Wednesday, December 11, 2013


After dinner, he comes up behind me.
He pulls me in for a tight hug and whispers into my ear,
"I want you to put your plug in, 
and finish cleaning my kitchen."
Secretly, I love when he using "My". 
Silly, I know.

He leaves the kitchen and 
I almost sprint up the stairs to put in my plug.

Later as children's bedtimes approach, 
he calls me over to the couch.
He reaches through my legs and 
pushes the plug up, sharply.
"I want you to go take a shower, get the kids to bed,
gather up the toys that I may like to use on you tonight,
picking one that you want most to put among them,
Put the pink dildo in my pussy, pull panties up, so it stays
and come back down and present yourself to me."

"Oh, fiona, don't forget to put the purple dildo 
in the toy bag," he adds as an afterthought.  

Once again, I almost sprint upstairs
with a girlish grittiness that is almost hilarious.

I take my shower, making sure to shave.
I wash around the plug in my ass
and the movement makes me even more wanton.
I put on Sir's bathrobe and put lotion on my body.

I come out of the bathroom and 
decide to put something else on as well.
I pull my pink baby doll out of my drawer
and put that on with the bathrobe over top.

I quickly gather a bag full of toys and 
include my favorite, my first of 
Conina's Fucking Fabulous Floggers.
I am so excited, I grab the pink dildo
and shove it into my already wet pussy,
which after just washing all of my previous moisture away
is pretty noteworthy =)

I walk downstairs and enter the living room.
He's laying on the couch looking at his tablet.
I open his robe and show him the baby doll.

He motions me over and when I approach,
He places his hand between my legs.
He smiles slightly when his hand comes 
into contact with the pink dildo.

"Push, fiona." he commands.
I push the dildo out and he thrusts it back in.

I almost go week in the knees with the first thrust.
He's, of course just getting started.

He fucks me hard with the dildo making 
me cum…hard.  
He doesn't stop thrusting through each of my spasms.

When I fall forward over him,
He stops, holds me and kisses my head.

He then takes my hair in his fist and 
positions my mouth over his cock.
He pushes my mouth over his erection...
…his clothed erection.

I bite on it slightly giving it some pressure.
He reaches his other hand under and slaps my cheek.

He pulls my head off, unsheathes his cock,
and pushes my head back down.

"kisses only." he commands
I start with many kisses, which 
degenerate into licks which, of course,
degenerate into sucks.

After several minutes,
he pulls my head off and tells me that
I'll pay for my insolence later.
He tells me to go get our child to bed.


  1. OH NO fiona!!! It's been too long since you gave us a cliffhanger!!!! *runs & grabs the popcorn* WHOOO HOOOO!!!

    1. Hehehe…serious cliff hanger as I had to be away. Sorry.


  2. WOW what a start can't wait till the main attraction cums

    1. I'm working on it…sorry about the delay.


  3. Fiona,

    Very HOT. "You will pay for your insolence." Looking forward to reading about the rest of your night.


    1. Thanks joey… I'm working on the rest of the night =)

      Thank goodness I took notes.


  4. Good preparation always gives good results :)


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