Thursday, August 1, 2013

Museum Tentacles and Vanilla Touring

So, we went to a museum in the morning, 
sofia, the kids and I.  
My kids loved, Loved the museum.  
It was wonderful.  
Now, because my kids - and others - were around, there is no kink, 
it's just friends going to the museum.  
I made it a whole forty-five minutes with no apologies, by the way.  
So two-thirds of the way through our museum tour, we saw sea creatures...and ya, nilla came to both of our minds...well nilla and her tentacle stories.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Oh the attraction of tentacles...we were surrounded by them....mmmmmmm.  So many kinky thoughts and then ripped back to vanilla questions and answers and child corralling.  Strange dichotomy.

I did make a couple of comments about nilla's stories.  I did mention that I was so glad that he hadn't ever read my blog.  She giggled.

After marshaling my kids through the museum shop...a serious family weakness, we made it to lunch and ... the restaurant had phenomenal food....AND Desserts.  

We got to meet sofia's daughter and granddaughter.  
OMG, her granddaughter won our hearts.  
She is a dolly!!!  
I even got to hold her and play with her!  
You can tell sofia absolutely adores her granddaughter and has a pretty fabulous relationship with her daughter.  
They were so very natural together.   
We had wonderful conversation, all of us.  
It was delightful.  

At the end, they had amazing chocolates and gelatin and pastry...mmmmmm!

We said good bye and I was sad to see our visit end, but I was excited to find my Sir and my bed at the end of a very long journey!


  1. i'm so glad you had a good time - i did too!! And yeah, the chocolate and gelato are "all that" for sure. :-) Looking forward to next time...



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