so right, There's orgasms, there's strong orgasms and then there are orgasms with a squirt!

      I'm sure everyone's different. The first time I did it, I had no idea what was different to make me squirt. After the severalth time...I decided to kind of analyze what was happening differently when I did and wa-la :)


  6. I think we've only discovered squirting for a year or so now. So great!

    I just got the most annoying review from my new book from a genius who thinks I used the word squirting as synonymous for orgasm. Argh.

    1. I am so sorry about the review. Did you set the genius straight? UGH. You can't fix stupid!

      I think you may need some more squirting practice =)



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