Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Predicament (Part 4)

continued from My Predicament (Part 1)(Part 2), (Part 3)

I stand...

Legs together holding in a glass dildo.
Arms above my head.
Wrists bound and attached to shelving.
Eyes blindfolded.
Pussy juice covered dildo in my mouth.

I stand...

It's dark.
The music is still playing, and I wait.

He's gone a long time.

I'm thinking, mind wandering.
I notice my stream of consciousness this too long
...OMG, is he even thinking about me.
suck, suck, suck (on the dildo)
...I love being here ready to be of service
...Oh, I want, I need...oh I want to cum again
move, rock to feel the dildo
...My arms are tired
...why is this taking so long long is it going to take?
...I'm hungry
...I'm hot
...I'm tired of standing
...hmmm, to be laying down
...Oh, to have him fuck me with this dildo again
...I want him to touch me, touch my nipples

I realize that each time he's left me,
it's been for longer long has it been?
I'm desperate....
I'm worried that I'll be too vanilla, too done,
not in the right head space when he comes in.
I'm getting tired.


He comes in, lights turn on and
I'm immediately back to the present and my place

This time he says nothing, he's all business.

He re-clamps my nipples and crops the tips sticking out.
Oh fire.  Burning.  Oh!

As I'm focused on the fire emanating from my nipples,
I miss that he's knelt down behind me.
He grabs the dildo and fucks my pussy.

After I cum, he removes the glass dildo
He tells me now what he's doing.
He takes the giant purple dildo
Sets it on the shelf next to the dildo in my mouth.
He makes remarks about it's's so enormous.

He removes the cock in my mouth
I say I'm concerned I won't be able to take it standing up.
Typically, at this point he would say something like..
We'll try.  It's ok if you can't.  Just do a little.
"You will take it, fiona.  You'll take it for me, says I'll take it.
because you're such a good girl.  Now relax, it's going to happen."

Oh goodness, I want to take it, I will take it.
I relax, I work hard on relaxing my pelvis muscles.
He slide and rubs and it goes in!

"Oh, fiona, look at you!  I am so proud of you.  
You ARE a good girl!"

He doesn't just leave it there, he fucks.
I'm so turned on, I've cum so much already.
It takes nothing and I cum
He fucks
I cum

He puts the other dildo back in my mouth
the one that's been there all evening.
He unclamps my nipples.
He rubs my chest, squeezes and rolls my nipples.
He rub my arms and then slaps them,
slapping hard up and down my arm.

He unhooks the wrist cuffs
and re-attaches to lower shelves so my arms are now down.

He reaches his hands around and cups my breasts and
twists and tugs my sensitive nipples and I moan,
they are hyper sensitive.
"I'm leaving you here with the gigantic purple dildo inside you.
Imagine that in your pussy, stretching you....
You're such a good little girl, such a good slut"

He kisses my temple, then turns around and leaves.

Lights go out.
Door to the closet is shut.
Door to the room is locked and shut.

It's dark, music playing and I wait for my Sir.



This time, I don't stand long.
It's probably only been five minutes.

He turns on the lights, walks over.
"How is MY pussy doing, little girl?"
My stomach flips and I have to catch my breath,
and suck the dildo....suck, suck.

He unhooks my wrist cuffs,
He removes the dildo in my mouth,
puts his hand around the back of my neck and directs me
out of the closet and onto the bed.

He lays me out, flat on my back.
"Please, Sir, can I suck on you...Please?!"
I plead.

"When I say, now, not another word, fiona."

His eyes are dark and intense.
"I want you to cum, one more time, fiona."

He takes hold of the gigantic purple dildo and fucks.
My pussy has been so used...
He affixes his mouth over a nipple and fucks while sucking,
nipping, sucking, biting, sucking.

Before he finishes with that nipple, I have cum.
But of course, he can't show he keeps fucking me
with the Gigantic purple dildo while he does the same to the other nipple.

I am wrung out.  I am spent and fried and frazzled.
My body is literally vibrating.

He pushes the dildo in and climbs on top of my body.
I feel him pushing me into the bed and I love it.
He's clothed.  I'm naked.

"I'm going to fuck you, fiona"
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"When I'm done, I want you to clean up the toys."
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"Don't forget any of them."
he knees the dildo inside of me.
"Then you take a shower and get the children ready for bed."
he knees the dildo inside of me.

"You've been such a good little slut,
such a good play toy. "

He reaches down and pulls out the dildo.
I am so wet after cumming so many times.
I'm drenched.
He unzips his shorts and slides in.

I'm so used, been masturbated so long, I can barely feel him.
I've been stretched out by the gigantic dildo and feel like such a slut.
It's an immense turn on for me...

He fucks hard and fast.  He kisses me deep and as he cums,
he shoots powerfully inside of me.
Now that, I can feel and it's hit just the right spot
We cum together.
Dom and Sub
Sir and I


  1. Being used as his fuck toy and then acknowledged as such...OMG! So intense!

    Thanks for combining the last two! I was dying


    1. Yes, P...him saying it...did something amazing to my insides!! hehehehe, I'm glad you didn't die...that would indeed be too sad!


  2. HOLY FAWK!!!


    (You bring a new meaning to the word INTENSE)


    1. heheheh, holy fawk indeed! hehehehe

      thanks so much!!


  3. That was lovely.....intense..i love intense lol


    1. mmmm, it was intense tori...seriously - orgasmically - intense!


  4. fiona,

    Wow. Take a shower and put the kids to bed after that? Wow.

    I am at a loss for words, I think I will just go take a cold shower to get my brain working again.


    1. make me giggle joey. Cold showers are just too painful!

      Ya, I know - right...go do something other than stay a gelatinous mind-scrambled mess?!?!


  5. Hi Fiona
    Thanks for the 5 in 4 parter. Very intense. Do you remember putting the kids to bed?

    1. hehehe, you're so welcome DF...I have absolutely NO recollection of putting them to bed!! Sir assures me that I did...but good catch, yup, I remember NOTHING!!


  6. Hi That was so hot. Were you able to put the kids to bed after that? :) hugs
    btw: how do you orgasm so quickly? please tell :)

    1. Thanks saturn. I was able to put the kids to bed...according to Sir. BUT - I have no memory of it.

      hmmmmm....I don't. I don't orgasm quickly. He works me up. Mentally, Physically. He gets me there. Once I go over once, the second is able to more quickly follow - and so on. We've been together forever, he knows my body well.


  7. That was delicious, and I experienced every little bit with you. Thanks, you really wrote your experience well and I loved that you shared it.

    1. Thanks Mickey!! That is a wonderful compliment! Just found our blog...can't wait to read more!


  8. WOW..Just read all 4 parts...glad the grands are in bed, I am texting Sir for a permission. You are boht amazing.
    hugs abby

    1. hehehehe, I like reading multi-parters all in one :)

      I hope that Sir gave you that permission...glad I could add fuel to the fire :)

      Have a great vaca!



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